What to Do When You’re Snowed in With Kids

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What to Do When You’re Snowed in With Kids

It seems like the whole world’s spinning so fast sometimes, but then a blanket of snow and ice covers the ground, schools are closed, you can’t get to work…and then what, besides pulling out your hair because you’re trapped, and everybody’s that dreaded word: bored?

Some of these ideas will require a little planning ahead of time, but if you can have the items on hand if there’s the threat of getting snowed in, life might seem a whole lot easier once you’re unable to get anywhere.

Go beyond the basic stock-up items and splurge on some chocolate, board games, and more.

  • Make special hot chocolate that doesn’t involve a packet and a cup of microwaved water. Check out Delish.com for ideas. The variety there is astounding.
  • Cut snowflakes from coffee filters or sturdy paper. If you’re using sturdy paper, you can cut several of them (have the hose attachment on the vacuum cleaner ready) and string them together with ribbon or yarn for a winter garland. My daughter’s five and could occupy herself for hours with this idea.
  • Make some colorful frozen lawn decorations, like the ones at The Queen Says. All you need is a package of water balloons, food coloring, and water. And, of course, a freezer.
  • Board games may sound cliché, but there are some out there that are fun for the whole family, no matter what the age range of your kids. While you may not want to bust out Risk quite yet, games like Hedbanz and Trouble can be fun for everyone. Stocking up on games during the holiday season is a good way to save money, since there will be plenty of sales going on. If your kids are older, you may want to stock up on large puzzles you can all work on together while you’re there.

Do the typical snow day activities—make a snowman, have a snowball fight, and go sledding, even if you have to look around in the garage to something to use in lieu of an actual sled.

When the sun goes down or you just get too cold to take much more, knowing there are activities and treats waiting will make going inside even more appealing.

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