What Could You Never Live Without as a Mom?

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What Could You Never Live Without as a Mom?

I won’t go for the two obvious things here, both beverages, coffee and wine.

Some of these things were important as far back as college, too, but they really gained in status after I became a mom.

  • Crock Pot: Throw some ingredients together at night and then have something cook them all for you while you do other things during the day? Yes, please.
  • Mascara/concealer combo: A brightening concealer and black mascara that does it all (I like Erase Paste and They’re Real, both from Benefit) are nearly a necessary combo when you’re a mom.
  • Ninja: I use my Ninja blender to make quick on-the-go smoothies (complete with spinach and/or kale) for myself, but if I play with the ingredients right, I can use the blender to get some spinach and other good foods into my daughter for a snack. The Ninja’s high-powered enough to make it easy to whip them up in no time.
  • Keurig: Here’s my nod to the coffee I said I wouldn’t list. But really, anything that gets coffee into a mom sooner scores major points.
  • iPhone: This is how I’ve stayed in touch with the real world for the past several years, but it’s also handy when kids won’t stay quiet and still. Set up a game of Angry Birds and you’ll forget they’re sitting behind you in the car (if you can get away with muting it, that is). I’ve  passed time in the doctor’s office while my daughter played, caught up on email while she ran laps around the playground at the park, and played games in the car line.
  • Unlined white paper: Drawings, paper fans, snowflakes, letters…the list goes on and I hear “Mom, can I have a piece of paper?” about a dozen times a day before my daughter swipes a piece or two out of the printer. I need the paper for obvious reasons, but simple things like paper, crayons, and cardboard boxes are helping her stretch her imagination, and they keep her busy when I need quiet.
  • Swiffer Dusters: This is how I make the house look almost presentable for guests in five minutes. There’s no hunting around for a cloth to use or spray after spray after spray of Pledge. No, it’s not perfect, but boy can one of these make my living room furniture shine. I use the lavender scented ones to make the rooms smell fantastic while I’m at it.
  • Vibrating baby seat: Sometimes nothing would get my daughter to sleep when she was a baby. Sometimes she just needed soothing, even if she wasn’t going to go to sleep. The vibrating baby seat was what allowed my husband and I to eat dinner together. She went in that and we didn’t have to take turns holding her. She practically lived in that thing. If you’re a new mom, put a vibrating baby seat on the registry, pronto.
  • White noise machine: Block out noisy neighbors, the mailman, the dog when he sees a deer standing in your front yard and can’t contain the ferocious barking… When we travel, the white noise machine (which used to put pictures on the ceiling, too) goes with us. It’s been on every night for over five years.
  • Target: This is a funny one. I love Target like no other store on earth, but this one isn’t about what I can buy there. My daughter was an extremely fussy baby and sometimes she just would not stop crying until we entered “The Red Ball Store.” Maybe she found the red to be mesmerizing. I spent way too much money on frivolous junk those days because I was forced to walk the aisles to get a little peace and quiet.

What are your must-haves?

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