Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Spouses

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Spouses

Last year I made a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband that I was especially proud of. He had to take a picture and show it to everyone he came in contact with for weeks after he got it.

What was it? A bacon bouquet. It looked like six roses stuffed into a vase at first glance, but each “rose” was actually a strip of thick-cut bacon that had been wrapped up and baked in a muffin tin into the shape of a rose.

It’ll take about an hour to make the whole thing, so you’ll have to worry about the timing a little bit since you can’t make it too far in advance and you don’t want to get caught with a vase full of stems with no blooms.

First, fill a clear vase about 1/3 of the way with Valentine’s Hershey’s Kisses or another candy he likes that will fit through the opening of the vase. Get a bouquet of six fabric flowers from a craft store and remove the blooms.

You can find a tutorial at Instructables. However, I did one thing differently. Since I only used six pieces of bacon and had a muffin tin with 18 wells, I didn’t drill any holes. Instead, I put bacon in the first six wells, baked for 15 minutes, used tongs to transfer them to the next set of wells for another 15 minutes, and finished up with the third set of wells for another 15 minutes.

Another idea is to take individually wrapped pieces of candy and insert your own sweet messages. Cut a piece of plain paper into strips that are small enough to wrap around the candy and wrap back up with the original foil or paper wrapper.

Try a theme like reasons you love him, sweet messages, or sexy coupons. Put them all into a cute container (bonus if you can find one he’ll be able to use for something else later, like a pencil holder).

You could also arrange for someone else to keep the kids and take him on a date that’s anything but the typical Italian dinner with wine, pasta, and a two-hour wait to get in. Hit up your local hot wings place and drink a beer with him while playing trivia or watching the big screen television.

These places are usually fairly empty on the holiday of love, so you won’t have to wait and starve. Take it a step further and plan for your kids to spend the night at grandma’s house, then stun him with some new lingerie.

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