The Mother’s Day Gift that Every Mother Really Wants

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The Mother’s Day Gift that Every Mother Really Wants

Every year I look forward to Mother’s Day and probably not for the reason that you might think. I don’t care about the jewelry and fancy dinners.

I do adore the homemade gifts made by little hands that mark the milestones of my children’s lives. I love the love, time and care put into the pictures and crafts that tiny hands make for their mommy.

But what I really look forward to is my gift from my husband. Sure, he’s given me some awesome jewelry; bought me some coveted pieces of fashion and brought me my favorite flowers. One year, he and the girls even planted me a beautiful English garden at the back of our property.

My favorite gift is a simple one and after polling Twitter, I feel safe in saying that he’s gotten it right with this one because it is what every mother is daydreaming about getting this year.

I got several answers but there was one common denominator: Moms want a day off to enjoy peace and quiet. Sure there were iPads, iPhones, juicers, and spa days, but most women just really want a day off from life.

In motherhood, we all know, too well, that there are no sick days, personal days or vacation days. There are only days, one after the other, non-stop of loving on littles, kissing booboos, cooking dinners, running errands and taxing. There is never time to just be and exhale. There is never any “me” time.

A few years ago, my husband asked me what I really wanted for Mother’s Day. I bit the bullet and told him the truth. What I really wanted (and still want) for every Mother’s Day for the rest of my life is a day off to be Debi; to take a long uninterrupted bubble bath, have my favorite dinner prepared by my husband, to listen to the music I want to hear in quiet.

I want to know that my children are safe and taken care of and that someone is taking care of them exactly the way I would. I need Daddy to take full custody for 24 hours. I want to sleep in. I want to sit on the couch and watch a rated-R movie without worrying that someone is going to wake up or call out for me. I want to write when an idea strikes me and before I scribble it down in shorthand and then forget what the hell I meant.

I want to close the bedroom door, snuggle under my blankets and nap until I wake up on my own. I want to pee alone. I want to finish a phone call and eat a warm meal. I want someone else to step in and handle the bickering between my children. I want someone else to assign the time outs and be the bad guy.

I want to feel like I am a human being and for one day, cater to my own needs and wants without shame or guilt. I want to paint my toenails and fingernails, I want to style my hair and wear something pretty without getting covered in baby sticky goodness.

Every year on Mother’s Day, my husband has given me this. It sounds simple but it truly is the best gift any husband can give the mother of his children.

I am making a declaration: Moms, you need to tell your husbands if you want the day off. Men understand the need some time and space conundrum but the difference between moms and dads is that dads will take it; no guilt, no shame. They understand that we need to still have some “me” time to be better parents.

We moms have a harder time with the concept. Ask your husband for the day off, I am sure he will oblige and you will be rejuvenated as a mother. Trust me, by the end of the day, you will miss the noise but first you have to have silence to truly enjoy the noise.

What do you really want for Mother’s Day?

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  • JDaniel4’s Mom

    This sounds like a wonderful gift!

  • Elizabeth

    Peeing in peace…eating food while it’s still warm…just sitting and watching a movie of my choosing? Aaah…sounds absolutely, positively heavenly!

    (In the few moments I stole just to read this, my daughter’s lunch plate fell on the floor. Everything everywhere! Hmm…yeah a day off sounds like a pretty good gift! But I do have to give my hubby props…he tries to give me a Mommy Day Out each month. Good man. =) Now for that lunch I have to clean up…)

  • Jessica

    A day off from life would be fabulous.