The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

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The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

Even if you haven’t had bangs in years, you may be tempted to give in these days. They’re everywhere—sideswept, wispy, blunt, short… So which ones should you choose?

Oval: Go ahead and kiss your reflection in the mirror because you lucked out. You can wear any type of bangs you want because your features are so balanced. Start looking to your other features for help.

If you really want to play up your eyes, blunt bangs that go straight across the forehead and taper down at the temples will do the trick (think of Zooey Deschanel‘s gorgeous baby blues). If you want to downplay your nose, try sideswept bangs.

Heart-Shaped: The goal is to cover some of the forehead, where your face is the widest, in order to create a balanced appearance from top to bottom. That means that, in most cases, you should stay away from thick, blunt bangs that add width to the top half of your face.

You could get away with wispy bangs that fall at an angle across the forehead but still end near the eyebrows, almost like the traditional sideswept bangs, or just go for longer bangs that sweep across the forehead and fall like a short face-framing layer beside the face. Look to Reese Witherspoon for inspiration.

Square: Wispy bangs that hang straight down will work, but don’t go the Zooey Deschanel route unless your goal is to play up the angles in your face.

For balance, look to soft lines and wispiness. Again, sideswept bangs will add a curve where they fall across the forehead. For comparison, see Olivia Wilde’s wispy straight bangs versus sideswept.

Round: Try introducing some angles by using long bangs that fall at a diagonal. If they stop right around cheek-level, they’ll downplay the width at the cheek area and give the illusion of a thinner, more oval-shaped face. See how it works for Charlize Theron?

Long or Thin: Remember how the heart-shaped faces need to stay away from wide, blunt bangs? You can use them to create width for your face, like Heidi Klum did.

If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, don’t be afraid to play up the natural texture. This, too, will add width to your face. Similarly, long sideswept bangs will create width because they’re essentially a short layer that will create the illusion of width where they end.

If you’re new to bangs, don’t forget to have your stylist walk you through how to style them. Sometimes it’s counterintuitive, like drying your sideswept bangs in the opposite direction of the way they should fall first.

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    I’ve always had bangs, no matter what length my hair is. But it’s always the same cut. LOL. Though I’d want to try a different look, I guess I’m too terrified that I’d go back to the usual.