The Benefits of Argan Oil

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The Benefits of Argan Oil

What can’t argan oil do, with all of its vitamin E, carotene, squalene, and fatty acids? It can heal skin conditions like eczema, fix frizz and split ends, prevent and reverse signs of aging, fight against free radicals, and moisturize. I use it for my hair, nails, and skin. It only takes a few drops at a time, and it doesn’t feel too heavy.

You can go for pure argan oil, like the Josie Maran oil available at Sephora, which can be used anywhere on your body. If you only want to use it to make your body soft and smooth because your hair, face, and nails are fine, or you’re satisfied with your current routine, you can go a less expensive route and try out the Organix Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Oil Body Lotion, which is thicker and smells delicious.

Hair: You can apply argan oil all along the lengths of your damp hair as a leave-in treatment or massage a few drops into the ends of your dry hair. Your hair will look shinier, softer, and be more manageable. If you’re like me, you’ll be completely forgetful and wonder why you’re having a good hair day before you think, “Oh! I put argan oil in it last night!”

I was about to say it’s a necessity in the summer because of how it tames the frizz in the humidity, but then I realized it’s a must in the winter, too, for extra moisture. Argan oil treats split ends and can also be used as a deep conditioning treatment.

Skin: I have very sensitive skin that’s spent its fair share of time fighting both eczema and acne, and this works wonders for calming down the flare-ups on my face. You can use the oil straight (it’s pretty lightweight) or mix it with your normal daily moisturizer and night cream. Add some to your body moisturizer after your shower if you choose to go for the bottle of pure argan oil over the pre-made argan oil lotion. Some say it can make scars and stretch marks disappear.

Nails: If you have angry, belligerent little cuticles, you can soften them by massaging argan oil in every night.

Pure argan oil isn’t inexpensive, but because it takes so little of it and it accomplishes so much, it may be worth a try. It’s replaced my moisturizer and eye cream at one point, my leave-in conditioner, my smoothing serums, etc. I’ve added it to body lotions to make them more effective. It’s one beauty product I don’t want to be without. Keep in mind, if you’re allergic to nuts, you’ll want to proceed with caution here, or steer clear completely.

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  • Penny W.

    I’ve been hearing alot about this product. I know people who give themselves olive oil treatment for their hair, I guess this would have a similar effect? 

  • Pauline Hawkins

    I’ve never heard of argan oil. Thanks for the information!