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Hot New Wedges for Stability and Style

Posted on Mar 22, 2013 by 6 Comments

Wedges are my best friend when I want to dress up (as in, finally getting out of the yoga pants and flip-flops), but I still have to keep up with my daughter. They seem more acceptable with shorts and casual skirts than traditional heels, too, so that’s a plus.

I’ve found some new cute ones I’d love to purchase as a celebration that it’s almost time to put away the boots: Read more…

Behold, the Espadrille

Posted on Jun 4, 2012 by 2 Comments

They say what’s old is new again and does that make me happy. There are a lot of styles that I would like to see come back into style; the neon of the 80’s are not one of them.

Bell-bottoms, I still think I can pull off. Of course, when I wore them, they were on their second time around already. But the espadrille wedge is something I adore. Espadrilles I can wear all day long and since they are back in style, that just makes them easier to find. Read more…

A Wedge With An Edge

Posted on Apr 15, 2011 by 2 Comments

Designers are starting to show off their summer sandal collections.

I’ve noticed that wedges seem to be hugely popular this year. That’s good for me, because they’re the one type of heel that I can safely walk around in! I love wedges and it’s great to see designers offering more and more options of this style shoe.

There are a ton of key trends happening with wedges right now. Let’s have a look at a few of them. Read more…