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Oops! Correcting Minor Makeup Mishaps

Posted on Mar 1, 2012 by 1 Comment

Make a mess of your mascara? Douse yourself with too much perfume? Smudge your nail polish? Before you stress out over a beauty blunder, check out these quick fixes:

Mascara Mess

Too much mascara is a big beauty blunder; it tends to clump and make eyes uncomfortable, not to mention unsightly. Poorly applied mascara is also notorious for smearing and making you look as if you just woke up from a wild night out parting or, more likely, that you were up all night caring for a sick toddler. In any case, you can easily fix this by making sure your mascara is new (experts say to replace every three months). The older the tube, the more dried up and clumpy it will become. Read more…