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Video: Fashion’s Top 10 for 2015

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Videofashion highlights the top 10 collections from New York, London, Milan, and Paris for Spring/Summer 2015.

Video: Beachy Waves for Short Hair Tutorial

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Learn how to fake a day at the beach with our beachy waves tutorial. Beach waves are the perfect summer hairstyle, and you don’t have to spend the day at the beach to get them. Megan has a love/hate relationship with her short hair, but this tousled hairstyle makes her feel summery and chic any day of the week.

Video: How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

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Can’t find the right sunglasses to fit your face? No worries – if you know which celebrity face shape you have, you’ll pinpoint your perfect match in no time. Here are a few celebrity face shapes that will help guide you to finding that perfect pair of sunglasses for the summer.

Video: How to Wear Midi Skirts this Summer

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The midi skirt is making a full comeback, and it’s a hot item for summer. From sleek office wear to casual weekend attire, there are a number of ways to pull off the midi. Krystin Goodwin has a few budget friendly midi skirt styles to glam up your style this season.

Video: This Summer’s It-Shades: White, Pink and Gold

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This summer’s hottest trends are white, pink and gold, as shown on the runways this spring.


Sexy Summer Trends

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Summer clothing is always sexier than winter clothing. The weather is warmer so there is always more exposed skin. Clothes are thinner, more lightweight and brighter. Summer clothing is by nature fun and flirty.

Here are some of this summer’s hot trends. Did you get to try them this summer?


That’s right, ladies, the 70’s has FedExed you a package and it is bursting with disco style jumpsuits. Be not afraid my friends, jumpsuits come in one-shoulder, halter and deep-v necklines to help you look effortlessly glamorous and sexy.

They come in solid colors for chic sexy events or the fun and flirty tropical prints that are all the rage this season. I would love to have one in black that I could wear with a slinky copper belt but I still have some work to do in the midsection area before that will be a good look for me.

You can dress it up with 5-inch heels and sexy dangling earrings or you can dress it down with flat sandals.  These jumpers are the epitome of comfort with the exception if you are enjoying cocktails; you have to get nearly naked to do your business. Also, jumpsuits look great on thin women because they hang in that flirty way but just like skinny jeans, I think this style does not look great on everyone.

Crop tops and Skirts

Yep, the 80’s sent us a FedEx package this summer too, by bringing back the crop top and skirt. This is a cute look for summer if you’ve been working out all winter. The key to pulling this look off is a toned mid section. You can mix tanks or bustiers with coordinating high-waisted skirts. It’s cute and flirty; a great outfit for doing just about anything.

To sex it up you can pair a pencil skirt with a cropped bralette top (think Madonna circa 1984), or for a more daytime casual look you can mix bold flirty prints. This style is cute, for sure, but I definitely think it’s not for everyone.

Silk Shorts

This is my favorite sexy trend for this summer because I have loved this style since the 90’s and just about everyone can pull it off. These are great alternatives to short skirts and a great way to showcase your sexy, tanned summer legs. There are lots of styles to try, printed or solid and with details like beading and tuxedo stripes.

It’s all about what you want to wear and how sexy or serious you are trying to look. You can dress them up with heels or dress them down with gladiator sandals. For a sexy look, pair a pair of black tuxedo striped shorts with a strapless top and high heels.

For a casual dinner with your favorite honey, try a solid pair in one of this summer’s pastel colors with a lightweight silk tank. For a day of shopping, pair a solid cotton tank with a pair of printed shorts and gladiator sandals.

What’s your favorite summer sexy trend this year? Will you be carrying any of them over into fall?

Photo Source: BostonProper

Trend Love: Chevron Print

Posted on Jun 5, 2012 by 1 Comment

Chevron prints are all over right now – clothing, home decor, stationary – you name it and you can find it in a chevron print, so we’ve offered up two outfits from the lovely Sherry of Life of the Party that can meet the needs of the bold fashionista and the more reserved who might like to try out this trend.

As a person who usually avoids most patterns, this is one that I feel I can do simply because the bulk of it is solid in color with a slight stripe going in an angled direction. This makes a very bold statement if it’s in color or if it’s like the version in the main image; it’s very neutral so it provides interest but it doesn’t take me out of my personal style comfort zone. Read more…

Cute Summer Styles That Won’t Break the Bank

Posted on May 16, 2011 by 2 Comments

As a mom, I find myself buying clothes that are cheap, ahem, I mean inexpensive whenever I go shopping. With little kids running around, the chances of keeping clothing for longer than a few months without getting stained or ripped is nearly impossible!

Finding affordable clothing that is still of good quality and fashionable is also difficult to do.

Since having kids, I have a hard time keeping up with “what’s in” and stylish. So this year, I decided to ditch those same shorts I’ve worn summer after summer for the last 5 years and spruce up my look. Read more…