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Rain, Rain…Don’t Go Away, Because I Love My Boots

Posted on Mar 21, 2011 by 2 Comments

It’s Spring, and it’s going to start raining.

I have not typically been a fan of rain boots. On rainy days during my childhood, my mom would put plastic ziploc bags on my foot before putting my boots on, so my feet would easily slide in and out. It was like having a foot sauna…not pleasant.

As a grownup, when I think about rain boots, the words boring, heavy, dull-colored and frumpy come to mind.

I wondered, as I was preparing to write spring-related posts for Smart Mom Style, if the rain boot landscape had changed a bit: are there more interesting choices out there than blue wellies?

The answer is yes!

Wow, there are absolutely scads of adorable rain boots available for women now. The patterns and styles are almost as endless as the number of raindrops in a summer storm. I’ve picked a few here to feature. Read more…

Sporty Ballet Flats For Spring

Posted on Mar 9, 2011 by 6 Comments

It’s almost that time of year: the time when we bravely pull our pasty white legs out from under heavy winter clothing and expose them to the sun – and the appalled general public.

Spring is nearly upon us. And even if your feet are flip-flop ready, it will only be warm enough to wear these “shoes” in a few regions of the U.S. So what do you wear between the time you put pack away your unwieldy boots and the time you walk around with next to nothing on your feet?

Ballet flats are an obvious choice. But sometimes even ballet flats are not quite comfortable enough for the everyday chauffeuring and mommying that I have to do.

Enter the sporty ballet flat. They’re awesome! All the comfort of a sneaker without the dreaded “I’m a U.S. tourist abroad wearing bright white sneakers” look. Read more…