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Link Roundup: Summer Wreath, Printable Grocery List, Worksheets, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a cute wreath for summer, a printable grocery list, handwriting worksheets, and more.

Craftaholics Anonymous created a bandana wreath and shared the tutorial.

Mind Body Green gave us an infographic about your body on anxiety (so take it easy, mama!).

5 Dollar Dinners put together a free weekly meal plan with printable grocery list.

link ru turkey meatloaf

Kenarry shared a recipe for sweet barbecue turkey meatloaf.

Create Craft Love shared free handwriting worksheets for preschoolers.

The Every Girl offered six fitness tips to keep you motivated.

Shanty-2-Chic showed us how to create the perfect outdoor table.

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Redshirting, Is it Fair?

Posted on May 14, 2012 by 4 Comments

If you have a child in preschool or who has already gone on to elementary school, you have probably already been faced with the decision as to whether or not to let your child go on to kindergarten at the age of 4 or a young 5. Many parents are turning to redshirting their child.

Redshirting is a term referring to the practice of holding a child back a year at the kindergarten level in order to give them an advantage. Parents are choosing to hold back their children for several reasons: educational advantage, athletic advantage (size) and maturity (developmentally).

SHORT TERM EFFECTS: As a group, redshirted kids do appear to have advantages in motor skills and size, and they are more confident than peers who began school young. However, when they are much bigger than classmates, they may feel somewhat alienated. Large spans in age and ability may also make it harder for teachers to manage a class.

Personally, I feel that unless a parent has a legitimate reason for redshirting a child, like a developmental delay or the child being extremely young for their age in size or maturity, then the parent should not hold their child back. It gives unfair advantages. The idea behind redshirting should be to give your children an equal chance to succeed, not a leg up on the other children.

If the consensus is that four and five year olds are too young to start kindergarten, then maybe it would be better to just change the start age to 6 in the first place so that the playing ground is level.

Honestly, the kids who are inclined to excel academically or physically eventually will do so, no matter how we try to stack the deck. I started Kindergarten at the age of 4 and was top of my class all throughout my education.

What do you think of the practice of redshirting?

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How to Keep Your Kids Lice Free

Posted on Mar 1, 2012 by 3 Comments

We are all familiar with head lice. The beastly tiny insects that live on the scalp. Lice can be spread by close contact with other people. Head lice may also be found in eyebrows and eyelashes. Ewww! Read more…

Daddies and Their Daughters: The Dynmaic Duo

Posted on Feb 21, 2012 by 5 Comments

The moment my husband held our girls, I could see it in his eyes, he fell deeply in love with them both on the spot. In a blink of an eye, they have transformed from completely dependent newborns to adorable little ladies. Years are flying by at warp speed and we’re realizing that we have a very limited window of time that we can influence and enjoy our children. Read more…