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Video: Brow Makeover: Get the J-Lo Arch

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Award-winning eyebrow artist Kelley Baker stops by ModaMob to give some of our staffers a brow makeover. Watch to see the brow transformation.

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez Referred to as Dinosaur Divas

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Last week I caught one of those snippets that look back at what was popular in the past, and they highlighted Mariah Carey’s song, “I’ll Be There” as number one on that day in 1992. I admit the date stunned me — 1992!

Sometimes I feel like the 90s were 10 years ago, but the mirror tells me that’s not the case. However, it’s not the stone age either!

The reason I bring it up is that I think it is amazing that she is still going strong today, and has another new album out. So when I saw an article referring to her and Jennifer Lopez as dinosaur divas, I thought it a bit sad. These women work hard to stay looking good, and they are still perusing their dream quite successfully.

I must say that the choice of the term “dinosaur” is unkind to say the least. In this day some might call it hate speech, but I’m not going that route.

The focus of the article was the fact that both of these successful women have released new albums. Mariah’s came out earlier in June titled: “Me. I am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse.” It debuted with fewer than 60,000 album sales.

In fact, that’s the same number of books Hillary’s latest book sold in its debut. That number is considered low and disappointing on both counts. And it has been reported that Jennifer Lopez’s new album “A.K.A.” may not quite sell half that number in its first week.

Mariah’s strangely named album debuted at No. 3 on Billboard’s 200 chart, but then plummeted. It’s not thought that J. Lo’s will fare any higher than that. Back in the day, J. Lo’s first three albums soared to multi-platinum status. Her fourth, “Rebirth” reached gold, but since then her albums haven’t reached anywhere near that success. So if the projections on the recent “A.K.A.” are on target, it will need a minor miracle to be anything but a flop according to some.

Sales are not what they once were, that is true. It’s a difficult market that has changed over the years. But to refer to these stunning performers as dinosaur divas makes me wonder about that word choice. Are they calling them “old” or their music “out of date?”

Mariah is the 44 year old mother of twins and Jennifer Lopez is the 44 year old mother of twins. If that makes them a dinosaur what’s that say about the rest of us?

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Mom Style Tips from Jennifer Lopez

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After Jennifer Lopez had her twins, I wondered if she would be able to maintain the same style she had become known for. J. Lo has had some major fashion mishaps and some big fashion wins as well, but she seems to be taking mommy dressing as seriously as she takes her media empire.

While Jennifer obviously has to dress pretty over-the-top for stage performances and other events that dictate more outrageous clothing, there are more than a few pages moms can take from her play book on how to make the most of your post-kid figure.

Let’s take a look at some of the fashion “dos” that Jennifer’s been rocking since becoming a mom and how you can learn by watching her. Read more…