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Healthy Snack Ideas for Whatever You Are Craving

Posted on Jan 18, 2012 by 5 Comments

One thing I am really bad about is waiting too long to eat when I am hungry. I have so many things going on, and I know I need to eat, but by the time I get around to it, I’m starving and end up eating whatever junk food I can find. If I’m craving salt, I dive for the potato chips. Something sweet, I’m busting out the M&Ms. One of my resolutions is to quit buying junk food. That will solve my problem! But I still want to be able to snack…I just want to do it in a more healthy way. Here are some healthy snack ideas to satisfy the most common cravings.

Are You Craving Something Salty?

My go-to healthy snack when I crave something salty is hummus and pita chips. Easy and yummy!

Like I said, I usually go right for the potato chips. Instead, Read more…

5 Healthy Snacks For Busy Moms

Posted on Jun 16, 2011 by 2 Comments

Here’s something that is embarrassing to admit: there’s more than a couple of days during the week when 5 o’clock rolls around and I realize that I haven’t eaten all day. I get busy taking care of the kids, cleaning, writing, and doing the hundred other things moms do throughout the day and I don’t take care of myself!

One of the worst things that moms do is that we go too long without eating. Why? Because when we finally sit down to eat, we do the wrong thing – we end up overeating since we feel like we are starving and binge on unhealthy foods full of sugar and empty calories.

The easiest way to avoid the pig-outs is by trying to eat something every two to four hours. If you select snacks with about 150 calories or less per serving you can be sure to feel satisfied without adding inches to your waistline. But doing this can be easier said than done, right? Read more…