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Holiday Cooking Safety Tips

Posted on Dec 9, 2011 by 3 Comments

During the holidays, many people spend much more time cooking in their kitchens than normal. Some of these people are people that love to cook while others are people that try to avoid cooking at all costs. For whatever reason, a lot of non-cooks decide to give baking or cooking for a crowd a shot during the holidays. The problem is that sometimes they forget how dangerous the kitchen can be if you’re not careful in there! Whether you are a wanna be chef or one of those people who prefer never to cook, there are some tips to help keep your kitchen safe this holiday season.

Did you know that cooking is the cause of almost half of residential fires? Unattended cooking is the single leading factor contributing to cooking fires, while many other cooking fires begin because combustibles (like kitchen towels and oven mitts) are too close to cooking heat sources. And of course frying is the cooking method that poses the highest risk. Read more…