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Video: Four Most Common Beauty Blunders and How to Fix Them

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Beauty blogger Christina Marrale shares her tips and tricks to calm almost any beauty drama.

Video: Three Beauty Mistakes that Make You Look Tired

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The Doctors share three beauty mistakes that are making you look tired.

More Beauty Blunders

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A couple of months ago I shared some simple ways to correct minor makeup and beauty blunders in a post called Oops! Correcting Minor Makeup Mishaps, and I’m back with more!

Flat Iron Fryer

Reach for a hydrating leave-in conditioner or a light hair oil (olive oil will do) to run through your strands, concentrating on the scorched area. After applying, comb through with your fingers. “It will instantly smooth and moisturize the straw-like texture,” says DJ Riggs, hairstylist and TIGI creative director.

It will also eliminate that awful burnt-hair smell. In the future, use a heat protecting spray (such as John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray) before straightening and keep temp at 350 degrees, max.

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Lipstick On Your Teeth

After removing the smudge, try separating a facial tissue into single-ply and use it to softly blot away excess color from your lips. “The creamier your lipstick, the more likely it is to smear,” says Poppy King, makeup artist and designer for Boots No7 Lipsticks.

Then, wash your hands and place your index finger into your mouth, pucker your lips, and pull out your finger. This removes any color that’s inside the base of the lip, preventing it from making it’s way to your teeth.

Final tip: apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly over your teeth so that when you are wearing heavy lip color, it won’t stick to your pearly whites.

A Zit From Hell

Let’s face it, one tiny pimple can ruin your whole day, but over medicating blemishes is a common mistake when dealing with monster zits. Most treatments work over the course of a couple of hours (chemically), the key is to GIVE IT TIME.

Continuously dabbing the serum/cream/ointment on throughout the day may be tempting but can lead to unnecessary dryness, redness, and peeling. If this has happened to you, reduce the meds to once daily or as directed, while spot treating with a little hydrocortisone cream to help relieve inflammation.

 Too Much Powder

When powder settles into lines and creases on your face, it can make wrinkles look more prominent and no one needs that! Adding a little moisture to your skin can help. Jillian Dempsey, celebrity makeup artist, Avon’s creative color director and wife of the one and only McDreamy, advises, “Fill a plastic spray bottle with lukewarm water and give yourself a quick once-over. Or dampen a washcloth or cloth napkin and lightly press down into skin, starting from the center of your face, where the powder pileup is typically the heaviest and move out to the forehead and chin.”

Whatever you do, do not try this using a paper towel or facial tissue, which will only make your face wetter and cause your makeup to run.

Over-tweezing (or ignoring) Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows can really define your face and help enhance your eye makeup, so when you accidentally over-tweeze them, it can ruin your look. Use a brow powder or liner such as Benefit Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit to gently fill in sparse eyebrows. Be sure to choose a shade as close to your on natural eyebrow color or a shade slightly darker.

For next time, remember that sometimes over plucking can happen when you focus too close to the mirror. Make sure to step away to see your full face and continuously check that they looks balanced and even.

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What makeup blunder correction tip(s) can you share?

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Oops! Correcting Minor Makeup Mishaps

Posted on Mar 1, 2012 by 1 Comment

Make a mess of your mascara? Douse yourself with too much perfume? Smudge your nail polish? Before you stress out over a beauty blunder, check out these quick fixes:

Mascara Mess

Too much mascara is a big beauty blunder; it tends to clump and make eyes uncomfortable, not to mention unsightly. Poorly applied mascara is also notorious for smearing and making you look as if you just woke up from a wild night out parting or, more likely, that you were up all night caring for a sick toddler. In any case, you can easily fix this by making sure your mascara is new (experts say to replace every three months). The older the tube, the more dried up and clumpy it will become. Read more…