Stop Freezing: Ways to Warm Up That Don’t Involve Cranking Up the Heater

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Stop Freezing: Ways to Warm Up That Don’t Involve Cranking Up the Heater

I was freezing in my house today, so I turned the heat up to 70. I had to step over my daughter’s Barbie cruise ship set that she was playing with on the floor on my way to the thermostat, so I made a comment about what I was doing.

I walked back to my office and didn’t think about it again. A little while later, it was so hot, I was sweating. How could 70 degrees be so hot?

Well, when your kid decides she’s cold and turns the heat up to 82 when you walk away for a minute, it does get pretty warm. I have a few ways to get warm without turning the heat up quite so high:

  • Do yoga:  A few sun salutations will warm you right up. You can build strength while warming yourself up, too. Check YouTube for short routines. You won’t get so hot and sweaty that you need another shower. If you don’t like yoga, you can do a few squats or push-ups.
  • Drink tea: I drink herbal tea almost all day, just to stay warm without running up the gas bill. Celestial Seasonings’ Madagascar Vanilla Rooibos Tea is my personal favorite, but you can also enjoy decaf green tea and sometimes even seasonal flavors, like Candy Cane Lane (also from Celestial Seasonings).
  • Take the laundry up or down the stairs. This one is a no-fail way to wish I could turn the air conditioner on, at least for a few minutes.
  • Get some fuzzy socks. It’s pretty dorky looking, but if I’m going to be home all day, I don’t really care. My favorite cold weather wear for inside involves a pair of compression leggings from Old Navy, a pair of regular socks, and a pair of thick, fuzzy socks pulled up over the bottom of the leggings. I top it all off with a long-sleeved shirt and a hoodie. The leggings are much more convenient than jeans if you decide to get up and do yoga for some extra warmth, too. The second pair of socks, especially when pulled up over the leggings, ensures that my ankles stay covered and my feet stay especially warm.

If it’s difficult to keep your house warm without spending way too much, these tips may help. For me, my house isn’t very well insulated at the moment, and I have a two-story foyer and living room. We have to get creative (or at least active) to stay warm.

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    Adding a little humidity to the air also helps it seem a little warmer and holds the heat in the air longer so the heater doesn’t have to run as often. Run a humidifier or don’t run your bathroom fan during showers and leave the bathroom door open to let that humidity make its way into the house. Keeping the house more humid also seems to help my little ones get over their colds faster this time of year.

  • MomHomeGuide

    Great tips — I love my English Breakfast tea and my fleece socks! I also have taken up yoga lately, too. We up the humidity in our house during the winter, too. It helps prevent dry skin and helps your nasal passages.

  • Emily (CityBaby Living)

    Fingerless gloves and slippers help me on cold days at the computer.