Sometimes a Lesson Has to Come from the Dog

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Sometimes a Lesson Has to Come from the Dog

My daughter has a bad habit of leaving her toys all over the house. It’s not enough that she has toys upstairs in her room and a box in the living room. She has to leave her crayons and pencils all over the living room floor, right where people need to go in order to get into the room.

We get sick of stepping over them and she gets sick of being told to put them up, yet she still can’t just put them away when she’s done. Kids.

Sometimes it takes a dog to get the job done, to teach the lesson that parents can’t. One day we walked into the living room after playing games or running errands, I don’t remember which. On the floor, there were multi-colored chips of wood.

She saw them before I did and started screaming, having a meltdown as if those colored pencils had been the last ones on earth. It took me a minute to put it all together because I didn’t even know she’d left her pencils out this time. When I did, I got angry at the dog for about a second. Then I just started laughing, quietly of course, so my daughter wouldn’t get even madder.

The dog’s fine and we haven’t had too much trouble with pencils or markers littering the carpet since then. Every now and then, she’ll leave a handful of art supplies out, but once we remind her that the dog ate her pencils, she cleans them up without too much of a fight.

Photo credit: Claudio Gennari …”Cogli l’attimo ferma il tempo”

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  • That Girl Shelley

    Great lesson. Now I just need to get a dog so that my little ones can learn the same lesson.


    We have a little dog — he has done a lot to teach the kids responsibility. They are still messy though. I guess we need a dog who is a chewer. :)