Solutions for Tangled Hair

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Solutions for Tangled Hair

My daughter’s probably got the world’s most tangle-prone hair on the planet. It’s a little wavy, fine, and there’s a lot of it.

I get the impression that she rolls around in the bed non-stop for the whole eight to ten hours she’s in it. A total girly-girl, she’s even asked me to cut it off a few times, but it’d have to be so short to avoid the tangles, she ends up backing out.

  • There’s the obvious detangling spray, like the ones from Suave that have been around since at least my childhood. It works okay, but it’s not great and though it helps the post-bath tangles, it does nothing for the ones that happen after that.
  • I always brush my daughter’s hair from the bottom up. I brush the last few inches to get those tangles out, then go up a few more and brush all the way down. It’s a trick I learned from my friend with waist-length hair in third grade. It cuts down on the breakage and the pain.
  • Satin pillow cases may seem a little fancy for children, but they do a good job of keeping the hair from getting so tangled overnight. Little girls who dream of being princesses will probably especially enjoy their new bedding.
  • I’ve seen a few detangling brushes on the market recently, like the Knot Genie, which supposedly works because the bristles are flexible and different lengths. I have yet to try one, but once they make it to stores and I can check them out in person, I’ll probably snatch one up to give it a shot on dry hair.
  • Detangling spray aimed directly at a knot (when the hair’s wet, at least) and then combed through with a wide-tooth comb works.
  • Skip the two-in-one shampoo and conditioners and use a gentle shampoo and separate conditioner or leave-in conditioner (or both, if the hair’s really thick and on the dry side). I speak from personal experience on this one. The two-in-ones are great for kids because they’re quick and come in the fruity, sweet scents they love, and they’re great for time-crunched adults, but hair that tangles easily rarely benefits from these multi-functional hair products, at least not without the use of a separate, hardworking leave-in product.

Tangled hair can be a nightmare, and anyone with a child with long hair will probably have to deal with it at some point, if not every day. Lessening the damage with the right tools, sprays, and conditioners may make for less painful mornings.

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  • MomHomeGuide

    I’ve used something like the Knot Genie, and it works well. My daughter has fine, wavy hair, too, which can get very tangled. I agree that using a separate shampoo and conditioner are the way to go — the all in one products aren’t good for keeping the tangles out.


    Have u tried braiding your daughters hair at night before she goes to bed, better if u make 2 braids. My daughters hair used to b very fine & thick wavy ones. It was always good to have them in braids at night. Good Luck