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CHEVROLET AVEO Hydraulic Tappet / Lifter 1.3,1.4 2011 on 14737 Cam Follower Febi

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For guaranteed fitment please contact us first so we can help you ensure this part fits your vehicle - we aim to respond within 2 working hours.

CHEVROLET AVEO Hydraulic Tappet / Lifter 1.3,1.4 2011 on 14737 Cam Follower Febi


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CHEVROLET AVEO Hydraulic Tappet / Lifter 1.3,1.4 2011 on 14737 Cam Follower Febi

BrandFebiPart Number14737Part ManufacturerFebi BilsteinWeight0.018kgOuter Diameter12mmThickness34.5mmOperating ModeHydraulic

OEM references

CHEVROLET09128603GENERAL MOTORS09128603 90529534 9128603OPEL0640 007 0640 013 0640 066 0640007 0640013 0640066 640 007 640 013 640 066 640007 640013 640066VAUXHALL09128603 90529534

Applicable Vehicles

VehicleBodyFuelFromToDriveValvesBHPKWCHEVROLET AVEO Hatchback (T300) 1.2HatchbackPetrol03/2011onFWD166951CHEVROLET AVEO Hatchback (T300) 1.2HatchbackPetrol03/2011onFWD168663CHEVROLET AVEO Hatchback (T300) 1.2 LPGHatchbackPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)11/2012onFWD168663CHEVROLET AVEO Hatchback (T300) 1.3 DHatchbackDiesel07/2011onFWD169570CHEVROLET AVEO Hatchback (T300) 1.4HatchbackPetrol03/2011onFWD1610174CHEVROLET AVEO Saloon (T300) 1.2SaloonPetrol03/2011onFWD168663CHEVROLET AVEO Saloon (T300) 1.2SaloonPetrol03/2011onFWD166951CHEVROLET AVEO Saloon (T300) 1.4SaloonPetrol07/2011onFWD1610074OPEL ADAM 1.2HatchbackPetrol10/2012onFWD166951OPEL ADAM 1.4HatchbackPetrol10/2012onFWD1610174OPEL ADAM 1.4HatchbackPetrol10/2012onFWD168764OPEL AGILA (A) (H00) 1.0HatchbackPetrol08/200312/2007FWD126044OPEL AGILA (A) (H00) 1.0 12VHatchbackPetrol09/200012/2007FWD125843OPEL AGILA (A) (H00) 1.2 16VHatchbackPetrol09/200012/2007FWD167555OPEL AGILA (A) (H00) 1.2 16V TwinportHatchbackPetrol07/200412/2007FWD168059OPEL ASTRA G Estate (F35_) 1.2 16VEstatePetrol02/199809/2000FWD166548OPEL ASTRA G Estate (F35_) 1.2 16VEstatePetrol09/200007/2004FWD167555OPEL ASTRA G Estate (F35_) 1.4EstatePetrol09/200712/2009FWD169066OPEL ASTRA G Hatchback (F48_, F08_) 1.2 16VHatchbackPetrol09/200001/2005FWD167555OPEL ASTRA G Hatchback (F48_, F08_) 1.2 16VHatchbackPetrol02/199809/2000FWD166548OPEL ASTRA G Hatchback (F48_, F08_) 1.4HatchbackPetrol09/200712/2009FWD169066OPEL ASTRA G Saloon (F69_) 1.2 16VSaloonPetrol09/199809/2000FWD166548OPEL ASTRA G Saloon (F69_) 1.2 16VSaloonPetrol09/200001/2005FWD167555OPEL ASTRA G Saloon (F69_) 1.4SaloonPetrol09/200712/2009FWD169066OPEL ASTRA GTC J 1.4HatchbackPetrol10/2011onFWD16140103OPEL ASTRA GTC J 1.4HatchbackPetrol10/2011onFWD1612088OPEL ASTRA GTC J 1.4HatchbackPetrol10/2011onFWD1610174OPEL ASTRA H (L48) 1.4HatchbackPetrol03/2004onFWD169066OPEL ASTRA H (L48) 1.4 LPGHatchbackPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)08/2009onFWD169066OPEL ASTRA H Estate (L35) 1.4EstatePetrol08/2004onFWD167555OPEL ASTRA H Estate (L35) 1.4EstatePetrol08/2004onFWD169066OPEL ASTRA H Estate (L35) 1.4 LPGEstatePetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)08/2009onFWD169066OPEL ASTRA H GTC (L08) 1.4HatchbackPetrol03/2005onFWD169066OPEL ASTRA H GTC (L08) 1.4HatchbackPetrol03/2005onFWD167555OPEL ASTRA J 1.4HatchbackPetrol12/2009onFWD1610074OPEL ASTRA J 1.4HatchbackPetrol12/2009onFWD168764OPEL ASTRA J 1.4 LPGHatchbackPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)01/2012onFWD16140103OPEL ASTRA J 1.4 TurboHatchbackPetrol12/2009onFWD16140103OPEL ASTRA J 1.4 TurboHatchbackPetrol10/2010onFWD1612088OPEL ASTRA J Saloon 1.4SaloonPetrol06/2012onFWD1610174OPEL ASTRA J Saloon 1.4 TurboSaloonPetrol06/2012onFWD16140103OPEL ASTRA J Sports Tourer 1.4EstatePetrol10/2010onFWD1610174OPEL ASTRA J Sports Tourer 1.4 LPGEstatePetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)01/2012onFWD16140103OPEL ASTRA J Sports Tourer 1.4 TurboEstatePetrol10/2010onFWD16140103OPEL ASTRA J Sports Tourer 1.4 TurboEstatePetrol10/2010onFWD1612088OPEL CASCADA (W13) 1.4ConvertiblePetrol03/2013onFWD1612088OPEL CASCADA (W13) 1.4 TurboConvertiblePetrol03/2013onFWD16140103OPEL COMBO Box Body / Estate 1.4 16VBox Body / EstatePetrol08/2005onFWD169066OPEL COMBO Tour 1.4MPVPetrol10/2004onFWD169066OPEL CORSA B (73_, 78_, 79_) 1.0 i 12VHatchbackPetrol11/199609/2000FWD125440Required quantity: 12OPEL CORSA B (73_, 78_, 79_) 1.2 i 16VHatchbackPetrol03/199809/2000FWD166548Required quantity: 16OPEL CORSA C (F08, F68) 1.0HatchbackPetrol06/200312/2009FWD126044Required quantity: 12OPEL CORSA C (F08, F68) 1.0HatchbackPetrol09/200012/2009FWD125843Required quantity: 12OPEL CORSA C (F08, F68) 1.2HatchbackPetrol09/200012/2009FWD167555Required quantity: 16OPEL CORSA C (F08, F68) 1.2 TwinportHatchbackPetrol07/200412/2009FWD168059OPEL CORSA C (F08, F68) 1.4 TwinportHatchbackPetrol06/200312/2009FWD169066Required quantity: 16OPEL CORSA C Box (F08, W5L) 1.2 16VBoxPetrol09/2000onFWD167555OPEL CORSA D 1.0HatchbackPetrol07/2006onFWD126044OPEL CORSA D 1.2HatchbackPetrol06/2010onFWD166951OPEL CORSA D 1.2HatchbackPetrol07/2006onFWD168059OPEL CORSA D 1.2 LPGHatchbackPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)09/2009onFWD168059OPEL CORSA D 1.4HatchbackPetrol07/2006onFWD169066OPEL CORSA D 1.4HatchbackPetrol09/2009onFWD168764OPEL CORSA D 1.4HatchbackPetrol06/2010onFWD1610074OPEL CORSA D 1.4 LPGHatchbackPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)07/2006onFWD169066OPEL CORSA D 1.4 LPGHatchbackPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)09/2009onFWD168764OPEL CORSA D Van 1.2BoxPetrol06/2010onFWD166951OPEL INSIGNIA 1.4HatchbackPetrol04/2011onFWD16140103OPEL INSIGNIA Saloon 1.4SaloonPetrol04/2011onFWD16140103OPEL INSIGNIA Sports Tourer 1.4EstatePetrol09/2011onFWD16140103OPEL MERIVA 1.4 16V TwinportMPVPetrol07/200405/2010FWD169066OPEL MERIVA 1.4 16V Twinport LPGMPVPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)07/200405/2010FWD169066OPEL MERIVA B 1.4MPVPetrol06/2010onFWD16140103Required quantity: 16, Engine Code: A14NETOPEL MERIVA B 1.4MPVPetrol06/2010onFWD1612088Required quantity: 16, Engine Code: A14NELOPEL MERIVA B 1.4MPVPetrol06/2010onFWD1610074Required quantity: 16, Engine Code: A14XEROPEL MERIVA B 1.4 LPGMPVPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)06/2011onFWD1612088Required quantity: 16, Engine Code: A14NELOPEL MOKKA 1.4Closed Off-Road VehiclePetrol04/2013onFWD16140103OPEL MOKKA 1.4 4x4Closed Off-Road VehiclePetrol06/2012onAWD16140103OPEL TIGRA TwinTop 1.4ConvertiblePetrol06/2004onFWD169066OPEL ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.4MPVPetrol10/2011onFWD16140103OPEL ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.4MPVPetrol10/2011onFWD1612088OPEL ZAFIRA TOURER C (P12) 1.4 LPGMPVPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)10/2011onFWD16140103VAUXHALL ADAM 1.2HatchbackPetrol10/2012onFWD166951VAUXHALL ADAM 1.4HatchbackPetrol10/2012onFWD1610174VAUXHALL ADAM 1.4HatchbackPetrol10/2012onFWD168764VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk V (H) Estate 1.4EstatePetrol08/200410/2010FWD167555VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk V (H) Sport Hatch 1.4HatchbackPetrol02/200511/2010FWD167555VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk VI (J) Saloon 1.4SaloonPetrol06/2012onFWD1610174VAUXHALL COMBO Mk II (C) Box Body / Estate (F25) 1.4 i 16VBox Body / EstatePetrol01/200411/2011FWD169066VAUXHALL COMBO TOUR Mk II (C) (F25) 1.4MPVPetrol10/200409/2010FWD169066VAUXHALL CORSA Mk II (C) (W5L, F08) 1.2 16V DualfuelHatchbackPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)08/200110/2006FWD167555VAUXHALL CORSA Mk III (D) (L_8) 1.2HatchbackPetrol06/2010onFWD166951VAUXHALL CORSA Mk III (D) (L_8) 1.4 LPGHatchbackPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)07/2006onFWD169066VAUXHALL CORSA Mk III (D) (L_8) 1.4 LPGHatchbackPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)09/2009onFWD168764VAUXHALL CORSAVAN Mk II (C) 1.2 16VBoxPetrol09/200006/2006FWD167555Required quantity: 16, Engine Code: Z12XEVAUXHALL CORSAVAN Mk II (C) 1.2 16V DualfuelBoxPetrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG)08/200106/2006FWD167555VAUXHALL CORSAVAN Mk II (C) 1.4BoxPetrol11/200306/2006FWD168966VAUXHALL CORSAVAN Mk III (D) 1.2BoxPetrol01/2010onFWD166951VAUXHALL MOKKA 1.4 4x4Closed Off-Road VehiclePetrol06/2012onAWD16140103VAUXHALL ZAFIRA Mk III (P12) 1.4MPVPetrol10/2011onFWD1612088VAUXHALL ZAFIRA Mk III (P12) 1.4MPVPetrol10/2011onFWD16140103

As one of the global leaders in passenger car and commercial vehicle spare parts for more than 160 years, Febi Bilstein is constantly setting new standards in the independent aftermarket: More than 20,000 OE quality spare parts, the highest standards of service and cutting edge logistics.

We provide a simple no-nonsense returns policy:

1. Always contact us first. We cannot process a return if you do not email us.
2. We can only accept returns if they are either genuinely faulty or in pristine condition (have not been fitted and in original unmarked packaging).
3. Returns received by us 30 days or more after the date of despatch will not be accepted unless specifically agreed beforehand.
4. We will process your return within 2 working days and will act quickly to action whatever we have agreed over email (refund, replacement or exchange).

Delivery Exceptions
Delivery to the following Scottish postcodes will incur a £20 surcharge due to the FedEx highlands designation:

AB31-38, AB41-45, AB51-56, FK19-21, KA27-28, PA80-88, PH1, PH5-10, PH15


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