School District Suggests that 13-year-old Girl get Breast Reduction in Order to Stop Provoking Bullying

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School District Suggests that 13-year-old Girl get Breast Reduction in Order to Stop Provoking Bullying

Tammie Jackson, a Missouri mother, is outraged with her school district, and rightly so.

After Jackson called her daughter’s school district to report that her 13-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, is being sexually harassed because of her breast size, the woman at the phones conceded that they could transfer the child to another school but suggested that to get the other kids to stop bullying her daughter, perhaps she should take her sixth-grader in for a breast reduction.

Because, in the end, it is the breasts who are at fault not the rude tweens who are teasing her.

What the hell is wrong with the woman working in the school district office? How dare she tell a mother to alter her child’s appearance in order for her to stop provoking the sexual harassment?

I suppose she also believes that women who wear short skirts provoke rape, as well.

Tammie Jackson’s 13-year-old daughter can’t do anything about the size of her breasts. She is going through puberty. Her body has a mind of it’s own.

I remember being 13 and it was truly one of the worst years of my life. Things were growing and shifting and changing faster than I could even understand what was happening.

A child has no control over their pubescent body, and for an adult to suggest that she alter herself to appease others is completely ridiculous.

Aren’t we supposed to be teaching our children to love and embrace their bodies? Isn’t that our job?

How are we supposed to instill positive self-image and self-esteem if adults in power are telling our children otherwise? We are sending mixed messages in our society.

Suggesting that the sixth-grader alter her body to stop the harassment is like suggesting that the boy in the wheel chair missing a leg simply grow another leg and walk again so people don’t make fun of him, or that a boy is a homosexual simply stop being a homosexual.

We are all born different. Does being different mean that we are any less because we are not like everyone else? Isn’t that part of what makes the world so wonderful?

It’s outrageous that a grown woman would suggest to the mother of a child that she should change her child to stop the bullying rather than the school district address the issue itself.

To make matters even worse, Jackson’s 9-year-old son is also being mercilessly bullied for a scar on his chest from a heart condition.

Where are all the parents of these children? Why are we teaching our children that it is okay to make fun or harass someone because they are different from us?

Oh, wait we’re not. We’re just teaching them that if someone doesn’t fit the mold or look like us or think like us than they should change or suffer the consequences.

I really thought by 2013 we would have moved pass this sort of behavior.

The superintendent has reached out to Jackson and her children to say that they are working on a resolution regarding the bullying of both of her children.

I hope that includes firing the moron who suggested a 13-year-old get a breast reduction, sensitivity training and teaching tolerance for the rest of the district.

I pray it doesn’t include taking up a collection to fund the sixth-graders breast reduction surgery. Of course with this Missouri school district, nothing would surprise me.

What is wrong with our world when the bullied becomes the one at fault?

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  • Pauline Hawkins

    If an adult can say such a thing, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that children aren’t being corrected and disciplined for bad behavior.

  • itt bitty

    That is awful! I remember as a young teen I actually was teased for not having what other girls had. I was going through puberty slow and I was a bit embarrassed. I suppose she would suggest I get breast implants.

  • Ruby T.