Rain, Rain…Don’t Go Away, Because I Love My Boots

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Rain, Rain…Don’t Go Away, Because I Love My Boots

It’s Spring, and it’s going to start raining.

I have not typically been a fan of rain boots. On rainy days during my childhood, my mom would put plastic ziploc bags on my foot before putting my boots on, so my feet would easily slide in and out. It was like having a foot sauna…not pleasant.

As a grownup, when I think about rain boots, the words boring, heavy, dull-colored and frumpy come to mind.

I wondered, as I was preparing to write spring-related posts for Smart Mom Style, if the rain boot landscape had changed a bit: are there more interesting choices out there than blue wellies?

The answer is yes!

Wow, there are absolutely scads of adorable rain boots available for women now. The patterns and styles are almost as endless as the number of raindrops in a summer storm. I’ve picked a few here to feature.

Cole Haan Rain Boots

This boot? Cha-pow! An absolute explosion of beautiful purple on your feet is sure to cheer up the dreariest of days. Cole Haan’s tall boot at Endless.com has a waterproof sole and is made of waterproof leather (not rubber!). It’s got just a hint of a heel for a bit of style and they’re constructed with Nike Air cushioning technology. At a price of $198, they’re probably best left for residents of rainy climes like Seattle, where they’ll get a lot of use.

Gabriella Rocha RB Peacey-Z Rain Boots

Peace, love, and rain adorn this adorable rain boot from Gabriella Rocha. Zappos carries a full complement of boots in this line but this particular style features peace symbols and a cute buckle at the calf. At $49, they’re well-priced, too.

Burberry Check Rubber Boot

If your style is more like Katie Holmes, then snatching up a pair of Burberry rain boots is the way to go. This tall pair is $200 at FarFetch.com and is decorated with the classic Burberry print in blue.

Target Giraffe Print Boot

Target has everything, and fun and funky rain boots are no exception to this rule. These rubber mid-calf giraffe print boots are sure to bring out your inner animal. And at $24.99, these boots are a serious steal!

Sperry Top-Sider Sadie Boot

Sperry Top-Siders have long been associated with wet-weather wear – they’re one of the classics. But they’ve taken their classic boots and added a bit of sunshine with these tall yellow rain boots. I love the wedge heel and the traditional Top-Sider lacing detail.  They’re also available in black and hot pink, and will run you $80 at ShoeMart.

dav Women’s Western Cowboy Rain Boots

A little rain isn’t going to stop a cowgirl from strutting her stuff, but her feet might get wet. So a rubberized version of a classic cowboy boot is a perfect solution for a Wild West gal. Outfitted with a 2″ heel, these boots are $80 at Endless.com.

Nature Breeze Rain Boots

If an urban edge is more your style, these Natural Breeze rain boots at Shiekh Shoes are a perfect choice. A black and white modern print with purple accents is a great way to trudge around wet city streets. They’re currently on sale for $27.97.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, get some fun rain boots and enjoy the rain!

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  • Penny W.

    Wow is right! Those purple boots are outstanding. You’d hate to hide them under your jeans and need a pair of super skinny ones to tuck in to show off that irridescent glow!

    Excellent selection and rainbow of styles. I love them all. Now if only the rain didn’t also come with frizzy hair and that earthy-wormy smell … eww.

  • http://www.4hatsandfrugal.com Amiyrah @ 4 hats and frugal

    Great post! I was just thinking about actually purchasing rain boots this year. They look so cute on my kids that I got jealous last year when I only had sneakers to wear out in the rain lol. Love the target ones! That’s my go- to store so I’ll have to check and see if my store has those.