Pottery Barn Kids Brooklyn Bedding: A Must Have for My Daughter’s Room

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Pottery Barn Kids Brooklyn Bedding: A Must Have for My Daughter’s Room

We just moved in September, which I guess to people who don’t have small kids sounds like a long time ago, but to those of us with little kids, we know that the fact that any of my house is unpacked is a miracle.

Add to that the fact that the house is in the middle of a giant renovation; think all floors being ripped out, kitchen being completely redone and the entire joint needing to be painted, and you have some idea why my daughters were begging me to finish their bedroom.

The girls were really excited to have their new big girl rooms. They had picked out the wall color and the bedding they wanted from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.

Yes, my kids regularly peruse the PBK catalog and mark it as a wish list. They alternate between the toys in PBK and American girl catalog. But when they saw the Brooklyn collection, they both immediately agreed that they wanted it for their room. They never agree on anything.

The colors are bright and vibrant, but big girl enough that the girls don’t feel like they are stuck in pink city. They are 5 and 7 so they are trying to assert their big girlness. I like it because it will transition nicely into the next stage of their childhood.

The girls really wanted the Brooklyn collection quilt which is inspired by woodblock motifs from India, the print features shades of a beautiful demure plum and bright aqua. The whole-cloth cotton quilt is hand stitched and exceptionally soft, chic and striking on the top of the bed. My favorite part is that it is reversible to a floral block print on an aqua background.

To complete the ensemble, they also wanted the Brooklyn duvet cover, which is pretty paisleys, and fanciful flowers which give this duvet cover its chic style. It is made of pure cotton percale. It has interior ties and a hidden button closure, and it is machine washable because there is nothing worse than buying bedding that is dry clean only, especially for a kids room.

The bedding is beautiful and my girls were thrilled to come home and find it on their bed, after months of waiting for me to get around to finishing their room. I caught their reaction on video and it was priceless.

I’ve never seen the girls be so thrilled over bedding, but they absolutely love the way this bedding looks and feels, and I love how easy it is to care for and the quality of the bedding. Most kid’s bedding is fairly cheaply made, but the Brooklyn bedding is of the highest quality and is aesthetically amazing.

What was the one gift that you bought your children that you thought they would love and they didn’t? What was the one gift that you bought your child that you thought they would be underwhelmed by but they actually went bananas for?

Disclaimer: I was provided the Brooklyn bedding for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

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