Paint Colors for Living Room

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Paint Colors for Living Room

I was ready to spruce up my living room. It had been a little more than six years since we painted, and I was ready for a change.

My sofa and love seat were brown, and I had originally decorated the entire room with shades of tan and brown. It felt drab and tired, and I wanted to revitalize the living room with some color.

My girlfriend’s living room looked so much fresher. Decorated in gold and brown tones, the living room transitioned well with greens in the kitchen. Gold really is so much warmer than tan. I started researching possible paint colors for the living room and found greens and browns are a classic combo that’s popular right now.

That raised the question of whether or not I wanted to go with the popular trend, or something different. I wanted to use a natural palette and even though browns and tans fit that category, they weren’t working for me. My living room needed some color.

Green is the color for 2013 and between that and my girlfriend’s home, I decided to check out that palette for color ideas for the living room.

Throw Pillows

Accent with complementary colors.

Soft greens like pistachio are a growing trend for home interior décor, and I liked the light feel but wasn’t ready to make the whole room green after I read a comment from a Seattle based designer, Nancy Satterberg, who warned that you have to be careful to choose the right shades of green, because some shades aren’t flattering to skin tone.

I certainly didn’t want to look bad because the green I chose didn’t go with my skin!

I finally chose a light gold for the walls, and used pistachio accents in our lamps and throw pillows, which went well with our brown sofa and dark wood floors. Right now, hot color ideas for the living room come from nature. If you’re looking at various interior paint schemes, but don’t know what you really want, look to nature to get started.

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    I love greens, including pistachio, but never seem to be able to get them working in my own rooms without overtaking the room. I had no idea they might not go with my skin.

  • Mom Meets Blog

    This reminds me a little of the ’70s – remember avocado green everywhere? I guess everything old is new again. . .

  • Mom Home Guide

    My husband would never go for it, but I would love to add this color green to my home’s living room — I LOVE IT!