wife sends sext messages

Could Your Texts Get Your Husband Fired?

You come across the oddest things on the Internet. Last night I was reading a site, in the chat area, and I found an entire…

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Chloe style

Video: Chloë Grace Moretz’s Super Style

This talented young actress and style icon is ready to Kick-Ass and then Carrie her opponent into the Dark Shadows. Of course, we’re talking about…

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Anorexia to Obesity – We’re Still Focused on the Wrong Thing

Twenty-five years ago or so people began to really focus on the whole thin is beautiful thing. I was a teenager in the 1970′s and I…

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Getting Rid of Paper Clutter

Oh my gosh, I hate clutter. It messes with my brain, makes me depressed, and I get really irritable when surfaces are stacked up. Need…

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