link ru homemade granola bar

Link Round-up: Homemade Snacks, Stress Survival Tips, and More

Today’s link round-up features homemade snacks, stress survival tips, and more. Design Décor showed us how to make homemade granola bars. Create Craft Love showed…

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woman hiking on day off

What Happened to Weekends?

Remember when people used to work five day weeks? I do. Weekends were a special time to relax, regroup, and recharge before the next week…

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makeup empowers

Video: Makeup Has an Empowering Effect on Women

Listen to this one inspiring story about a girl who says, “I found confidence when I found cosmetics.”

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Spray Tan

The Downside of Spray Tans

I love the healthy glow of a tan, and spray tans offer the look without the sun damage. The thing no one told me about…

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