flatter your shape

Video: Easy Ways to Play Up Your Shape

Style expert Kristen Maxwell demonstrates how playing up your shape is key to pulling off a killer look.

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off season vacations|smartmomstyle.com

Off Season Vacations Are Budget Friendly and Possible

Years ago, in my first marriage, we would take our family camping vacations at the end of September or the first part of October. Since…

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Shut Eye Strategies for Sleep Deprived Moms

What’s a mom to do when she wants needs to sleep? I know moms are superheroes but even Wonder Woman sleeps sometimes. We need sleep…

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butt facial

Video: Butt Facial: New York’s Latest Beauty Treatment

Body conscious beach-goers are spending a whopping $500 on a new treatment that promises to enhance their bums. The butt facial is the new beauty…

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