New Shoes Change Heel Height on a Whim

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New Shoes Change Heel Height on a Whim

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I love shoes. In fact, the higher the heel is, the better I like them.

I have to admit that after a few hours walking around the mall, my feet start to hurt and by the time I get done I can usually count on my feet throbbing in pain.

Well, now there is a shoe that allows you to wear it to work as a flat and then change it to a high heel when you go out after work or anytime you feel like you need a spark of confidence. Called convertible heels these shoes allow you to literally change the heel whenever you want.

The company is called Day to Night and is the brainchild of Candice Cabe from Massachusetts. Since it isn’t practical to carry a couple of changes of shoes in the car or that cute evening clutch, these changeable heels are perfect.

Just press a button under the sole and release the heel. Once that’s done, you’ll choose the height of the heel to create the look you want, and snap it on. It is apparently so easy that you can do it while you are standing up.

The shoe isn’t going to come cheap. It will retail at about $300.00. I can see only one design on the site and it isn’t one that I would ever, ever wear – just too conservative for my tastes. So, while I love the idea of being able to have an all-purpose shoe with five different heel heights in theory, like many things, it wouldn’t work for me in practice.

Would you buy shoes with interchangeable heels if they were affordable?

photo credit: Esther Gibbons

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  • Julie C.

    Very interesting idea. Too bad it doesn’t have a telescopic heel, that would be better. Otherwise, why not buy the different shoe styles you love rather than just stick to one shoe that’s basic with a few heel options? Nope, not for me, yet.

  • marye

    Totally agree… Love my shoes!