Looks From Summer That Can Be Taken Into Fall

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Looks From Summer That Can Be Taken Into Fall

Fall is upon us and many of us are looking to transition our summer looks into fall – below you’ll find several summer looks created by Sherry from Life of the Party over at her Polyvore community and there are elements of each look that could easily incorporate into your fall wardrobe.

Looks #1 and #2

Keep: Denim & Navy Tops, cross-body bag, neutral sandals, aviator shades and statement jewelry
Pack Away: White Shorts, sandals and white sunglasses
Add: Cardigans and/or jacket, red skinny pant or jeans and ballet flats

The main image and the one below both have denim and navy incorporated within the looks – both of which work in a fall palette. Add a cardigan to the denim ruffled top below and you’re all set when the cooler weather starts to creep in.

Looks 3 & 4 Rompers

Keep: Pants rompers, pashimina scarves, aviator shades, fedora & jewelry
Pack away: shorts rompers, flip flops (depending on your climate)
Add: Ballet Flats

Rompers were a very popular summer staple, but soon it will be time to pack it away for fall. At that time, replace it with the pants version so you don’t have to give it up completely but to accommodate the weather changes.

Don’t forget to partnered it with a pashmina scarf as seen here. We’re loving this pop of color – a winning accessory when wearing all black!

The fedora and aviator shades are still a great look that can easily be worked into your fall wardrobe. Jeans and tees, rompers with pashmina scarves and maxi dresses all pair nicely with a chic fedora and aviator shade combo. The heat may start to lessen a bit in the fall months but you still need protection from those rays which the fedora-aviator combo offers.

Look #5 Bright Hues & One Shoulder Tops

Keep: Bright hued tops, aviators, statement jewelry
Pack Away: White shorts, sandals (depending on your local climate)
Add: Jeans, ballet flats, wedges or heels

The coral top below would go perfectly with a pair of slim cut jeans and some fantastic heels or boots. Coral is a nice bright hue, but it is also a warm color that fits well within the fall months when partnered with cognac leather boots so don’t be afraid of keeping color around in the fall months.

The one shoulder top can also stick around a little while longer; the warmer weather usually remains through August and September, so why not allow your fun tops to stick around as well?

Many of the items in your summer wardrobe will still work well within your fall wardrobe and a few will even work with your winter wardrobe when layered with appropriate seasonal pieces.

Shopping for an entirely new wardrobe for the season isn’t practical or necessary, just remove the pieces that don’t work and put in those that do. Replace shorts for pants and jeans. Layer tops with scarves, cardigans, jean jackets and blazers as things beging to cool off and continue to find new things to match your fabulous statement jewelry with because the bulk of it can be reworked from season to season.

How will you go about working through your summer wardrobe to take you into fall?


All images courtesy of the lovely Sherry Fahrenwald from Life of the Party via Polyvore

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