Link Round-up: Moms Want to Have Fun, Too

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Link Round-up: Moms Want to Have Fun, Too

Why should kids have all the fun? We know moms want to have some, too. From whimsical tire swings to red high heels, to perking up the bathroom with a new color scheme and starting the day off right with a mug full of steaming hot coffee, remember the simple pleasures.

Want to build a tire swing? Well, even if you want to build one (or make your guy do it) for yourself because your kids are too young or too old, you can learn how at Nothing But Bonfires.

Red heels

Making a statement with your clothing doesn’t mean you need some outlandish accessory or even a bucket of cash. Need evidence? Check out Heidi Klum in her red high heels at A Mom in Red High Heels. Of course, it’s hard to say what she paid for her shoes, but you can get the same effect with something from the sales rack at Kohl’s (don’t forget your extra coupons) or Tammy’s suggestions on her site.

Bathroom updates

Check out the bathroom updates for less than $50 at Making It Lovely. The color scheme is orange, pink, and navy. Who knew that could work out so well?

Coffee cups

Finally (as far as the fun ones go), and probably most importantly, are some coffee mugs featured on Design Scouting. Can you get through your day without coffee? I can’t get through the first two hours of mine without it. The best way to drink it is from a quirky mug. Don’t you agree?

The next one is for when mom duty calls, and it’s not so fun, but still nice to know about:

Cough syrup

The Fashionable Bambino features several natural products for making sick kids feel better (so you can all get back to your fun). It’s always good to have more options so you can find what works for your family’s needs.

Photo credits: Nothing But Bonfires, A Mom in Red High Heels, Making It Lovely, Design Scouting, and Maty’s

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  • Pauline Hawkins

    I love the shoes! I wish I didn’t look like a clutz wearing high heels:)

  • Tammy Gibson

    Thank you so much for sharing my post with your readers! I’m so in love with that Heidi Klum look :) Have a great weekend!