Link Round-up: DIY Projects, Make Your Own Energy Drink, Moments of Reflection, and More

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Link Round-up: DIY Projects, Make Your Own Energy Drink, Moments of Reflection, and More

Today’s link round-up features a few DIY projects that either use your kids’ old toys or are something your kids will enjoy once it’s done. There’s also a knockoff of the new Starbucks Refresher drink, a few other things to reflect upon that may bring you joy, and a review of a mattifying moisturizer that a beauty blogger claims really does work.

Beyond the Picket Fence shows us how to take an old wagon and turn it into a table.

Chapman Place has a how-to on creating your own bird bath from a lamp. Kids (and adults!) will love taking a while to just watch the finished outcome.

Mom Generations has a list of things that bring one writer joy. What are yours?

Foodie With Family figured out how to make her very own Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refresher knockoff, and it looks perfect.

Simple Mom shares her secret to a perfect home, and it’s probably not what you think.

Pink Sith gave an extensive review on the Repechage Hydra Medic Mattifying Moisturizer. It worked!

Wee Share reviewed the Barbie fashion line for toddlers that can be mixed and matched so many different ways, little girls can have more independence in picking their clothing out in the mornings.

Photo credit: Beyond the Picket Fence, Chapman Place, Ant1_G, Foodie With Family, Simple Mom, Amazon, and Walmart

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    Love the bird bath! I would love to add a bird bath to my yard.