Link Round-up: Christmas Cards, Sweets, Holiday Makeup, and More

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Link Round-up: Christmas Cards, Sweets, Holiday Makeup, and More

In today’s link roundup, Aunt Peaches talks about the lost art of Christmas cards and offers us an opportunity to brighten one woman’s last Christmas by sending her some.

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons made some easy snowman pops with no frosting. You don’t even have to make your own cake pops first.

A Beautiful Mess whipped up some white chocolate and Nutella truffles that look amazing, but they’re easier to make than you might think!

If you don’t want to actually make the dessert, you can change an old cupboard door into a work of art that features a snow ice cream recipe like the one at Restyled Junk.

Foodie with Family shares her grandma’s recipe for salted caramel corn that won’t stick to your teeth.

The Budget Babe‘s rounded up so many gorgeous celebrity beauty looks to try this holiday season, it’ll be hard to look away.

The Creative Imperative shows us how to make a Christmas pillow from an old sweater. Finally, a use for those cuddly sweaters that have lost their shape and can no longer be worn.

Photo credit: riptheskull, Restyled Junk, CGehlen, and The Creative Imperative

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