Link Round-up: Cascade Braid, DIY Gold Chair, and Delicious Treats

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Link Round-up: Cascade Braid, DIY Gold Chair, and Delicious Treats

Today’s link round-up is a mix of food myths, delicious treats, a DIY gold chair, and a braid you’ll love to do on yourself or your daughter.

Bella Sugar showed us how to do a lovely cascade braid that’s perfect for keeping your hair out of your face when it’s humid outside.

A Beautiful Mess restyled an old chair, and it’s gold. It’s an unusual look that really works.

Off the Meat Hook debunks 10 common food myths.

link ru cream soda

Chocolate Covered Katie told us how to make healthy cream soda (yep, you read that right!), and it’s easier than you might think.

Hairspray and High Heels shares some beauty blogger must-haves.

link ru scrunch dress

The Budget Babe breaks Eva Longoria’s cute warm-weather ensemble apart into something more affordable.

Hogwash made a stir-and-dump banana and cardamom (!) cake and it sounds so good.

Photo credit: keepingmealive, Karen Roe, and Kmart

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    That braid is gorgeous — I AM NEVER going to be able to do that to my own hair, though. ever.

  • Makemoneygal

    My daughter can do a braid pretty similar to the one in the picture. It is so pretty. thanks for sharing!

  • Mom Home Guide

    I love the braid — and I totally want to try making the Vanilla Cream soda. My kids would love it!


    I just read the food myths and I hate to say I had fallen for all those myths 1-through-7. Oops.