Link Love for the Easter Inspired Blog

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Link Love for the Easter Inspired Blog

It’s Easter this weekend and, if you are like me, you may still be trying to find some last minute craft ideas to celebrate the holiday with your little ones. I found some great Easter holiday blog posts this week and I am sharing them here with you. I hope you will enjoy.

Easy Last-Minute Easter Crafts for Toddlers by Mary Weimer is a fabulous assortment of crafts to do with your small children. It’s an awesome assortment of cute craft ideas and mementos for years to come.

 Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs by Brooklyn Supper is a great guide to dying your Easter eggs without using the harmful chemicals. They contain all the color and vibrancy of traditionally dyed eggs, and none of the toxins.

Paint Bucket Easter Baskets by Anna at My Life and Kids is a tutorial guide of how to recycle and reuse while making a totally unique and functional Easter basket for your little ones.

This next post, How to Make Keepsake Easter Eggs at Counting Kisses, is one of my favorite Easter posts. It is such a wonderfully sweet idea. This post includes step-by-step guide of how to make beautiful keepsake eggs that your children will cherish and remember long after you have gone. They are amazing, you must read this post. You will be inspired.

Happy Easter. What is your favorite family Easter craft?


Photo Source:, My Life and Kids, Counting My Kisses

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  • Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    Such cute ideas! I love that first basket of eggs.

  • Anna

    Such a great list! And thanks so much for including my paint bucket Easter baskets – very exiting!

  • laurel

    Love the link for natural dyes- Thank you!!

  • CC Fowler

    The natural dye is a great idea! One craft we love to do with the children is Egg Ornaments. Using construction paper, the kids decorate eggs with all sorts of supplies and we then hang them from each light fixture throughout the house with varying sizes of string. It’s colorful and cheerful and easy to do!

  • Linda Leyble

    Hi – great ideas. I have to try the natural dyed Easter eggs. Always looking for less toxic ways to do things.

    I did a very colorful Easter table this year – and a very quick little project – if you’d like to check it out!


  • Kristen’s Cute Beltz

    Great ideas, love the first egg creation!! I will have to try it next year. :-)

  • JDaniel4’s Mom

    These are such wonderful ideas!


    I already purchased Easter egg dye this year, but I’d love to try using homemade all-natural Easter egg dye next year!