Link Love for the Beauty in Emotion of the Blog

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Link Love for the Beauty in Emotion of the Blog

There is beauty in thinking before parenting. Jenny Feldon shared with us the touching story of The Snow Globe. I won’t lie; I walked away from this story wishing I had the patience and forethought to think before I spoke in the heat of the moment. Jenny is a fabulous writer and with this post I could feel her heart and mind battling for control.

There is beauty in speaking from your heart. So many of us are afraid to expose our vulnerabilities in life, we are afraid that by doing so, we will immediately be ostracized for them. Erin Margolin shared her story What I’m Afraid Of  with such a tender candor that you want to reach through your screen and give Erin a hug. Erin, you are an amazing writer, you will soon be at the podium.

There is beauty in action. Spread the Word to End the Word Day was March 7, and Ellen Seidman of Love that Max wrote the touching piece Would You Call My Child Retarded? I’ve never been a fan or the r- word and we don’t use it in my house. If you do, watch the video in this post and I think you will be convinced to change your mind forever. People should not be labeled by derogatory terms. We should not perpetuate that labeling by using this word.

There is beauty in letting your children become who they are meant to be. I just found this post on the recommendation of several bloggers, though it is not from this week. It’s message is universal and timeless. One Thousand Cranes by Alexandra Rosas (better known as the Empress) of Good Day Regular People, tells the story of a boy who finds himself in the quiet moments alone doing origami and in doing so, reveals himself to his mother. This piece is beautifully written and when reading it, you can feel the pride and unconditional love that Alexandra has for her son.

Beauty in the village that is blogging. Jenni Chiu of MommyNaniBooBoo shares with us why blogging is so vital to her personally in her post Why I will never quit blogging. She puts words to the deep connections many of us bloggers feel to our virtual village. Motherhood is isolating and we need the human connection and community that blogging brings.

Photo Source: Jenny Feldon/Ellen Seidman/Jenni Chiu

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  • Julie C.

    Sometimes being a mom mean just being there, BEING the soothing presence that is “Mom.” You know? It’s not all lectures and teaching moments. It’s being that soft place to fall.

  • Good Day, Reg People

    Thank you so much for this. I am honored to be mentioned here, and thrilled you felt what I felt, when writing this post about my very special son.