It’s Confirmed: Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant

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It’s Confirmed: Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant

We knew it was only a matter of time before Kim Kardashian and Kanye West caught baby fever. Kourtney just gave birth to baby #2 this summer and Khloe and Lamar have been trying, and we all know the squishy goodness of babies is highly contagious.

So it’s only natural, Kim didn’t want to be left out. Celebrity baby bumps are big business and guaranteed jump in popularity.

I’m excited for the couple because finding out that you are expecting is the thrill of a lifetime. I do feel a little sorry for the child because, even though it will no doubt be beautiful and want for absolutely nothing, there will be no privacy ever.

The paparazzi love the Kardashians and just in case the media missed it, I’m sure that Kanye would make sure to Tweet it out, stop the regular broadcast of television or bum rush the stage when some unsuspecting artist was accepting an award to grab the limelight and give the world the joyous news.

I wonder what they will name the baby? I’m suspecting something that starts with a “K” and to rival Beyonce and Jay-Z’s little Blue Ivy.

Congratulations to the entire West and Kardashian clan. I am sure that they are very excited for so many reasons, especially Grandma Kris Jenner.

Congrats to Kim and Kanye on their expected bundle of joy. I can’t wait to see this baby, because you know it’s going to be gorgeous with Kim Kardashian as part of the dynamic duo who brought him or her into the world.

Word of advice Kim and Kanye: get ready for your world to be rocked because a baby truly changes everything.

Photo Source: Accidental Paparazzi

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