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Bearing nP365351 nP365352

Place of Origin:
Japan Germany USA
Brand Name:
Original Cerificate
Model Number:

nP365351 nP365352

Min.Order Quantity:
One Set
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Product Description

14125dw 14276 Tdike Type B 0.8 38.5 0.74
19144dw 19283 Tdike Type B 0.8 42.5 0.68
378dw 374 Tdike Type B 0.8 56 1.44
nP356365 78551 Tdik-2 Type a 2.3 79 5.21
392dw 394a Tdike Type B 0.8 70 2.14
nP254512 nP659369 Tdik-1 Type B 1.5 128 33.7
H228643dw H228610 Tdik-2 Type e 1.5 144 21.6
nP368572 nP520102 Tdik-1 Type B 1.8 143 17.6
JHH932136dw JHH932119w Tdik-3 Type a 3.3 171 60.9
nP651103 nP385077 Tdik-3 Type c 3.3 171 60
81577dw 81962 Tdik-1 Type e 3.3 165.1 15.3
81602dw 81962 Tdik-1 Type e 1.5 166.1 14.2
aaac529 aaac755 Tdik-3 Type a 3.3 192 67
J607073dw J607141 Tdik-1 Type c 3.3 223 66.8
93751dw 93125 Tdik-2 Type d 6.4 222 42
nP537120 nP400534 special(2) Type a 3.3 237 111
nP820918 96140 Tdik-2 Type a 6.4 249 51.1
nP227916 nP950720 Tdik-3 Type c 3 263 76
m252338dw m252310 Tdik-1 Type d 3.3 276.1 56
Hm252340dw Hm252315 Tdik-1 Type d 3.5 278 84
J435101dw J435167X special(2) Type a 3 288 90
nP593022 nP323935 special(2) Type a 4.8 321 148
941102dw 941950 Tdik-1 Type a 1.5 310 107
Hm259038dw Hm259010 Tdik-1 Type d 3.3 326 92
nP809306 nP809307 Tdik-1 Type a 4 328 47
JHm957540dw JHm957518w Tdik-3 Type a 2.5 330 110
JHm957540dw JHm957519w Tdik-3 Type a 2.5 330 116
ee724121d nP273754 Tdik-1 cup
Hm959349d Hm959318 special(2) no key 3.3 348.5 219
Hm959649d Hm959618 special(2) no key 3.3 345.9 187
Hm959738dw Hm959710 Tdik-1 Type d 3.3 350 143
Hm959740dw Hm959710 Tdik-1 Type c 3.3 345.9 151
Hm959740dw Hm959710X Tdik-3 Type c 3.3 345.9 142
m959442dw m959410 Tdik-2 Type d 6.4 348.2 150
Hm959739dw Hm959719X Tdiksc-2 Type a 6.4 346 169
nP738398 nP869543 Tdik-3 Type B 3 365 138
nP483632 nP260921 Tdik-2 Type B 1.5 361 74
ee204135dw 204190 Tdik-2 Type d 1.5 364 72
nP819331 nP858984 Tdik-1 Type a 3.3 389 153
nP418468 nP728382 Tdik-2 Type B 1.5 378
nP468643 nP455898 Tdik-3 Type a 2.5 390 88
ee181454dw 182350 Tdik-2 Type d 6.4 408 177
lm765148dw lm765111 Tdik-1 Type B 3.3 397 63
nP961802 nP873663 Tdik-2 Type B 2 414 165
Jm966741dw Jm966711w Tdik-3 Type B 2 420 159
Jm268730dw Jm268711 special(2) Type c 3.5 418 232
Jm966748dw Jm966711w Tdik-3 Type B 2 421 150
Jlm966849dw Jlm966810a Tdiksc-1 Type B 3.5 422.9 134
nP303656 nP322933 Tdik-1 Type B 5 431 207
m969831dw m969811 Tdik-1 Type d 3.3 446 257
Jm969241dw nP311711 Tdik-3 Type c 6.4 459 310
Jm969242dw Jm969211 Tdik-1 Type c 6.4 459 311
ee833157dw 833232 Tdik-2 Type d 431 189
lm767748da lm767710 Tdik-2 Type B 1.5 427 91
nP176734 nP628367 Tdik-3 Type c 3.3 492 668
nP771735 nP968784 Tdik-1 Type a 2 466 135
nP206264 nP751334 Tdik-1 Type c 3 460 173
nP911570 nP533194 Tdik-3 Type c 1.5 453 99
nP747477 nP892981 Tdik-2 Type c 3 498 263
m272740dw m272710 Tdik-2 Type d 3.3 495 324
nP950329 nP243097 Tdik-3 Type a 3.3 510 153
nP091790 nP091792 Tdik-1 Type c 3.3 565 292
lm974534dw lm974511 Tdik-2 Type c 3.3 534 274
lm975342dw lm975312 Tdik-1 Type c 3.3 552 259
nP430670 nP786311 Tdik-1 Type a 6.4 570 515
nP452357 nP567439 Tdik-2 Type a 7.5 597 589
nP517421 nP171927 Tdik-1 Type c 3 585 265
nP679508 nP234859 Tdik-3 Type c 3.3 623 793
nP160922 nP160923 Tdik-3 Type c 3.3 660 622
nP365351 nP365352 Tdik-1 Type a 3.3 696 700
nP635386 lm881214 Tdik-1 Type a 3.3 684 712
nP386878 nP032573 Tdik-1 Type c 7.6 723 539
nP679610(3) nP249962 Tdik-1 Type c 6.4 744.2 471
nP121146 nP908442 Tdik-1 Type c 3 756 615
nP709025 Jlm985010 Tdik-2 Type c 1.5 852 899
nP419560 nP350963 Tdik-1 Type c 4 954 1023

With outstanding expertise and experience, Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc has been a leading global technology company, providing the most advanced and efficient energy and resource-saving technologies for sustainable development around the world and China.
Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc electrification, automation and digitization are Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc' long-term growth areas. In order to fully tap the market potential of these areas, we will be integrated into nine business groups. tdik THrusT TaPered roller bearings is an independent operating part.
Power Generation and Natural Gas Group is a trusted partner with world-class products and solutions. Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc helps Chinese customers successfully operate thermal power plants and help them cope with specific economic and ecological challenges in China's market environment.
Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc supplies many sizes of tdik THrusT TaPered roller bearings with integral radial shaft seals at both sides. They are available in several designs depending on bearing size as well as on the open (non-sealed) basic design.

Whenever possible, Bearing nP365351 nP365352 should be used for rolling mills. Compared with open bearings they offer the following advantages
longer service life
reduced grease consumption (by up to 90%)
extended maintenance intervals
grease is retained within the bearing
less surplus grease to contaminate the milling emulsion, to improve both the rolling process and product quality reduced environmental impact.
Bearing nP365351 nP365352 can simply replace open bearings as part of a rebuild or refurbishment because the boundary dimensions are the same.
Bearing nP365351 nP365352 are fitted with specially designed, C-shaped, radial shaft seals on both sides. This enables the bearing to incorporate rollers that are equal to, or just slightly shorter than the rollers used in an open bearing. Consequently, the load carrying capacity of a Bearing nP365351 nP365352 is the same or very similar to an open bearing. The seals permit high sliding velocities and are intended for operating temperatures between –20 and +140 °C.
Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc Explorer tdik THrusT TaPered roller bearings have sheet steel reinforced radial shaft seals made of hydrogenated acrylonitrilebutadiene rubber (HNBR) that are snapped into the groove in the outer ring.

Standard bearings contain sheet steel reinforced seals made of fluoro rubber (FPM) that must be staked into a groove in the outer ring. Fluoro rubber seals require special handling.
O-rings inserted in grooves in the outer ring outside surface prevent dirt or water from entering between the outer rings and the chock bore that otherwise would contaminate the lubricant.
Standard TQOSN design Bearing nP365351 nP365352 are supplied with window-type, stamped steel cages, without spacer rings. However, spacer rings are available in the TQOS design.
Larger size Bearing nP365351 nP365352 in the TQOSN.1 design are for applications that require extremely high load carrying capacity. These bearings have a special pin-type steel cage that uses pierced rollers. tdik THrusT TaPered roller bearings are also produced with extended inner rings which can serve as counterfaces for radial shaft seals. These bearings are supplied as standard without spacer rings in the TQOESN design or with spacer rings in the TQOES design.


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