How-to Throw a Tapas Party!

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How-to Throw a Tapas Party!

What are Tapas?

Tapas are small Spanish-style dishes. According to, Tapas parties are:

…an old Spanish tradition. Families meet to eat and socialize in “tapas bars” where everyone is welcome and the  food and drink is served in small portions in great variety.

Why Should You Throw a Tapas-style Party?

I love this idea for a party for girlfriends or a get together to celebrate a birthday. It’s also a great way to throw a themed potluck where everyone brings a dish, but it’s all centered around one primary style of cuisine. Parties don’t have to be difficult to put together when you include all of the attendees in the fun!

Tapas Recipes

To help you in your efforts to have a themed event that’s simple, I found a few links to help you zero in on fabulous recipes, making the planning process that much simpler.

The Food Network doesn’t disappoint with this extensive list of Tapas recipes which includes Empanadas, Cheese Tapas, Meat Tapas (hello, Chorizo Puffs!) as well as seafood tapas. If you’re looking for a one-stop gourmet shop head here.

Paella is a Spanish staple – make up a batch of a couple of these variations found at Food 52 and place them in small dishes for the perfect flavorful samplings while mingling at a party, and you’ve got an easy to serve bulk-made recipe. My favorites? Those that include seafood. Yes, please!

Finish Off with Sangria!

Sangria is a great finishing touch to your Tapas party.

  • I’m loving these 11 Sinfully Easy Sangria Recipes from My favorites on the list? The Mango-Peach Sangria and the Cranberry Sangria. One that I found interesting was the Spicy Sangria – it takes an Argentinian Malbec and combines it with some hot sauce…now that’s interesting!
  • Better Home and Gardens put out a list of 8 Fresh & Fruity Sangria recipes which I plan to try in these upcoming cold winter months, because they’ll bring me back to warmer days. I think I’ll start with the blackberry sangria. Sure, I may have to get frozen blackberries since the dead of winter isn’t exactly the “season” (June/July is the time for fresh), but I’ll take it.
  • Looking for an easy sangria? has a recipe that rates well and requires only a couple of hours of chilling to make it work.

Tapas parties are a great way to get together, graze on small bites and enjoy the company of great friends while sipping away at traditional Spanish style dishes and drinks.

Would you throw a Tapas Party? 

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