How to Decorate Your Mantle for Christmas

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How to Decorate Your Mantle for Christmas

Fireplaces are beautiful any time of the year, but during the holidays they really come into their own. A beautifully decorated mantle can add a cheery focal point to the room no matter whether you like a contemporary, country, or vintage look.

Be sure to consider the arrangement of the various decorations. For visual appeal create a variety of heights and shapes.

Natural décor works well in a country or cabin type setting. Spread greenery on the mantle and then add pine cones, acorns, and other natural materials. Be careful if you have pets, though. Some greenery and plants are poisonous to animals.

If you love a clean, contemporary look, you absolutely can’t go wrong with pristine white pillar candles and ornaments across the mantle. You can spray paint pine cones, nuts, or other things to add textural interest while maintaining your white theme.

For a whimsical look, fill several canning jars with Christmas candies like red hots, red and green M & Ms, and ribbon candy. Display vintage toys and Christmas books mixed in with the jars. If you want to use candles, add height to some of them by placing them on stacked vintage books.

Pineapples have been a sign of welcome since Colonial times. Use fresh fruit on your mantle with a pineapple right in the center. Add some nuts in the shell for primitive simplicity.

Display family pictures from past holidays in a variety of frames. Make it work by spray painting all the frames the same color.

These are just a few ideas to get your started.  Do you have any other ideas?

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  • Joquena

    But my mantle is covered in junk! Okay, personal goal clean mantle so I can decorate :-)

  • marye

    LOL! I know what you mean.

  • Pauline Hawkins

    Great ideas! I just had a mantle built over my fireplace, so I can’t wait to try out a few of those ideas!