How to Buy a Pillow Right for You

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How to Buy a Pillow Right for You

I have had trouble sleeping lately, and I knew it was time to get new pillows.

It had been about six years, and my pillows had lost their fluff. I found myself waking up and switching pillows trying to get comfortable.

When I went to the store, I found a lot had changed in six years. I had always bought feather pillows, but as I walked the pillow aisle, I found side sleeper pillows, foam pillows, down pillows, memory foam pillows and my standard feather pillows.

Not only that, but pillows are now marketed for side sleepers, back sleepers, and all sleepers. I stood there surveying all the options and wondered how to buy a pillow with so many choices.


A soft pillow is best for those who sleep on their side and stomach.

I decided not to buy anything, but to do some research. I tend to be a side/stomach sleeper. For me an extra soft pillow was recommended because it allows my head to sink to the right level so there is no strain on my neck.

A soft pillow was also recommended for back/side sleepers like my husband because he prefers a softer pillow, but firm and overfilled pillows can also work for side/back sleepers.

The next thing to decide was the filling. Feather and down pillows tend to go flat. That’s what happened with my last pillows. A foam pillow, on the other hand, is said to hold is shape.

Time will tell because that’s what I bought, and I had a much better night’s sleep the last two nights. One thing I’ve noticed is that the pillow stays cooler. However, my husband wishes he would have gone with the overfilled pillow. There is definitively an element of personal preference involved, too.

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  • MomHomeGuide

    Non-feather pillows are also good for those of us who suffer allergies — I should probably switch out my feather pillow for one that doesn’t have feathers! (Plus the feathers tend to poke their way through the pillow.)


    I need a magic neck pillow that fixes neck pain – I have been shopping around different pillows but everything has such mixed reviews. :(