How to Blow Your Husband’s Mind for Under $20

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How to Blow Your Husband’s Mind for Under $20

Tough economic times for the country means this Mommy has had to get her creative juices flowing, even in the romance department. The date nights of $300 dinners and late nights in fancy hotels have long disappeared, about the time we conceived our first child.

Back then it was so easy. We were young, spirited, and well rested. Back then our money was ours. Nowadays, there are about fifteen other people that need to be paid before we can spend money on ourselves. I’ve come up with a few ways to still blow my husband’s mind for under $20.

  • A $10 bottle of wine, a $10 Pizza Hut pizza and candles (they are free, leftover from the simpler times) lit for ambiance all over the room. You can throw in some hot conversation and you may be looking at baby number three.
  • A $15 nightie from the clearance rack at Target (don’t turn your nose up, I know you ALL shop there, too), a $5 bottle of massage oil and all the foreplay your energy and imagination can come up with.
  • Present him with a 6 pack of his favorite imported stout $15, cuddle up next to him and let him choose the movie on Netflix. I’m sure you can think of some ways to blow his mind for free while you’re lying there in his lap.
  • Go to the vintage shop; buy yourself a hot new dress and sexy shoes. You can go one of two ways here: conventional hotness or go out of the box and dress up as someone else. You can get an entire outfit for under $10. Take the other $10 and get him an outfit. When he comes home, introduce him to the hot teacher and let him be your bad student/fireman/pilot/rock-star, etc. Believe me, it will be a night that neither of you soon forget.
  • Or just take the $20 and hire a babysitter to stay with the sleeping kids, and go for a long walk together under the moonlight.

What are your low budget date night mind blowers?

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