Hello, Daaahling. Retro-Inspired Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes and Make Any Day More Glamorous

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Hello, Daaahling. Retro-Inspired Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes and Make Any Day More Glamorous

One of the things I love most about retro sunglasses, which have been back in style for quite some time, is the size. My eyes are so sensitive, I have to wear sunglasses on overcast days, so I love sunglasses that give amazing coverage.

The shapes don’t hurt, either. Who can’t appreciate a cat eye pair of sunglasses? I used to look at pictures of my great-grandma from the 50s and 60s and think, “Wow, I wish those glasses were around now!”

If you were that kid, wishing for a pair of retro sunglasses before they were back in style, or if you just love interesting shapes and a whole lot of coverage, take a look at these:

The first pair (above) are the Kate spade New York Oversized Retro Sunglasses. Be warned that some of the reviewers complained that they were too big and heavy, even for oversized sunglasses.

The next two are from ModCloth.com, the Cat Eye Cutie and the Glint of Glamour:

Sometimes the only glamour a mom gets in her day is wrapped up in her sunglasses. Throw them on with a pair of jeans and a tank top or sweatshirt and start feeling like a Hollywood star.

That’s something else I love about retro-inspired sunglasses—they have the power to transform any outfit into something at least one notch up from where it started. They also cover all evidence of tired eyes and can perk up your face if you choose the right shape.

The only downside might be having to fight the urge to say “Hello, daaaahling” to everyone you talk to.

Photo credit: Nordstrom and ModCloth

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