First Lady Michelle Obama Is Rocking the White House with a New Do

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First Lady Michelle Obama Is Rocking the White House with a New Do

Our first lady, Michelle Obama may have just turned 49, but she’s got a new do that will definitely be turning heads at this year’s inauguration ball.

She debuted a youthful new hairstyle to the world on her Twitter: a straight, shoulder-skimming cut, a layered bob with bangs in her second ever tweet @FLOTUS.

I think it looks spunky and fun and takes at least 10 years off of our first lady. I love it.

Let’s all be honest; we’ve all ran our hairstyles and new cuts by Twitter before ever unveiling them to our family and friends.

Last year about this time, I had all my own hair cut off and donated to locks of love. I was definitely trepidatious, but Twitter gave me the thumbs up and so did everyone I knew in real life.

I hope our first lady has that renewed, rejuvenated spirit that I felt when I changed my look. There is just something about a new haircut that makes a woman feel sexy and comfortable in her own skin, dare I say, more confident.

I suspect there will be an increase of middle-aged women getting bangs. I need a haircut and my side-swept bangs have grown out. Maybe I should give the Michelle Obama bangs a try?

What do you think of our first lady’s gorgeous new hairstyle?

Photo Source: ABC News

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  • MomHomeGuide

    I’ve had bang all of life, so it’s nice to see someone so fashionable and smart with bangs, too!