Eat Delicious Meals – Without All The Extra Fat and Carbs

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Eat Delicious Meals – Without All The Extra Fat and Carbs

Would it be wrong to say that I’m writing about fresh365 for purely selfish reasons? No, it’s not my site and no, I don’t know the author (Erin) of the site at all, but the idea of eating light, healthy and delicious meals with fresh produce right out of our summer garden is too good to pass up without sharing with others!

I might not be able to give you the fresh produce and herbs right out of my garden, but I can certainly share with you the recipes I’ll be making throughout the summer.

fresh365 is a website devoted to vegetarian recipes….please don’t let that scare you away! I am a meat lover and devotee, but during the hot summer months, it’s nice to have a refreshing light meal that doesn’t weigh you down. And if that meal happens to be meat free and I don’t even notice? Well, that’s why I instantly fell in love with the site.

What’s so cool about the site is you can search for recipes by season, by what produce is in season now, by ingredient, or by category (like appetizer or entree). So if you happen to have a ton of spinach and don’t know what to do with it other than to put it in a salad, this site is for you!

See that picture on top of this post? The one that got you to keep reading? Well that’s from fresh365 and it’s called the Spring Pea Tart. We happen to be growing peas this year, so I can’t wait to make this!

Pear & Gruyere Panini

Something hearty and homey that won’t make you feel like you just ate your weight in food? Yes please! I’m a huge fan of sandwiches, and this Pear & Gruyere Panini is right up my alley!

Corn, Edamame & Black Bean Salad

Every year, we grow more bell peppers than we know what to do with. The site has a whole site devoted to peppers – make sure to check out the recipes for the Corn, Edamame, and Black Bean Salad…I swear it sounds like you could mix it all up and use it as a salsa if you added some heat!

Remember, part of the fun of cooking and experimenting with food is finding out which ingredients and preparations work for you and your family. If you see an ingredient you are unfamiliar with, don’t be afraid to try it! Or if you see an ingredient that makes you throw up a little in your mouth, don’t be afraid to switch it out for something more your style! Cooking (for the most part) is an art, not a science.

Try something new this summer, check out the fresh365 website…and if you absolutely, positively MUST HAVE MEAT, try to go with poultry like chicken or turkey. Your body will thank you for it!

All opinions expressed are my own. I am in no way a health professional, so if you doubt any of what  I am saying, please contact your doctor for further guidance!

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  • Ruby T.

    I’m always threatening to go vegetarian. I think I’d be happy just eating fruits and veggies and pasta … and cake. :)

    Except for pork chops. Love pork chops. Anyway, lovely site and pretty looking receipes. May explore further for more summer dining inspiration!