Easter Basket Filler Alternatives to Candy

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Easter Basket Filler Alternatives to Candy

Do you have problems deciding what to fill your child’s Easter basket with? Every Easter the “Easter Bunny” stops by and the contents of the basket look very similar; candy, video, stuffed animals and bubbles. Sometimes there’s a Barbie or some squinkies but let’s face it, the kids are going to figure it out and they are going to think Mommy’s b.o.r.i.n.g!

I refuse to fill their basket with just a bunch of candy because it’s unhealthy, unnecessary and a bad habit to start associating sweets with every holiday. Can you say poor eating habits?

Here are a few alternatives to candy fillers:

For indoor play: Legos, Weeble wobbles, Play-doh, Slinkies, Rubix Cubes, a spy kit, rag doll or a Barbie doll.

From the heart: A coupon book filled with special family activities; i.e. a lunch date with Mommy or a picnic with Daddy.

For mental stimulation: Stationary and pens, stickers, books, art supplies or a diary.

For the body: Hair bows, barrettes, bracelets, nail polish and chapstick/lip-gloss.

For outdoor play: Jump rope, yo-yo, gift certificates to putt-putt, bowling or the movies, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and balsa wood sliders.

What unique gifts do you fill your child’s Easter basket with?

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  • http://www.literalmom.com Missy | Literal Mom

    Great alternatives. This year I’m going to put a gift card in my older child’s basket, maybe my younger child’s too. And I might do some pjs and coloring books.

    Thanks for these ideas too!

  • http://www.momhomeguide.com MomHomeGuide.com

    That’s a great idea — non candy treats my kids would love would include stickers and art supplies. The dollar store would probably be a great place for stocking up baskets!

  • http://www.adventuresinbabywearing.com Adventures In Babywearing

    My kids go crazy over pennies and dollar bills in their eggs LOL. They are all old enough that it’s safe to have small objects.


  • http://www.modernhomemakers.com Bethany

    AMEN to not so much CANDY. Since my son has many food allergies I am always looking for ideas of alternatives to candies. I did buy some candy that he can eat so we can switch it out when he goes on a egg hunt at church and school. I put in stickers, cool erasers, and a toothbrush holder (it’s a cool one).