Don’t Blame the Victims of the Movie Massacre

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Don’t Blame the Victims of the Movie Massacre

What is this world coming to? We are all painfully aware of the shooting that took place at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Returns in Aurora, Colorado. It is a tragedy of the worst kind. It’s the kind of story that knocks the wind out of you because we can’t believe that something so horrible can happen at a place that we consider safe.

The movie theater is a place where we go into the dark and sit unsuspectingly for 2 hours, surrounded by strangers. Its some place we go to decompress and be entertained, not shot and mentally scarred for life. When something infiltrates that place and violates our trust in such a vulnerable way, we look for an answer.

I’m here to tell you that the answer is not crucifying one another, least of all the victims. It was simply a case of wrong place, wrong time with a severely disturbed person on the loose. Let’s be honest, James Holmes, has a screw loose. That monster is in jail, still in character. He thinks he’s the joker.

His life is in danger from the other inmates. He is America’s most hated villain at this moment, as he rightly deserves to be. He’s an asshole of epic proportions and really deserves whatever he gets coming to him.

There are people who have made their opinion very clear in a very loud way; they are placing blame for the children who were injured and killed squarely on the heads of their parents. This is not fair, nor is it beneficial to anyone.

The parents of the children and babies who were injured or killed feel enough guilt about their children being in harm’s way. They don’t need other’s telling them they are monsters and crucifying them for their parenting decisions at this time.

Would I take my kids to a midnight screening of a PG-13 movie? Probably not. That has nothing to do with my parenting choices being right and theirs being wrong. It has everything to do with the fact that my kids don’t/can’t stay up that late unless I want them to be completely overtired and insane. It has to do with the fact that I won’t allow my kids to watch a lot of the movies I would watch because it’s too mature for them.

I’m sure most movies that are rated PG-13 would have my girls asking me questions that I am not ready to answer or give them nightmares and I just got them to sleep together in bed without me, mostly. I’d like it to stay that way.

The other reason that my kids would not be at a midnight screening of a movie is because I just don’t want to be the mom getting all the dirty looks from the other adults who can’t hear the movie because my kid won’t stop their overtired whining. But none of these reasons would give me the right to blame another parent who chose to take their child to the movies at night.

Please keep in mind, these parents just suffered the greatest loss and blow any parent can ever experience. They have lost their child. The pain of that loss is so much greater than anyone who has never experienced it can ever know. Believe me, they are in their own private hell. They do not need you to add fuel to the fires of hell.

Besides, who gave any of you the right to pass judgment on their parenting choices? I’m sure you’ve made parenting mistakes, too. We all have if we are honest. If you want to place blame, place it where it truly belongs; on James Holmes head.

We’re all scared and we all feel vulnerable. We’ve been violated. But it’s not bad parenting choices that put these victims in harm’s way, it was a deranged man with a gun.

I know we don’t like to think about it but this could just as easily happen in a church on Sunday morning or at a Wednesday morning showing of Madagascar. James Holmes is not living in reality and there is no rhyme or reason to his method of madness.

No one is safe from these kinds of incidents, no matter how much we try to find an answer. There is no explanation other than James Holmes is an animal and all the victims are just that – helpless, unwilling participants in his moment of complete madness.

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