Do Your Kids Open One Gift on Christmas Eve?

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Do Your Kids Open One Gift on Christmas Eve?

When I was younger, we never opened any gifts on Christmas Eve unless we were celebrating the holiday early with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We exchanged gifts with them, of course, but as far as the gifts under our own tree went, they didn’t even arrive until after we went to bed on Christmas Eve.

That’s what we do with my daughter now, too. The only gifts that are under the tree prior to Christmas morning are the ones we’re giving to other family members when we see them, either on Christmas or a few days after it.

I’ve always liked the idea of one gift on Christmas Eve, but felt like it was unnecessary since the gifts from Santa would be under the tree the next morning, totally trumping anything from boring mom and dad.

Plus a new toy or activity set on Christmas Eve night would just heighten the excitement and make it harder to sleep, and pajamas would be a letdown (boring mom and dad, remember?). If your children no longer believe in Santa or you never told them about Santa in the first place and the gifts are all right there, it could be hard for them to stop at just one gift.

I saw a post on The Imagination Tree that I really liked, though, and I’m tempted to give it a try this year. It’s a mystery box full of things to enjoy on Christmas Eve as a family, and there’s a time limit.

There are Christmas books and movies which have an end, unlike playtime with a new toy, hot cocoa to drink while cuddled up with family in front of the TV, and even new pajamas to sleep in when the movie’s over and it’s time to go upstairs to read a book or two.

I also like that it’s a gift for everyone to share, not a huge production of opened gifts, complete with half a roll of wrapping paper tossed to the floor. If it’s a gift that enhances the family time during the holidays, I think I’m all for it.

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