Consider a Cape Instead of a Coat

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Consider a Cape Instead of a Coat

You’re already a superwoman, so why not wear a cape so others can see it? Capes have been showing up everywhere as a cute and less expected alternative to a regular jacket or light coat.

I really enjoy wearing them because I feel a little more dressed up in them than I do in my regular peacoat. Capes aren’t always the most practical option, especially during the coldest days of winter, but they’re fun to have around for those occasions when you just want something a little different.

The Halogen Asymmetrical Cape is a good alternative to the black peacoat you may have in your closet.

For something fancier (and with sleeves!), but probably not quite as warm, there’s the Halogen Faux Fur Trim Cape, available in several colors. Is it just me, or could you guys imagine this cape showing up on Once Upon a Time? It’s kind of romantic and almost whimsical.

When you’re styling a cape, just remember that all the volume on top will need to be balanced by more form-fitting items like a pencil skirt or skinny jeans. Skip the sneakers and choose something dressier, whether it’s a pair of ballet flats or a pair of boots with heels.

The only challenge to rocking the cape is if you have kids you still frequently need to pick up and carry around. It’s just not easy to do it without exposing too much of your midsection to the cold because, in most cases, your arms are under the swingy part of the cape.

Between that and the bulk of the material, this isn’t the best everyday choice for moms with little ones.

The design of this Michael Kors cape from Zappos kind of helps that a little bit, because you can just unzip smaller areas for your hands to reach out rather than lifting the bottom of the cape completely. Still, this one’s expensive ($450) and unless your movements are very small, I could see this one riding up in the back, too.

What do you think? Would you wear a cape?

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  • Mom Meets Blog

    I love capes; I’ve been wearing them for the past couple of years, especially if I’m just traveling from destination to car and back and won’t be in the actual elements for very long. It’s much more comfortable to drive around in and less bulky once you get to wherever you are going (movies, mall, etc.).

  • Tess Chandler

    I love the look of Faux
    Fur Coats
    , but I’m not such a fan of capes. I just bought a great new coat at Burlington Coat Factory and I love it. It cost $40 less than the department store had it for and I’m already wearing it everywhere.