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Bristol Palin Says This Pregnancy Is Planned

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Last week news that Bristol Palin is pregnant hit the Internet. The news gave birth to all kinds of stories. Some articles shined a light on the growth in the number of single 20-somethings getting pregnant, and some even suggested this baby is an argument for abortion.

However, Palin made it clear on her blog this past weekend that this baby was actually planned.

It’s so easy for those of us on the outside to jump to wrong conclusions because we fail to realize that she is no longer the 17-year-old who was pregnant back when her mom was running for vice-president. She is now 24, the mom of a 6-year-old son, she owns her own house and has held a job at the same doctor’s office for the past six years.

Palin has moved on in life. She was engaged to be married this past Memorial Day weekend, and if anything was “unplanned” it was that she and fiancé Dakota Meyer would call of the wedding a week before the big day. On her blog she said:

“I made a mistake, but it’s not the mistake all these giddy a$$holes have loved to assume. This pregnancy was actually planned. Everyone knows I wanted more kids, to have a bigger family. Believing I was heading that way, I got ahead of myself. Things didn’t go as planned, but life keeps going. Life moves on.”

She went on to say she doesn’t regret this baby and that she is looking forward to being a mom to a second child and that “Tripp is going to make the best big brother!”

At the same time, she knows it won’t be easy. In an earlier post she admitted she has been trying to keep her chin up, because she knew she would be a “huge disappointment” to her family.

Plus, when she realized she was pregnant she knew she would “be completely crucified” in the media because unlike most 24-year-old single moms who broke up with their fiancé a week before the wedding, she is the daughter of a controversial politician.

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Sandra Bullock’s Son Doesn’t Know She’s an Actress

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Sandra Bullock became a mom back in 2010. It was a time of big transitions in her life. She and her then husband Jesse James were in the process of adopting. They brought a new born baby boy home to live with them in January but kept it quiet.

Then the ground fell out from under her when she learned her husband had been unfaithful. They separated and divorced, and Bullock decided to move forward with the adoption as a single mom. She named him Louis Bardo Bullock, a name inspired by the great Louis Armstrong.

Today one of Bullock’s goals for her 5 year old is that he grows up like any other kid and as part of that, she hasn’t told him that she’s an actress. For now, she hopes to keep her Oscar-winning career a secret just a little longer, but she’s aware that will all change in a heartbeat one day.

In an interview on a UK TV show, Lorraine, she said,”I don’t want him to like what I do. I want him to be embarrassed by me. Do you know what I mean? I do. Because that’s what you do, you don’t think of your parents as anything they do is cool, you just roll your eyes. I just want him to be like every other kid and go, ‘Oh she’s so irritating, she does nothing.’ Which is true, which if he says that he’s spot on. I want him to be innocent a little longer and not know this world is fake because he still thinks it’s real.”

Once Louis learns his mom is a movie star, she admits she won’t try to stop him if he decides he wants to be an actor, however she would hand down the same warnings her parents gave her when she announced that’s what she wanted to do.

They told her, “If you’re going to do it, do it 100 percent and you might need a second job, do it for the passion and love it, don’t do it for anything else.”

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Simon Cowell Loves Being a Dad

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Back when social media was all abuzz about Simon Cowell’s “love child”, I have to admit I wondered how he would react to the reality of being a dad.

Now a little more than a year after the birth of his son, Eric Philip Cowell, he admits he loves being a dad and is entertaining the idea of expanding his family.

Cowell and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman welcomed their son into the world in the spring of 2014, and instantly a softer side of the music mogul began to surface.

Cowell is known for being rather rude, arrogant, and even somewhat self-serving, but I think fatherhood has allowed us to see that he is really more than that deep down.

I remember when his son was born that he admitted he had gotten to the point that he never thought he would have a child of his own. Now he and Silverman are talking about more children.

He told the Mirror “Myself and Lauren want to have more children of our own but we could adopt as well. I wouldn’t rule out it happening. It’s a good idea.”

At this time there is speculation that 55-year-old Cowell and his girlfriend have been shopping for engagement rings.

An article in the British Sun-Times, reported the couple has been seen looking at pricey diamond rings in a couple of major jewelry stores. The paper also reported sources close to the couple are “convinced” engagement is inevitable and that “he’s madly in love with her.”

The article set the Twitterverse and other social media into a frenzy. Reactions were mixed. Some fans are thrilled while others are crushed at the thought of Cowell making a commitment because it takes him off the market.

Whether or not any of this is true remains to be seen. Simon Cowell’s rep gave a “no comment” response when asked whether or not Cowell was tying the knot.

However, if they are talking about extending their family, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see a ring on Silverman’s finger fairly soon.

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Michael Douglas Joined by Family on Red Carpet

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Michael Douglas, 70, was honored with the one million dollar Genesis Award in Jerusalem on Thursday, June 18. His wife of 14 years, Catherine Zeta Jones (45) and daughter, 12-year-old Carys (rhymes with Paris) and 14-year-old son Dylan joined him on the red carpet.

It was good to see them reunited as a family after their separation, something the Ant-Man actor discussed when asked about it by the AP. He said, “That’s a while ago, at least a couple of years ago. Catherine is wonderful, kids are here, we’re having a fantastic time, life is good.”

Last April, he had admitted that working together was how they made it through the tough times.

“If both of you are willing, you know, to do it. It can’t be a one-way street. But I’m crazy about her, and yeah, I think every couple has their difficult times.” – Michael Douglas

As for the red-carpet walk with his family by his side, he said, “Well, Carys and Dylan are sure making us feel super old today!” Something most of us parents can relate to as our kids grow up.

Catherine looked elegant in a two-tone black and nude floor-length gown, with her hair cascading in dark curls. Douglas wore a black tuxedo paired with a plumb-color tie.

When he accepted the award he talked directly to his family from the podium saying, “Most of all I want to thank Catherine, Dylan and Carys. Seeing them here tonight means so much to me. They inspire me. They challenge me. They know that no husband or father could love them more.”

The emotion choking his voice touched my heart. He even had to pause to clear his through and start over.

With the premiere of Marvel’s Ant-Man movie in July in which Douglas plays the character Hank Pym, there’s a chance we’ll see the family walk the red carpet together again in July. Time will tell.

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Link Round-up: Fashion Inspiration, Recipe Ideas, Movie Night, and More

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Today’s link round-up has recipe ideas, fashion inspiration, ideas for movie night, and more.

A Beautiful Mess inspired us with eight outfits from eight pieces of clothing.

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Cupcakes and Cashmere taught us how to make simple summer stationery.

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Behind the Scenes Reality of Married at First Sight

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I’m not a fan of many reality shows, and when A & E came up with the Married at First Sight show and promoted it as a “groundbreaking social experiment” in which six people choose to get married within a couple of weeks of meeting I wondered how they’d get anyone willing to participate.

I mean, who in their right mind would essentially agree to marry a stranger in our culture? Didn’t that go out with mail order brides?

While I don’t understand the motivation, the fact that the show has just finished up its second season and that their website has posted an ad saying more Married at First Sight singles are wanted tells me they have an audience and people willing to be guinea pigs in their experiment.

Of the three couples married during the first season of the show, two are still married. That’s better odds than the national average!

But now that the second season has just wrapped up, it looks like season two may not be as successful, because only two couples decided to stay married, and now one of them, Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro are duking it out on social media.


During the show, the couple had their share of problems and argued a lot, but they worked out their troubles. Or so it seemed. This past weekend painted another picture when De Nino posted a photo of a restraining order Castro had taken out against him on Instagram.

Along with the restraining order pic, he posted a response implying it was just an attack by Castro on his character.

“Bash me all you want, say whatever it is about me just remember this board don’t break for nada. Why I posted this will be thoroughly explained when the times right. #CheckMate.”

Castro couldn’t leave that unanswered, and posted her own cryptic message saying, “There’s no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

What’s behind all of this drama? Plenty of speculation for sure. Some rumors say De Nino walked out of the taping of the show’s reunion episode because Castro was allegedly accusing him of drug use.

According to a statement put out by Kinetic Content, the company that produces the show, they “don’t know all the details and can’t comment on the specifics. What we can say is that unfortunately, couples on the show can go through real divorces, and divorce can often be difficult.”

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Real Life Stepford Wives Get Performance Bonus

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Have you heard about this concept of a “wife bonus?” If you haven’t heard of it, you probably haven’t heard of “intensive mothering” either.

A wife bonus is something that is agreed upon and set up in a pre-nup or post nup. It is a “bonus” a stay-at-home mom/wife receives based not on how well her husband’s fund performed, but on her performance in her job as a stay at home mom and wife.

I read about this in an op-ed piece in the New York Times. At first I questioned whether or not it is a real thing because it seemed like such an agreement was a business deal that belongs in the pages of fictional horror rather than a marriage relationship.

According to the article, these moms work at what is being called “intensive mothering” which requires “exhaustively enriching their children’s lives by virtually every measure.”

What that means is different than what many of us moms would think. It requires social jockeying and more. It also deals with how they care for themselves. No mom jeans, no putting their hair up in a convenient knot. They dress in expensive clothes and they work at looking decades younger than they are.

I don’t know about you but this sounds very Stepford-wife-like to me. These women are “mostly 30 somethings and had had advanced degrees from prestigious universities and business schools.” They don’t work outside the house and they are married to rich, powerful men. Many of them have 3 to 4 kids under the age of 10.

I’m fine with that if that’s what they want, but the hoops they have to be jumping through to get the agreed-to bonus is kind of creepy don’t you think?

I’d love to hear what others out there think of this. Like what if their husband happens to judge that they didn’t do well enough to earn the bonus?

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Link Round-up: Colorblocked Coasters, Watermelon Pops, a Leather Phone Case, and More

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Today’s link round-up has colorblocked coasters, watermelon pops, a leather phone case craft, and more.

The Gracious Wife taught us how to make watermelon pops.

DIY Inspired made a Mod Podge leather phone case, and it looks like a great gift idea!

Spaceships and Laser Beams shared ideas for putting together a hockey-themed birthday party.

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Tone It Up just started up another eight-week bikini challenge that will keep you motivated and energized.

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New Pictures of Prince George and Princess Charlotte

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A little more than a month ago, on May 2, only hours after giving birth, Kate Middleton stepped into the public spotlight with her new baby girl, Princess Charlotte.

The little one made her brief debut on the steps of St. Mary’s Hospital in London with Mum and Dad. We all oohed and ahhhed over how great Kate looked, the buttercup shift she wore, and were caught up in the details surrounding the little royal wrapped in a white blanket and donning a white bonnet.

Then they went back into the hospital, came out shortly thereafter carrying the baby in her car seat. They climbed into their vehicle and left, and that was the last we’ve seen of them since. Until this past weekend.

This past Saturday, Kate Middleton and Prince William released four photos of the royal offspring. If you didn’t know, one of Kate’s pastimes includes photography, and the pictures were actually taken by her.

They feature Prince George wearing a white shirt with blue trim and blue shorts complemented by matching knee socks. He looks ever so the little English gentleman holding his younger sister, Charlotte. She was dressed in a white one-peace.

Of the four photos release, by favorite is the one where George is kissing his little sister. Just adorable!

Prince George and Baby Charlotte

Prince George and Baby Charlotte

The pictures were taken in mid-May at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, England, their English country home which is 115 miles from Kensington Palace. Kate and William retreated there when Charlotte was 11 days old.

The pictures Kate took do not disappoint, but some people were hoping to see a pic including all four family members. For now we can all be happy they are willing to share a glimpse of the children.

If I stop and put myself in their shoes and realize Charlotte is just over one month old, I’d want a little more time before I immortalize myself in a post-baby picture. Especially the way the media can pick everything apart and point to things like dark circles from lack of sleep.

Yes, they are royals, but they are human, too. Be thankful they shared pictures, and give them the space to be a “proper family.” That’s all they are asking for.

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