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Carrie Underwood Reposts Pic of Baby Isaiah with Shirtless Dad

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Motherhood seems to agree with Carrie Underwood. She reposted a picture of her hockey player hubby, Mike Fisher, and her son Isiah this week saying, “They have my heart.”

If you haven’t seen the picture, it is one worth seeing. It captures a shirtless Fisher with both he and the baby smiling those kinds of smiles that reach the eyes.

Fisher first shared the selfie photo of him in bed with their little guy on his Instagram page saying “Me and my little man #lifeisgood.” It is a keepsake kind of photo just like the one Underwood shared of Isaiah holding a hockey stick back when he was two months old with the caption, “The Predators are in the playoffs! Just waiting to get called up! #PutMeInCoah.”

Isaiah is the first child for Fisher and Underwood, who were married back in 2010. The baby arrived on February 27, and Underwood has shown clearly that she couldn’t be happier to be a mom.

A couple of weeks after he was born, on March 10, Underwood’s 32 birthday, she tweeted, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! My 1st present = late night date with a tiny semi-bald chubby dude who likes to grunt & cry & pass gas! #bestgiftever.”

And really, Fisher shows the same kind of enthusiasm in the role of parent and I’m glad their sharing glimpses of it all with we the fans.

My kids were born before Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but I’m thinking there has to be a way to manufacture a baby book using all these platforms to create memories that can be passed down in a new unique way that captures the real-time kind of things people say and think when their kids are little…the kinds of things that fade over time and leave us with just the highlights.

Anyone know of such a thing?

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Link Round-up: Small but Effective Home Makeovers, a Patriotic Wreath, DIY Jewelry, and More

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Today’s link round-up has DIY home makeovers that are easy but powerful, a patriotic wreath, DIY cracked marble nail polish jewelry, and more.

A Beautiful Mess showed us 10 easy makeovers for your home that have a powerful effect.

Kleinworth & Co. shared a recipe for a blackberry fauxjito.

Craft Klatch showed us how to make cracked marble nail polish jewelry.

link ru patriotic wreath

Kenarry showed us how to make a burlap red, white, and blue wreath.

The Gracious Wife shared the 10 best marriage books.

Makeup and Beauty Blog reviewed The Body Shop’s matte kajals in white and black.

Scary Mommy talked about parenting from the couch.

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Two Sisters United After Decades when They Take the Same Class

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Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. Such is the story of two sisters who made the news after they found themselves, by chance, in the same creative writing class.

The two women, Lizzie Valverde, 35, and her sister Katy Olson, 34, had been adopted and raised in separate families. Valverde lived in New Jersey, and Olson grew up mostly in Florida and Iowa.

So what are the chances that decades later the two would be enrolled in the same creative writing class at Columbia University in their 30s?

They enrolled at the college a few years ago, and there their lives crossed paths in January 2013. The teacher had the class take part in a popular exercise with students making introductions around the table.

The two sisters were sitting across from each other on that first day of class and it didn’t take long to realize the two of them shared a very similar background that included a troubled mother in Florida who gave her daughter’s up for adoption.

After class, Valverde asked Olson a ton of questions thinking somehow she might know her younger sister. Olson said, “I don’t know your sister, but I think I am your sister.” And she was right.

This story is like a novel writing itself and this time it has a storybook ending. It’s the story that not only reunited the two sisters but they have plans to meet their birth mother, too. It will be the first time Katy has ever met her mother who gave her up without seeing her.

The two sisters were drawn to Columbia to learn the finer points of storytelling, and now they have an intertwined story tell. One of those stories that sounds unbelievable but is true.

Valverde graduates this coming week with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from the university’s School of General Studies, while her sister graduated last year with a degree in creative writing and is not pursing a master’s degree.

Photo credits: Fatih Medya

Noah Galloway Proposes and DWTS Host Makes a Face

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If you’re a fan of Dancing With the Stars you probably saw contestant Noah Galloway pop the big question to his girlfriend Jamie Boyd. Galloway is a semifinalist on the show, and one I’m rooting for.

If you don’t watch the show, Galloway is an army vet who lost his arm and one of his legs, and he has amazed me with his fortitude and desire to push beyond his injuries. And boy has he done that!

Anyway, the last four couples all did fantastic on Monday, and he decided to propose to his girlfriend that night. I was thinking he knows the reality of the odds of being sent home when there are only four couples left and you’re the couple with the lowest combined scores.

Host Erin Andrews’ was standing in the middle holding the microphone when Galloway got down on one knee. She hadn’t been told that the proposal was going to happen. The look on her face wasn’t shock, it was more of an eye roll kind of look, and it drew all kinds of emotional responses on Twitter.

Now most of us know an eye roll when we see it, and we usually know what it means, too. However, Andrews defended her reaction and tweeted, “Sorry my ugly cry face made its debut.” In other words it’s how she tried to cover up the fact that she was ready to cry.

I’m going to cut her a break and buy her answer, because it could be the truth. No one wants to cry on TV. Maybe this is how she holds the tears back. Think of how many people fan their face with their hand when they feel the happy cry coming on.

We all have our little tricks to try and not embarrass ourselves by crying in front of other people, and Andrews is a professional. The news caught her unaware and she handled it the best she could. She didn’t want to bawl on camera.

What do you think? Was it a cry face or an eye roll?

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Link Round-up: Recipes, Detox for Bladder Health, Connect with Your Partner, and More

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Today’s link round-up has recipes, a detox for bladder health, ways to connect with your partner, and more.

Confessions of an Overworked Mom shared information about a cranberry juice detox water for bladder health.

Cupcakes and Cashmere shared the beauty advice she has for her daughter.

Idealist Mom offered a few ways to connect with your partner.

link ru spring roll salad

A Beautiful Mess shared a recipe for a spring roll salad with spicy peanut dressing.

Mind Body Green shared why facials and massages aren’t just for pampering yourself.

The Spring Mount 6 Pack told us how to treat bee stings.

Peas and Crayons shared a recipe for cheesy chicken and broccoli stuffed peppers.

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Are Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec Moving In Together?

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While Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec and his partner Kym Johnson were eliminated from this season’s Dancing with the Stars, it turns out they have found something more lasting than the Mirror Ball trophy.

The two fell in love during the show and while the two of them stayed pretty tight-lipped about their budding relationship, on their last episode, viewers did get to witness 51-year-old Robert whispering “I love you” to 38-year-old Kym during rehearsal. And we all let out a collective, “Awww.”

While the Internet was abuzz with rumors of their romance, Robert avoided the question when DWTS host Tom Bergeron asked him about it. Bergon had eased into the topic saying, “I’ve known Kym, we’ve been friends for years, and Robert, you may not have won the Mirror Ball trophy but I’m suspecting you’ve won someone’s heart.”

Robert sidestepped the question by joking, which I noticed he did quite a bit. He said, “Tom, I’m not sure I feel that way about you.”

I can understand not wanting to talk about your new relationship, especially when coming off a fresh divorce. He had just confirmed that he had split from his wife of 24 years in March. It was a very difficult breakup for him and he even admitted to People magazine that at that time he “just wanted to end it.”

In March, he told ET Canada, that the timing for his gig on DWTS along side Kym was great timing. “This couldn’t come at a better time in my life for me, right?” Then he went on to joke about their relationship saying, “You know, I’m just trying to stay positive and Kym’s yelling at me a lot, so that’s a little negative, but I’m getting used to it.”

After they were eliminated, Robert, seemly to joke again, asked Kym, “Do you have a big house? Can I move in?” Now people are wondering if the two are moving in together. I’m thinking he was joking again as a way to distract the public’s attention, but still introduce the idea to Kym. Time will tell what they decide.

For now, the couple is experiencing life beyond DWTS. Whether they move in together or not is their business. After all, it’s their relationship. DWTS fans can be thankful they were in on the beginnings of such a relationship. That’s rather rare on reality TV.

I wish them all the best. Who knows, maybe someday they’ll visit DWTS for their wedding dance.

Photo credits: Dancing with the Stars

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Having Another Baby

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News that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are expecting another child took me a little by surprise. But I guess it took them a by surprise too.

They admitted, “This isn’t something that was planned,” according to a source who also said the couple believes the baby is the “fresh start” they need. Last season, Dean had admitted he had cheated on Tori, and that is a hard thing for a relationship to grow past.

After that, a fresh start would be nice, however, whether or not another baby equates to a fresh start remains to be seen. Tori will be 42 this month and Dean is 49. As of right now, the couple’s TV show True, Tori, won’t be coming back with Dean if it comes back at all.

Dean admits he is ready to move on and hopes to “try to get things a little more private again.” He says he’ll never put his marriage on TV like that again, and personally, he feels the show hurt him in that people don’t take him seriously as an actor anymore.

So the couple won’t have the income from the TV show, and while Dean has a cookbook coming out, he won’t be returning as the host of Chopped Canada, either. While I would hope they have put aside money while things were good, adding another baby when you’re out of work can be a bit stressful. Especially when you already have four young kids.

Not only that, but in the recent past, Tori has also had some health issues including migraines and bouts of bronchitis which landed her in the hospital, so that has to be in the back of their minds.

However, word has it that Tori has left behind the detoxes and fad diets and is eating healthy trying to do the best she can to protect herself and her baby and to avoid another difficult pregnancy.

Both Tori and Dean say they are happy about having another child. Together they have four, and Dean also has a son from his previous marriage.

Like I said, I’m not sure another baby is what I would classify as a “fresh start” for their relationship, but I do hope all goes well with the pregnancy and for them as a couple and that they get hooked up to a steady income again.

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Jennifer Lawrence Says No Thanks to Date with Prince Harry

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According to a report in India Today, it seems that Britain’s Prince Harry was interested in “snagging a date” with Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence, but she politely declined.

It makes you stop and think about what it would be like to be famous and trying to find a date that wouldn’t look at you for your position, fame, wealth, etc. How would you meet someone?

According to a Life & Style magazine source Prince Harry used his aide as the go-between. “[Harry] made his aide invite her out to dinner and coupled with it an invite for her to see Kensington Palace.”

After she said no, there has been all kinds of speculation. Some say “she simply isn’t attracted to the Prince” or perhaps it’s just bad timing because she is seeing Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. I’m not sure how long those two have been dating, but they were seen last month eating at New York’s famous Tavern on the Green.

However, there is more to this relationship according to another source who says those two “see each other when they can, yet each continues to do their own thing” and “both have full plates, and like it that way.”

With that said, the 24-year-old actress could have said yes to Prince Harry’s invitation because her current relationship offers that freedom to do her own thing. I guess her thing was to politely say “no” even though she is known to love British accents. The reasons are her own, and I say give her some privacy.

While the media has been keeping Lawrence’s dating life in the headlines regularly, she had finally fallen under the radar until Prince Harry entered the picture.

Lawrence’s recent dating history includes a long-term relationship with her “X-Men” co-star Nicholas Hoult (Hank McCoy/Beast) and now she is seeing Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and there is even a rumor that she might be currently going out with another Englishman – but as far as we all know, he is not a Prince.

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Divorced Women at Higher Risk for Heart Attack

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Does divorce increase a woman’s risk for heart attack? According to a recent study published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality Outcomes, clearly says that results of the study don’t prove divorce causes heart attacks, but Duke University researchers did find those who were divorced did have a greater heart attack risk than those who remained married.

This study followed almost 16,000 U.S. adults aged 45 to 80 (men and women) for more than two decades. At the start of the study, all the participants were either married, widowed, or had gone through at least one divorce.

Results revealed women who divorced were at higher risk and even those who remarried were still 35 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack that those who stayed with their first husband. I have to say, I know some women who would say they’d rather have a heart attack that do that.

During the study period, 8 percent of the participants suffered a heart attack, with the risk higher among those who had divorced compared to those who stayed married.

Among the women, those who had divorced once were one-fourth more likely to have a heart attack, and those who had experienced multiple divorces were at 77 percent higher risk of heart attack.

Experts are saying that there could be other reasons contributing to these numbers. For instance the stress involved both financially and emotionally associated with divorce. For example, financial problems can lead to unhealthier diets and less wellness checkups, and the loss of friends and social support that can result when divorced creates more stress.

The findings also showed that depression symptoms seemed to partly account for the connection between divorce and heart attack in women. The lead researcher, Matthew Dupre, an associate profession of community and family medicine at Duke University, in Durham, NC said, “[…] divorced women — particularly those who go through multiple divorces — may benefit from additional screening or treatment for depression.”

For the men in this study, divorce seemed to have less impact, but the heart attack risk did go up by 30 percent among the men who had divorced at least twice, but when men remarried, that increased risk vanished.

Dupre admits, “we lacked information on several potentially important factors that we suspect may have contributed to the risks related to divorce.” However, it still raises questions of why women are more affected than men in this way.

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