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Looks Don’t Always Matter According to Science

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What attracts you to someone? Is it their eyes? Physique? Their sense of humor? While many of us think physical attributes are a big part of the draw, it turns out that a new study finds that looks don’t play the important role we might think they do.

This study looked at 167 couples who had been together from 3 months to 38 years. Researchers evaluated each participant’s attractiveness using scientific rating scales and compared the results with their significant others’.

Results showed couples who hooked up right after they met matched in attractiveness, while couples who took their time and were happy to be “friends” who went on casual dates before making the move to a more serious relationship were more mismatched in terms of looks.

The study revealed that our perception of attractiveness actually changes once we get to know someone.

“Having more time to get acquainted may allow other factors, such as another person’s compatibility as a relationship partner, to make that person appealing in ways that outshine more easily observable characteristics such as physical attractiveness.” — Lucy Hunt, a researcher at the University of Texas.

I know this is a new study, but I’m not sure this isn’t something we’ve known all along. I mean think back to Jack Black in the 2001 movie Shallow Hal, in which a shallow man falls in love with a 300 pound woman because of her “inner beauty”. If you haven’t seen it, it’s one to look up on Netflix!

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and the longer we know someone, the more attractive (or unattractive) they can become, because when you spend time with someone you get to know them from the inside out.

The idiom we’ve used for centuries to describe this phenomenon is: “You kind of grew on me.” It dates back to the 1700s.

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Hormonal Kelly Clarkson Announces “I’m Totally Pregnant”

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Singer Kelly Clarkson made a surprise announcement during her show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on August 19 – that’s she’s “totally pregnant.

It wasn’t just a surprise to her fans. From my understanding, her husband didn’t know yet either. For this reason the “Since U Been Gone” singer hadn’t planned on letting the audience in on her news just yet. But her hormones got the best of her and she broke down while introducing her song “Piece by Piece” – a song about her relationship with her dad.

She didn’t want to the crowd to think she was crazy and so she blurted out, “I’m totally pregnant again.” The crowd cheered long and hard.

She stood on the stage with a great big smile wearing a sparkly black dress, and after things calmed down a bit, she said, “That was not planned. I just didn’t want you to think I was crazy. Honestly I’m just hormonal today. Nothing’s wrong I’m OK. I haven’t vomited yet!”

I’ve always enjoyed how “real” Clarkson is on and off the stage. She is one of those what-you-see-is-what-you-get personalities and she loves being a mom to her daughter River Rose who was born in July of 2014, and stepchildren, Seth and Savannah.

Like fellow American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, Clarkson travels with her baby and supportive husband at her side. This will be Clarkson’s second child with husband Brandon Blackstock, who she married in October of 2013.

After making the unexpected announcement, she later apologized to her hubby for breaking the news to thousands of people before revealing the exciting news to their extended family.

While it wasn’t expected, it sure will be memorable and one of those pregnancy stories that is sure to follow baby number two throughout life.

Congratulations to Kelly, Brandon, and the rest of the family.

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Veteran Fights to Regain Custody After Being Deployed

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Amanda Hurst, mom of two, left her children in the care of her stepmother back in 2009 when she joined the Army and was deployed overseas for four years.

She served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and when she returned home, she learned she had a new battle to fight – one to get custody of her own children.

When Hurst went into the service, she was still married to her second husband who is also the father of her children. They lived together at her first duty station, until she was deployed to Iraq in 2009.

While she was in Iraq, she was notified about a “family situation” that involved her husband and she returned home on emergency leave. Her husband was deemed unstable, was in and out of jail, and she had two weeks to decide who would be responsible for her children while she finished her deployment.

At the time, her best option seemed to be to let the kids remain in the temporary care of her stepmom before returning to Iraq. However, while in Iraq she learned she would be redeployed to Afghanistan within the year.

As a single mom, she decided to stay in the military because it was a way to provide for her kids who stayed with her stepmom for the whole time “because they needed stability.”

Then the unthinkable happened between that time and Hurst’s return home in 2013.

Her stepmom became estranged from some family members. She moved to New Jersey and took the children with her without legal permission. There, they were found to need emergency mental-health services due to extreme behavioral issues and they ended up in foster care where they remain today.

Hurst’s children are now ages 13 and 14. The Florida military veteran told her local news that she wants her kids back. “I want to be with my kids. I’ve missed so much of their lives serving my country that I don’t want to miss any more.”

Judges in both Florida and New Jersey agree that the kids should be with their mom, but like everything government, it seems bureaucracy overrules common sense as everyone waits for the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) to agree to provide the same type of services the kids are receiving in New Jersey. But instead of agreeing to the services, Florida’s DCF has filed paperwork to challenge the ruling.

While all this goes on, Hurst is waiting to be reunited with her kids.

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Blake Shelton Shares Pic of His New Girl

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Just a month ago we received the shocking news. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were divorcing after four years of marriage.

The news was heartbreaking all the way around – for we the fans, for both of them, their friends and family, and of course the Country Music industry.

Since then rumors have kicked up all kinds of blame, but the fact remains the two country music stars are doing their best to move on.

One way Shelton is coping with it all is his sense of humor. For example, this past week, the Voice Coach posted a photo of his “girl” on Twitter.

Before you jump to conclusions, it’s important to know the “girl” is a cute puppy licking his face. Along with the photo he tweeted, “Getting a little tongue action from my girl.”

On the other side of the broken relationship, Lambert also posted a pic of her first date since the breakup. This was a “friend date” and the pic was herself with the couple’s mutual friend Ashley Monroe.

As they try and move on they seem to be friendly toward each other, and that’s good, but part of me hopes for that fairytale ending where somehow they are able to let true love overcome the past…whatever that is.

No I’m not counting on it, after all that’s not the stuff country music is made of, but I can still wish it.

Back on July 24, just 4 days after announcing their divorce, Shelton stepped out with a baby stroller as he angled for paparazzi. They found him, too!

At the time he was asked if he had any regrets about the breakdown of his relationship. He said, “Yeah, man. I shoulda drank more today.” A rep for the singer explained to ET that he knew the paparazzi was there and that he was just being funny.

It turns out his ex did think his antics funny, for she tweeted a response to the pic saying, “I knew it…. You WERE pregnant! This calls for a drink!”

Still hard to believe the two of them aren’t a couple. It’s one of those breakups that will take some time to get used to.

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Are You Nagging or Trying to Get Things Done?

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Relationships aren’t easy. We hear all the time that they take work, but what kind of work? What many don’t realize is that it’s work one does from the inside out. The kind of work that challenges us to change habits that undermine our relationships.

According to a recent Fox News article the number one habit that brings marriage relationships down is nagging, and while people often make jokes about this behavior, experts suggest that it can be as potentially dangerous to a marriage relationship as adultery or financial problems.

This leads to a couple of questions: 1) are you nagging, and 2) how can you break the habit if you are?

To be clear, the definition for nagging is: constantly harassing someone to do something. The other half of this habit is that the other person repeatedly ignores what’s been said, and the result of this communication style is that both people become more and more annoyed.

The reason nagging is damaging is that it is a form of control. The one nagging wants to control the behavior of the one they are nagging.

For instance, if your spouse leaves their dirty socks on the floor next to the bed, instead of putting them in the hamper, nagging might start out with a simple statement like, “I’ll be doing laundry, make sure your socks in in the hamper.”

The problem is that if the socks don’t get picked up, it can become a source of irritation and evolve into a nagging battle.

This is where you have a choice to make. You can continue to nag and annoy your spouse, you can pick up the socks and put them in the hamper yourself, or you can let the socks pile up and ignore them.

None of these options are the best approach. Instead, try approaching your spouse when the laundry is in the washing machine. Let them know, “I’ve started the load. Did you need to put your socks in?”

This puts the choice in their court. If they want clean socks they’ll need to go in the washer. If they don’t, it is their choice. Don’t try to control them. Eventually they’ll want clean socks. If they are stubborn it might take some time.

My point is that small battles like whether socks are on the floor or in the hamper are not worth the cost of the relationship. Choose your battles wisely. Think about your approach and communication style to avoid nagging.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Tie the Knot in Secret Ceremony

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Jennifer Aniston (46) and Justin Theroux (43) first met on the stage of Tropic Thunder which he had co-written with Bed Stiller. The two of them started dating, and then connected again professionally in 2012 on the set of Wanderlust.

In August of that year, they were engaged, and since then there has been much speculation about when and where and sometimes if they would get married. Well the wait is over.

The August 6 edition of People magazine confirmed the news that the celebrity couple exchanged vows on the Wed. August 6, and they were able to keep the whole shindig a secret.

The ceremony took place at the couple’s Bel Air home with 70 family and friends in attendance. Guests were even surprised, because they thought they were coming to Theroux’s birthday party. (This is the same strategy used by Billy Joel in July when he pulled off a surprise wedding with his longtime girlfriend.)

Throughout their engagement the two stars couldn’t get through an interview without being asked when they would get married. Last year, during an interview on the red carpet of The Leftovers, Theroux responded to the question by saying, “You guys are in more of a rush than we are. We’re so happily engaged. We have hot feet, but we’re not going to let you guys know.” Needless to say, they pulled it off!

According to reports, wedding guests included Friends co stars, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox, along with Jimmy Kimmel, Howard Stern, Chelsea Handler and others.

A large wooden deck was constructed in the couple’s backyard. At one end a raised stage was set up with a bar at the opposite end flanked by seating that included cozy nooks as well as elegant seating arrangements.

The reason these surprise weddings work is that not even the guests know they are going to a wedding. I just wonder if there is anyone who declined to go to the birthday party who now regrets that they missed the big day!

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89-Year-Old Nana Bridesmaid for Granddaughter

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I’ve read stories of grandson’s asking their grandmother’s to prom, and find it touching to see such close generational relationships. But when I read about 89-year-old Nana Betty being asked to be a bridesmaid in her granddaughter Christine’s wedding, that was a first.

Christine and her grandmother are best friends, and she had to plead with her grandmother to join the bridal party about 10 times before her Nana finally agreed.

Christine told the Huffington Post, “The decision was easy given the strength of our relationship. Who doesn’t want her best friend standing beside her on her wedding day?”

For most weddings, grandmothers are ceremonially walked down the aisle by one of the ushers to a seat reserved for them at the front of the church.

Nana Betty walked the aisle, but she did it dressed in the same bridesmaid dresses as the rest of the women 60 years younger wore with a minor alteration. While the other bridesmaids choose a sleeveless, strapless, one shoulder style, Nana B decided to don a variation of the dress fashioned with sheer sleeves.

Not only did she look beautiful. Not only did she somewhat steal the show, now it’s turned out that her bridesmaid pictures are going viral.

According to Christine, her grandmother was the life and soul of the party. “She had the entire wedding party laughing with her words of wisdom and funny comments throughout the day.”

Nana even climbed aboard the party bus with the rest of the wedding party instead of going home, but didn’t tell her daughter (the bride’s mother).

At 89 she danced the entire night away, too, including a memorable moment when she danced with the groom’s grandmother. She told her granddaughter that she loved the day, and said, “You’re only as old as you feel and I feel young today.”

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Groom Sues Bride for Fraud When He Sees Her Without Makeup

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I remember fighting my parents for the privilege of wearing makeup. My dad finally caved when I was 16 and said I could wear rouge and lipstick.

Stunned doesn’t cover it. I said, “Rouge? I want to wear eye makeup and blush.” After the give and take, he agreed but warned me not to go too heavy. And that started it for me. The daily routine of “putting on my face.”

When I think back it is pretty sad that at 16 I thought I looked better with makeup, but I did. But the man I married saw me with and without it.

That’s the way of relationships. If you spend time together you’ll eventually see each other as you really are. At least I thought so until now!

Then I heard about the couple in Algeria who have decided to remain nameless. They married, and the morning following their wedding night the groom woke up beside his new wife, and horror of horrors she didn’t have on her makeup. And he didn’t like it to the point that he refused to believe it was the woman he married and thought she was a thief.

Finally she convinced him that she was the woman he loved, but I guess he didn’t take it well.

Now he is allegedly suing her for fraud and psychological suffering! One source told Emirates 24/7 that “he said he was deceived by her as she used to fill up her face with makeup before the marriage.”

He considered her before-marriage made-up face to be beautiful, but without makeup he didn’t even know it was her. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking he didn’t know her that well, or he is looking for an easy £13,000 for his “suffering.”

All I can think about is how she must feel!

Makeup is a way to enhance our looks, but it certainly isn’t who we are. I still wear makeup today, but not every day, and I do take it off each night.

How about you? Can you imagine the chances of marrying someone who has never seen you without your makeup?

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Treehouse Fit for a Prince

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Did you have a treehouse as a kid? We had a tree at the end of our street that we called our tree fort, but we just played within the branches, climbed high and swung from branch to branch to get back to the ground. We called it “taking the elevator.”

Tree forts and tree houses offer a special place to play for kids and Prince George is no different. Though at 2 years old it’s hard to imagine what the toddler needs to escape from since he lives life in grand style in the English countryside with his parents and baby sister.

The treehouse is actually a gift from the boy’s grandfather, Prince Charles. He decided to give his grandson his very own treehouse for his birthday, but it is no ordinary treehouse.

This particular tree house was originally built for Prince William and his brother Prince Harry back in 1989. At that time the treehouse was nicknamed Hollyrood House after the holly tree in which it was located. Now the holly tree is no longer there, the rope tree-swing is gone, and the trap door William and Harry enjoyed is gone, too.

The fixed-up version of the treehouse is now situated on the garden grounds at Prince Charles’s country estate, Highgrove, in a section called the Stumpery, after all the old tree stumps and logs in the area.

The refurbished treehouse looks like something Elvish with a pointed thatched roof and a leaf-shaped front door. What’s it like inside? It has a little bed, woodburner, and French oak wooden floors. Definitely not your average treehouse.

Grandpa Charles and little George have also planted a Balsam Poplar tree in the gardens within sight of the main house to create a lasting memory of their time together.

So while Price George is so young he won’t remember actually doing that, and doesn’t really spend much time with Prince Charles, it appears Charles is doing what he can to be part of his grandson’s life.

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