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Mom Goes on Strike to Gain Respect

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Did you hear about the woman in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who took her problems to the picket line with a sign reading, “Mom On Strike”?

The mom, Naasira Muhammad, decided she’d had enough of her children’s disrespect. She marched up and down her block holding the sign for the world to see. According to WFMY, her motivation was to teach her two teenage daughters to respect her.

She said, “My children have everything they could possibly want and need, but still they are disrespectful, they are rude. They think that I am the meanest mom in the world and they think that they can survive without me.”

Mom on Strike
This is a common problem in today’s affluence.

We give our kids all the things they want whenever we can afford it. Sometimes even when we can’t afford it. As a result, they learn to take it all for granted. They don’t learn a work ethic that brings with it gratitude for what they have.

But what can a mother do, once a foundation of selfishness and ingratitude are cemented in place? She’s letting them live without her, but she’s the one outside. That means they are still controlling her with their bad behavior.

Muhammad has tried all kinds of disciplinary solutions without success so she has decided to give them what they really want. She’s giving up on them. “This is the only solution I can think of other than getting rid of my children,” she said.

It all came to a head when they keyed their mom’s brand-new minivan for no reason. She walked out to the picket line.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference to the girls. An aunt did force them to make signs thanking their mom for her love and support, but being externally prodded like that means it’s not from their heart.

What they need to do is to take steps to make amends on their own…from the heart.

While it can seem hopeless, according experts like Richard Bromfield, PhD, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School and author of How to Unspoil Your Child Fast, and Dan Kindlon, PhD, a clinical and research psychologist at Harvard University and author of Too Much of a Good Thing: Raising Children of Character in an Indulgent Age, there is hope.

Broomfield suggests parents stop spoiling their children. It helps reduce the frustration for the parents and better prepares children to handle life’s unexpected turns. However, he admits this is a tough task for kids who have always gotten their way.

For parents, it has to be a wholehearted commitment that replaces empty threats with clear calm instructions. Don’t fall into the trap of over explaining. And when discipline is necessary, administer the proper consequences consistently.

Staying on track will be difficult at the beginning, but the results are worth the effort.

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Prince William Bored on Tropical Family Vacation? Really?

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Kate Middleton and hubby Prince William are currently in Mustique to celebrate Kate’s mother’s 60th birthday. This is the same place the royal couple visited with its white sands and sunshine for what was dubbed a “babymoon,” back when Prince George was just six months old, for some grownup time.

This time around, George is with them, along with Kate’s mum, Carole; her father, Michael Middleton; and her younger siblings, sister Pippa and brother James.

While it sounds like a lovely getaway, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that Prince William is bored and wishes he would have stayed back in London.

In fact, originally he wasn’t going on the extended family vacation, but something changed. According to the CDL, it was pressure from Kate, Queen Elizabeth, and the media that forced him to change his mind.

I think it was more the draw of warm sunshine and an escape from London’s winter. The couple is staying on the private island, along with their son, in a $25,000-a-week Balinese-style hilltop villa that features a 64-foot pool and a service staff of six people.

All I can say is that I wouldn’t mind being bored in that way. People to wait on you, a tropical setting on a private island, and all that. Another reason I don’t really believe the whole boredom report is that the same article is also trying to insinuate that Prince William would rather be home to party with his brother Prince Harry and to cheat on his pregnant wife with some of his ex-girlfriends.

Mustique has been a popular destination for the royals, and this is probably one of their last chances to travel before the new baby comes.

We have to remember, the Royals are real people. Having another baby will change their lives, though not in the same way that it would change mine, but I bet Prince William decided to go along because once the new baby comes, life will be turned on its ear for a while.

That’s what happens to all of us, royal or not when a new baby arrives.

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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Expecting

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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary, and now unconfirmed reports suggest the couple has something more to celebrate. According to these reports, Jessica Biel (32) and Justin Timberlake (33) are expecting their first child.

Back in August a source claimed the couple was trying for a baby and that Biel had told her hubby to see a fertility expert. And that “‘She has no problem using technology, if that’s what it will take to have a baby and stick this marriage out.’

Who knows if they went that route or not? The bottom line is that is seems they do have a baby on the way. An insider who spoke to Us Weekly said, “Right now they are just enjoying the news for themselves. They just want a happy baby.”

Even though the famous couple hasn’t confirmed the news, it hasn’t stopped the flood of rumors. In fact, according to one of the most recent, their first baby is a girl. Whether the baby is a girl or a boy, the jungle-themed nursery is a perfect choice for either with parents who love the outdoors.

Sources quoted in Life & Style say that Timberlake had wanted the baby’s gender to be a surprise, but according the same source, “Jessica is more practical and said it was silly to be surprised. She wants to be completely prepared.” When I saw that, I could only smile. No one is ever completely prepared for parenthood.

All this fuss about their first baby isn’t really new news. The rumors first surfaced last October when talk of a baby bump started when Biel was shopping with a friend at the American Party Store on Vine in West Hollywood.

Timberlake has reportedly said that he plans to make new music once the baby is born, that “He’s going to get his little girl a drum set and a guitar.”

I can certainly understand why they want to keep the baby news to themselves, but while the famous couple has done of good job of keeping things low-key, soon it will be impossible to hide that growing baby bump.

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5-Year-Old Gets a Bill for Missing Friend’s Party

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When my kids were young, birthday parties consisted mostly of family and a few friends. Once they started school, I still kept the parties small in nature.

When I saw a friend of mine working herself into a dither over birthday plans for her three-year-old, I was amazed to find she had 26 children invited to the party. I reminded her that most likely her daughter wouldn’t even remember the party, and that she would be better off inviting a few of her good friends to share in cake, ice cream, and blowing out the candles.

She was horrified at the suggestion while I was horrified at the time, expense, and frazzled nerves she was willing to endure.

Since then I’ve found elaborate birthday parties are becoming more and more the norm. And with the added panache comes extra expense. Makes one wonder how parents pay for such celebrations.

One family in the UK is trying to recoup some of their money by charging a preschooler for failing to RSVP to their son’s party.

There’s so much wrong with this that is sounds like a work of fiction, doesn’t it? The parents of the 5 year old who missed the party admitted they were shocked when he received a bill for missing his classmate’s party.

The boy’s father told BBC News that “It was an invoice for a ‘child no-show’ fee for the party… and it was a proper invoice with full official details, even her bank details, and e-mail address, and name.”

The father talked to his son’s teacher about the outlandish invoice but didn’t find any help there. So he went to the home of the woman who sent the bill and confronted her.

He let her know he had found the invoice for £15.95 ($24.14) in his son’s backpack and wasn’t happy about it. In his anger, he let her know she wouldn’t get a penny of it. Now they are being threatened with legal action through small claims court for refusing to pay.

While it may be poor etiquette not to respond to an invitation, sending a bill for a no show is absolutely absurd for a preschool birthday party. In the “old days,” a parent would have picked up the phone and made a call to see if the child was coming or not because they would have known the family.

Remember when you weren’t allowed to go to someone’s house if your parents didn’t know their family? Maybe if we limited parties to children we really know, it would eliminate such problems as these.

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Father in Trouble for Easing 2-Year-Old’s Pain with Cannabis Oil

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Adam Koessler is a single dad of 2-year-old daughter, Rumer Rose. He recently received the kind of news every parent dreads.

His little girl was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma; the most common type of cancer to hit infants. Koessler describes it as an “aggressive cancer stemming from her adrenal glands.”

She started chemo, and Koessler who still lives in Australia where medical marijuana is illegal, started supplementing those treatments with doses of cannabis oil to ease her suffering.

He saw “amazing” results, but on Jan. 2 he was arrested for possessing dangerous drugs and for supplying them to a minor.

For now, Koessler is out on bail, but he is due back in court on Friday, Jan. 23. In the meantime, his case has turned into a hot button issue. Thousands around the world have signed online petitions with 114,000 supporters on alone. Some have even raised money to support the single dad through GoFundMe.

One supporter writes, “If the law states that this man cannot give his terminally ill… daughter something that improves her quality of life, then the law needs to be changed. The fact that this man has had his parental rights taken away by an ignorant legal system that has absolutely no right to do so absolutely disgusts me.”

Rumer was diagnosed with her stage 4 neuroblastoma just before Christmas. The doctors have recommended 12 months of chemo, and the money being donated is for his daughter’s care.

While Koessler and Rumer’s mother are not a couple, together, they began a complementary therary of naturopathic medicine along with gluten-free meals and medical-grade cannabis oil.

They chose the cannabis oil because it has been used around the world with varying success rates for a variety of ailments from ulcers, to migraines, cancer and epilepsy. And that is nothing new. Here in the U.S., it used to be in most tinctures in the early 1900s.

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Link Round-up: Cold Remedy, DIY Earring Organizer, Beauty Products, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a cold remedy, earring organizer, beauty products, and more.

I Heart Naptime shared a recipe for buckeye brownies.

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Tales of Me showed us how to make an earring organizer.

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Cameron Diaz Ties the Knot for First Time

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A couple of years ago, Cameron Diaz told the U.K.’s Esquire magazine, that she was still open to the idea of finding a husband, but that she was content with her life at the time. It left people asking whether she was the marrying type.

Now the answer to that question is clear. It’s “yes.” She’s found the right man in Madden Brothers guitarist-singer Benji Madden. The two of them tied the knot at an intimate ceremony at Cameron’s Beverly Hills home. It’s the first marriage for both Camron 42 and Benji 35.

The happy couple started dating in May and were engaged just before Christmas. Cameron told PEOPLE that “Getting married is the next step when you are totally in love and comfortable with someone.”

Cameron Diaz and her husband both dated a lot of high-profile people before they found each other. Among Diaz’s exes are Justin Timberlak, Matt Killon, and Jared Leto, while Madden’s former loves include Paris Hilton, Holly Madison, and Eliza Doolittle. He was even engaged to Sophie Monk but the two of them never made it down the aisle.

Cameron and Benji exchanged vows on Monday, evening, January 5, surrounded by friends including Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samantha Ronson and others.

Benji’s twin brother Joel and his wife Nicole Richie were also there with their son Sparrow who was the ring bearer. Bridesmaids included Drew Barrymore, Cameron’s older sister, Chimene, and her assistant Jesse Lutz.

While the wedding was small and intimate by Hollywood’s standards, it was still a “crafted ceremony” put on by wedding planners Yifat Oren and Stefanie Cove, who used the Velvet Garden flowers for the event.

Trucks started showing up on Monday morning and a huge tent was put up on Cameron’s property for the ceremony and reception. That evening was a magical moment amid white flowers and a lot of candles, and close friends and family.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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No Pity Party for this Jilted Bride

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So much goes into planning a wedding. It’s not just the time and the money, but the emotional investment. As little girls, it’s a day many of us dream about. It’s the day we get to wear the pretty dress. It’s the day we marry our “prince charming.”

But for a Tennessee woman by the name of Shelby Swink, things didn’t turn out that way when her fiancé left her just five days before the wedding.

At first she was in shock as she frantically tried to cancel the big event. She had to call guests and cancel services. I can only imagine trying to tell guests the wedding was off and fielding questions of what happened.

It would certainly be enough to put most of us in a deep funk, but when Swink talked with her wedding photographer and she suggested maybe doing a “trash the dress” photo shoot with friends and family, the idea gave her a new focus. She said, “I knew that a pity party was the farthest thing from what I wanted or needed.”

So on the day that should have marked the beginning of her life as a married woman, she and her bridesmaids donned their dresses. According to the Huffington Post, when her friend Carol threw paint on her wedding dress and it splashed all over her she “suddenly realized that the dress didn’t matter. It was merely a material item.”

The trash the dress celebration turned into a freeing experience. Swink felt more and more free with each flick of paint. She let go of all the negative feelings. “I felt free of sadness, free of disappointment, free of anger. I let all of that go and let happiness take over.”

Swick had expected Nov. 1 to be a day of happiness surrounded by loved ones, and that’s exactly what it turned out to be. Even her parents, who had spent a lot of money on that dress, were 100 percent behind her because it was their daughter’s happiness that mattered most.

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Link Round-up: DIY Projects, a Workout, and More

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