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The Battle Surrounding Female Viagra

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Men have had Viagra for decades. The “little blue pill” increases blood flow to the area they are often accused of thinking with. During all those years, women who have lost the desire for sex haven’t had the same type of option.

Sprout Pharmaceuticals has been working to fix that, with a drug they are calling flibanserin, but so far the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has turned down their experimental drug twice citing that it has not been proven safe or effective.

With their last rejection, the FDA scientist requested data regarding the pill’s effect on driving ability because side effects include fatigue, dizziness, and nausea.

After heavily lobbying for the pill, which is designed to boost female libido, the drugmaker is once again submitting it to the federal health regulators.

Sprout said it is refiling with the requested information regarding the side effect of sleepiness reported by almost 10 percent of the women who participated in company trials.

Up until now the FDA didn’t really feel the benefits outweigh the risks and they had questions about how the drug would interact with other drugs.

The difference with this pill compared to the blue version for men, is that the pink pill is designed to affect a woman’s brain, not blood flow, and would be the first treatment of its kind for this problem. When a woman loses her sex drive, it can take its toll on her relationship with the man in her life.

In an effort to break through the regulatory red tape, groups sponsored by Sprout and other drugmakers have started publicizing the lack of a “female Viagra” as a women’s right issue.

It made me think about Viagra for men. What kind of side effects is the FDA willing to let them risk?

Well there’s the sudden vision loss, sudden hearing loss, chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea sweating, general ill feeling, irregular heartbeat, swelling in your hands, ankles or feet…. Do those risks outweigh the benefits? Who decides?

Even with such serious side effects, the men who take Viagra are willing to risk it. So maybe it is a rights issue. Should women have the same option to take a pill that restores their libido if they are willing to risk the side effects?

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Are You More Like Your Mom than You Thought?

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I love my mom. Yet, I’ll never forget the first time my husband said, “You’re just like your mother.” It didn’t set well. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom, but I didn’t want to turn in to her. Does that make sense?

Yet, each day I look in the mirror these days I see more of her, and in my voice I hear her. It’s like the longer I live the more I become like her.

But that’s not the only transformation. The other is inwardly. I guess because I recognize her value, I no longer care when someone compares me to her. I take it as a compliment.

I’m not just talking about mimicking those same parental phrases we all use, I’m talking about the whole package. The way she thinks.

For instance, I remember when she didn’t like the music I listened to. I vowed I would always like the current tends in music and never grow “old fashioned.”

Well, that certainly didn’t work out like I thought. I don’t hate all the music that comes out today, but I don’t care much for it. It’s not the music I blare while cleaning the house. I guess you can say I’m set in my ways – like my mom.

This carries over to the actors and actresses I recognize. Just the other day I was talking about how you recognized the leading man and woman in every movie.

Then the reality of how I’m perceived sets in when I hear a teen call Brad Bit old. Really? He’s only 50. Isn’t that the new 30?

Plus I suffer from the same mother-hen-syndrome as my mother. When I hear myself say things like, “Don’t forget your jacket,” or “You’re not wearing flip-flops” (in the winter), I hear my mother reminding me to put on my boots.

Then there is the negative judgmental side of Mom. When I talked to her today, I still cringe at some of the things she says, but because this is something that bothers me, I see it more in myself when it surfaces. And I try to change it. I think it is a lifelong quest.

But here’s the one I can’t believe I’m doing. When we’re ready leave McDonalds or some other fast food place, I don’t throw away the extra salt and pepper on the tray. You guessed it. I put it in my purse.

I have become my mother. How about you?

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Link Round-up: Hair Ideas, Garlands, Skin Care, and More

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Today’s link round-up has hair ideas, garlands, skin care products, and more.

A Beautiful Mess showed us how to make a macramé yarn garland.

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Crafts by Amanda showed us some DIY wall art ideas inspired by the beach.

link ru coloring easter eggs

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…love, Maegan shared 20 favorite skin care tips.

Instructables showed us how to make a teardrop wirework pendant.

The Merry Thought shared a DIY lipstick holder project.

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It’s Not Your Job to Change the Man in Your Life

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Nothing stresses a relationship like having one party try to change the other. I just read an article about 4 kinds of guys that won’t change and it tells women to stop trying.

I say, no matter what kind of guy you fall for, it’s not your job to change anybody but yourself. After all, that’s the only person we can change.

If the guy you’re dating is a “commitment phobe” either accept it or move on, because in most cases he’ll be moving on in 1-3 years anyway.

Instead of putting in all the effort and dealing with all the stress of a relationship like that, it’s better to look for someone who wants the same kind of commitment as you do in the first place.

And if you’re dating someone who runs late all the time or cancels dates at the last minute, and it drives you crazy, then chances are his internal clock runs differently than yours.

Yes, opposites attract, but once you see that you’re at polar opposites when it comes to being on time or following through when you make plans, then it’s better to cut your ties to avoid the frustration those traits promise for the future. Look for someone new.

Nobody likes the controlling type, and when we try to change someone else, we are crossing into that territory. It can lead to our significant other seeing us as a nag, and they would be right.

The definition for nag is someone who “is constantly harassing someone to do something.” That certainly isn’t an attractive or endearing attribute.

The world is made up of different kinds of people. While no one is perfect, there are some things that can make a relationship hard to endure in the long run.

When you see habitual things that bother you, it’s time to decide if you can live with that habit for the rest of your life. If so, it will require you to change as you learn to accept it. If not, it’s time to move on.

When you find the right person, you’ll grow together. It takes changing from both sides, but the change you should cause to happen is your own.

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Romance After Kids: Is It Possible?

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I grew up the oldest in a large family, so bringing babies home was nothing new to me. But when I brought home my firstborn, it was different.

Learning to incorporate a little person who is totally dependent on you into your everyday life can’t help but to change things.

Feedings in the middle of the night, interrupted sleep, all those diapers, on top of post-baby weight gain, stretch marks, and other such physical changes, let’s just say, romance isn’t usually the first thing on a woman’s mind.

The truth is, it can take a little extra work to keep that spark of romance in our lives once we have kids.

One thing my mother taught me was that it is important to cultivate your with relationship your husband, because when the kids are grown and gone, that’s the day-to-day relationship you have left.

So while our spouse may take a back seat when our baby first comes home and we’re recovering and adjusting, it is important that we don’t keep them there.

The biggest thing you can do to keep your romantic edge is to make time together with just the two of you a priority. I’ve seen marriage relationships crash and burn because they never see each other.

Think of the days when you were dating. You made time for each other then, and you need to do it after you have kids, too. That includes manufacturing moments of romantic “spontaneity.”

While that sounds contradictory, it really isn’t. If you make plans for regular date nights, or meeting up at lunch, just spending that time together will help add some of the spark back in your relationship.

Play together; have fun. Learn to share some of your partner’s interests. It gives you something to talk about other than the kids or work.

Take time to listen to each other. Call each other during the day. Not that you have to talk long. Just touch base enough to say, “I was thinking of you.” Even plan a weekend getaway every now and then without the kids.

And when it comes to the kids, share the less pleasant tasks like changing diapers, keeping up with the laundry, and trying to calm a fussy child.

Knowing you have each other’s back, and that you want to spend time together, goes a long way to keep that romantic element alive in your marriage because you’re thinking of each other. Beyond that, your friendship will go stronger, too.

Romance after kids is possible without a doubt. Plan for it, expect it, and enjoy it.

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Link Round-up: Valentine’s Day Crafts and Sweets, DIYs, and More

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Today’s link round-up has Valentine’s Day crafts and sweets, DIYs, and more.

Oh My Creative shared a cute Valentine’s Day Candy Crush craft complete with printables.

A Cultivated Nest taught us how to cover lamp shades with sweaters to give them a new look.

Wife Mom Geek showed us how to make wine-soaked chocolate covered strawberries.

link ru hawaiian tuna melts

Belle of the Kitchen taught us how to make Hawaiian tuna melts.

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Frog Prince Paperie shared some ideas for Valentine’s Day wall art with glitter and stripes.

Photo credit: Oh My Creative and Bell of the Kitchen

Chelsea Clinton Says Talking Is Teaching

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Whether you fall into the camp of people who think Chelsea Clinton had a baby as part of a Hilary campaign stunt, or one who looks at her as a young woman who though the time was right to start a family, the fact is, Chelsea Clinton is now a mom.

She gave birth to daughter Charlotte, back in late September, and has just recently returned to work as Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation.

The new mom recently talked with People magazine about bonding with her daughter and why she is so passionate about talking to her daughter as well as reading and singing to her to help her brain develop.

I always talked with my kids, too. After all, that’s how people communicate. I treated them like little people from the time they came home.

Clinton says that she talks with Charlotte from the time she wakes up. She talks with her while changing her diaper, as she is picking out what to wear, and all those other daily things moms do with their children.

But Clinton also reads the news to her daughter. Maybe, that’s how she gets her to fall asleep.

“I read her the news every morning. She agrees with me on everything right now.” – Chelsea Clinton via People Magazine

Clinton hopes to spread word about the importance of talking to our children to promote her message that talking is teaching.

She plans to spread her message through a new partnership between the foundation’s Too Small to Fail initiative, Sesame Workshop, and Text4baby by providing helpful tips, links, and how-to videos via text.

This is not new information. A baby’s brain triples in size in the first 3 years, and they become more complex. Research shows that talking builds the brain architecture needed later to support reading and thinking skills.

As a new mom, Clinton has latched on to her new-found experience and found a way to make it into a campaign of her own.

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Link Round-up: Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas, a Kindness Calendar, Retirement Planning, and More

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Today’s link round-up has cute Valentine’s Day ideas, a printable kindness calendar, retirement planning tips, and more.

Crafts by Amanda shared a craft for making heart photo magnets.

Confessions of an Overworked Mom shared some retirement planning tips.

A Beautiful Mess showed us how to make graphic embroidered art.

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Muslin and Merlot showed us how to make cinnamon roll hearts.

Frugal Mom Eh shared some ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Bitz n Giggles shared a recipe for strawberry Jello truffles.

Happy Hooligans posted a printable kindness calendar for February.

Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda and Muslin and Merlot

Mom Goes on Strike to Gain Respect

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Did you hear about the woman in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who took her problems to the picket line with a sign reading, “Mom On Strike”?

The mom, Naasira Muhammad, decided she’d had enough of her children’s disrespect. She marched up and down her block holding the sign for the world to see. According to WFMY, her motivation was to teach her two teenage daughters to respect her.

She said, “My children have everything they could possibly want and need, but still they are disrespectful, they are rude. They think that I am the meanest mom in the world and they think that they can survive without me.”

Mom on Strike
This is a common problem in today’s affluence.

We give our kids all the things they want whenever we can afford it. Sometimes even when we can’t afford it. As a result, they learn to take it all for granted. They don’t learn a work ethic that brings with it gratitude for what they have.

But what can a mother do, once a foundation of selfishness and ingratitude are cemented in place? She’s letting them live without her, but she’s the one outside. That means they are still controlling her with their bad behavior.

Muhammad has tried all kinds of disciplinary solutions without success so she has decided to give them what they really want. She’s giving up on them. “This is the only solution I can think of other than getting rid of my children,” she said.

It all came to a head when they keyed their mom’s brand-new minivan for no reason. She walked out to the picket line.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference to the girls. An aunt did force them to make signs thanking their mom for her love and support, but being externally prodded like that means it’s not from their heart.

What they need to do is to take steps to make amends on their own…from the heart.

While it can seem hopeless, according experts like Richard Bromfield, PhD, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School and author of How to Unspoil Your Child Fast, and Dan Kindlon, PhD, a clinical and research psychologist at Harvard University and author of Too Much of a Good Thing: Raising Children of Character in an Indulgent Age, there is hope.

Broomfield suggests parents stop spoiling their children. It helps reduce the frustration for the parents and better prepares children to handle life’s unexpected turns. However, he admits this is a tough task for kids who have always gotten their way.

For parents, it has to be a wholehearted commitment that replaces empty threats with clear calm instructions. Don’t fall into the trap of over explaining. And when discipline is necessary, administer the proper consequences consistently.

Staying on track will be difficult at the beginning, but the results are worth the effort.

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