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Justin Timberlake Shares Baby Pics on Tonight Show

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When celebrities are expecting we get glimpses of baby bumps and may even hear a story or two about life as a pregnant celeb, but once the baby is born they often disappear into a cocoon of privacy to enjoy the new arrival, recuperate, and to make the adjustment to parenthood.

At least today with social media, they often offer fans a peek at their bundle of joy. The other night, Justin Timberlake delighted fans as he shared pics of his son, Silas, on the Sept. 9 The Tonight Show.

Timberlake (34) is married to actress Jessica Biel (33) and they welcomed Silas, their first child, into the world last April. Timberlake talked to Fallon about being a dad and said, “It is the most insanely amazing, most beautiful, unbelievable thing that can ever happen to you. He was five months yesterday, [Sept. 8].”

Jessica Biel and son Silas

Jessica Biel and son Silas

The fact that he knew how old Silas is to the day shows that he is really engaged as a dad. The pictures themselves were of his wife with the baby in an elephant towel, himself holding the baby up to the camera, and one more that showed him and Silas watching the PGA Championship.

As he talked about his son and parenthood, he paused to remind viewers that Fallon has a book out called, Your Baby’s First Word Will be DaDa. He finished by proudly announcing that his son’s first word was “da-da.”

While Timberlake was at NBC to tape the Tonight Show, he happened to run into his fellow ‘N Sync boy bander, Lance Bass who was there to appear on the Meredith Vieira Show. The two hadn’t seen each other since Timberlake had become a dad.

While on the Meredith Vieira Show Lance said that his life-time friend opened up about how life had changed since becoming a dad, but Lance noticed changes of his own – of the best sort.

He said, “It’s been five monhs and it’s so amazing to see a friend go through this, because I grew up with him since he was 14 years old. But to see this amazing dad now…all he wants to talk about is the kid.”

Timberlake and Biel have been in a committed relationship since 2007, and married in October 2012 in Fasano, Italy. Silas Randall Timberlake is their first child together.

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“The Rock” Expecting Baby with Girlfriend Lauren Hashian

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Dwayne Johnson, better known to fans as “The Rock” is expecting a child with his girlfriend of nine years, Lauren Hashian. Johnson also has a 14-year-old daughter, Simone, with his ex-wife Dany Garcia.

Speaking of Johnson and Hashian, an insider told Us Weekly, “They are so excited!”

The Rock seems to be very happy with Hashian. In a recent interview with Esquire he talked about “the Rock,” football, acting, working out, self-doubt, success, gratitude, and the love of his life, Hashian.

He said, “She’s a singer-songwriter. We spend a lot of time with my daughter in Florida, Simone, who’s 13. We do these stories [interviews] and we talk so much about the business end, the success end, but then Lauren isn’t mentioned and my daughter isn’t mentioned. I always like making sure we find the balance and my home life is in there and Lauren Hashian is in there and my daughter is in there. You gotta get the better half in there. With all the cool s–t and success that I’ve been lucky enough to get? That doesn’t happen unless the home life is solid.”

It’s refreshing to see a star of his caliber mention the importance of a solid home life, and giving Hashian credit where credit is due.

And speaking of home life, he also recently became the dad of two adorable French bulldog puppies by the name of Brutus and Hobbs. He admits they are quite a handful. In fact, over the Labor Day weekend, Johnson had to rescue the pups when they made a mad dash into the deep end of the swimming pool.

He definitely has a lot going on between his career and home life, but with his wrestling background, I’m sure he can handle it.

Congratulations to him and his girlfriend.

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Tyra Banks One Regret Is She’s Not a Mom

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For those of us who have watched Tyra Banks build a successful career from supermodel to reality TV’s America’s Next Top Model, to talk show host, it seems like she has it all. But at 41 years old, Tyra admits her one regret is not being a mom.

The other day on her FABLife TV show, she hadn’t planned to talk about it, but when the topic came up she confessed that she’s wanted to have children for years.

She started by saying, “I’ve been wanting to say this for so long, and did not plan to say this today.” She talked about her own struggles. “I’m tired of seeing on social media, why don’t you have kids, why don’t you have kids. […] You don’t know what I’m going through. When I was 23 years old,” she said with an emotionally choked voice, “I said, ‘In three years I’m gonna have kids.’ Then I turned 24 and I said, ‘In three years I’m gonna have kids.'” She told her audience that she continued to say that year after year, but it didn’t happen.

In a recent interview with People she said, “Because my business is very entrepreneurial. I’m not for hire, so I have to do everything. I kept trying to find that time for that [getting pregnant] to happen”

Banks who is now 41 admits that “it’s not so easy as you get older,” and that she and her boyfriend of two years, photographer Erik Asla have wanted children and that she has undergone IVF procedures in hopes of conceiving.

She said, “I’ve had some not happy moments with that, very traumatic moments. It’s difficult as you get older. It’s not something that can just happen.”

You can tell it’s an emotional issue for the legendary supermodel but she’s not giving up. She says, “I hope [for kids]. I don’t want just one child. I want a litter! And I want to be the kind of mom where my child can come to me for anything.”

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Bindi Irwin Honors Her Father’s Memory on Dancing with the Stars

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Season 21 of Dancing with the Starts has kicked off with some big changes. Probably the most obvious is that Len Goodman is no longer sitting on the judges’ panel, and for now there’s no results show scheduled.

With that said, another more subtle change is in the scores. Was it me or did the judges seem a little bit harsher than usual with first scores? We’ll see if they were just trying to prove themselves without Len on board. Time will tell as the season progresses.

My favorite dance of the night for week number one, I’d have to say, was Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough (who has won 5 mirrorball trophies). If Bindi Irwin’s name sounds familiar and you can’t place her, she’s the daughter of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. She was the little daughter who appeared on his show from time to time.

Believe it or not, her dad has already been gone for nine years, and she’s not a little girl any more – she’s all grown up.

In the intro package, Bindi admitted that this will be a totally different type of experience for her and went on to give a moving tribute to her father. She said, “I think the real reason I’m doing this is to make him proud, and everyone back home in Australia proud.”

At 17 years old, Bindi displays all the energy and personality we loved in her dad and it works well on the dance floor. Derek said, “She fills the room with this energy and it’s contagious.”

The judges had good things to say, too. Julianne said that everything from Bindi’s feet to her face made it the best performance of the night. Bruno called her “the wonder from Down Under,” and Carrie Ann said if she was 30 years younger she would want to be her best friend.

They gave the couple a score of 24.

Be sure to tune in next week when they feature back-to-back performance shows.

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Birth Order Might Be to Blame for Your Overweight

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Birth order is the focus of many studies concentrating on things related to personality and achievement, but now a new study out of the University of Auckland has found a correlation that shows firstborns were bigger babies, and tend to grow taller and heavier as adults.

The study drew on almost 20 years of medical records from the Swedish Birth Register which included 13,400 pairs of sisters. The conclusion showed that 40 percent of firstborns were more likely to be obese and 29 percent more likely to be overweight than their younger sisters.

I’m a first born, so the information piqued my interest but raised the question of what difference birth order could make on weight. The lead author of the study, Wayne Cutfield, suggests that the influence may be associated with the blood supply in the mother’s placenta between a first and second pregnancy.

But it really sounds like a bit of conjecture to me. He says that the women’s blood vessels may be narrower in a first pregnancy and thus restrict the flow of nutrients to the fetus. If that’s the case, that sets firstborns up for less effective regulation of glucose and fat later in life.

Differences in weight between first born and other siblings could also be attributed to environment as parents are more likely to overfeed or indulge a first child.

While people are quick to jump on any band wagon that might explain the extra inches around their waistlines and hips, or that of their siblings, I’m not ready to place blame on my birth order. Of my four sisters, three gained more than I did as adults, though I probably worked the hardest to prevent that from happening.

Birth order is one of those things psychology has used to explain everything from physical traits, to intelligence and personality. This started back in the ninetieth century and some of the beliefs that this trend cultivated stuck and have become part of our cultural hearsay.

For instance, did you know youngest children are immature and demanding. Or, that first borns are bossy but have higher IQs. Well if you believe that, you can believe the first born weigh more findings, too. I’m not buying it.

The problem with many of the birth order studies is that they don’t look at important variables like family size and socioeconomic status and figure those things into the picture. So while this study suggests birth order matters when it comes to weight, I think it’s much more involved than that.

What do you think?

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Osbourne Sibling Who Refused to Be on TV

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Sometimes I marvel at how music I listened to when I was younger has become “classic.” It is often played in the grocery store, restaurants, and other public venues, and all I can think of is how some of my favs have become music from the good old days.

Who would ever think that Black Sabbath would be embraced by the masses across generations? Or that Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his family would even have their own MTV reality show.

But that’s how it is or in the case of the show, was. “The Osbournes” ran for four years. It included Ozzy, his wife Sharon and their kids Kelly and Jack.

It was one of those shows that revealed everything that makes reality TV addictive — except for one thing – no one mentioned there is another Osbourne sibling by the name of Aimee. She is their oldest child and as an aspiring singer she refused to join the show. In 2002, she moved out of their L.A. mansion when filming began .

That was 14 years ago. Now, Aimee is 32 and has just started talking about those conflict-ridden days. In an interview with London’s Independent she says, “Back then, I still felt I was trying to figure out who I was in the chaos of family life, so why on earth would I want that portrayed on television? I wanted to protect myself, my parents, my siblings, too. They were very young, very impressionable.”

The ages of all three kids were close. Aimee was almost 18, Kelly 17, and Jack was 16. But even though their ages were close, their perspectives were a world apart.

When referring to the family’s drug problems Aimee said, “I suppose I was the one that had to be in control a lot of the time.”

In talking about being surrounded by that and all the indulgence and drama, she said “you either surrender fully and accept it as your destiny, or you think to yourself, ‘You know what? I’m not going to try that.”

She thinks separating herself from her family when she did saved her from falling victim to similar addiction issues, but it also cost her a relationship with her brother and sister.

Today she is still close with her parents but she hardly ever sees Jack or Kelly even though they live in the same city. Describing her current relationship with them she says, “I wouldn’t say there is an ease between us, but there is an acceptance. Do we socialize? No.”

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Kate Middleton Maternity Leave Is Just About Up

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Last April, Kate Middleton was in her ninth month of pregnancy with her second child. It was then that she announced her plans to take a longer maternity leave than she did with her first child, Prince George, who was born in 2013.

With George, the Duchess of Cambridge only took a month off before going back to work. Her daughter, Princess Charlotte was born on May 2, and she made good on her plans.

Now, after a little more than four months, she is reportedly wrapping up her maternity leave with plans to attend the Rugby World Cup plus a children’s charity event.

A royal source told People that “She felt she came back too soon last time. She wants to have that [sense of family] and enjoy it with George and the new baby.”

When Prince George was only a month old, the duchess made a public appearance at an athletic event, and then a few weeks later attended a ball with Prince William.

This time around, Kate made her first public appearance when Charlotte was six weeks old, but that was for the Queen’s official birthday celebration. She has participated in various royal functions since Charlotte was born, but in her case that’s family…not work. Though you never know, it could feel like both.

According to CNN royal expert Victoria Arbiter, it’s unlikely that the duchess will resume a full-time work schedule.”She’s not working a 9-to-5 job, so she’ll keep commitments within reason. It will be great to see her back out there, but her focus is still very much on the children. I doubt we’ll see a lot of her between now and December.”

While those of us in the U.S. might think four months is a long maternity leave, in the U.K. that’s not the case. All total, new mom’s in the U.K. are entitled to 52 weeks of leave.

Dads are entitled to a couple of weeks of paid leave or up to 26 additional weeks if the mother goes back to work. However a new law is just going into effect that will let couples divide up that time between them.

Employees of the British Monarchy enjoy excellent benefits when it comes to family. They not only receive maternity and paternity leave, but also adoption leave, fertility treatment leave, and childcare vouchers.

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Benefits of Being in a Serious Relationship in Your 20s

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The cultural trend these days is to avoid serious relationships until you’ve experienced what else is out there. But some of us are lucky enough to find the right person when we are young, and to let that go because of our age can sometimes lead to regret for the rest of our lives.

On the opposite side of the wait-until-you-experience-life view, are a number of benefits young people can experience by being in a serious relationship in their 20s.

One of the benefits of being in a committed relationship when you are young is that it gives you the opportunity to grow, learn, and change together as a couple before you are set in your ways.

Change isn’t easy at any age, and when you can do it together, it makes it a little less stressful. It can also help you develop some common interests, too.

Another benefit is that your significant other has the opportunity to get to know more of your family. My husband not only knew my parents and grandparents, he even had the opportunity to meet my great-grandparents.

I attended Sunday dinner at his grandmother’s big table, with all his aunts working in the kitchen. These are all things we would have missed if we had waited until we were older. And not only did I get to know who they were, his family also got to know me.

No matter what your age, when you enter a serious relationship it takes work. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m saying when you find the right person, age is a non-issue.

While divorce rates are higher for those who get married under the age of 25, those statistics reflect the fact that 41 percent of all first marriages end in divorce.

Some little known statistics that also play a part include things like living together prior to marriage increases the chance of divorce by as much as 40 percent, while those who come from a family with happily married parents see a 14 percent decrease in marriage.

Some think getting into a committed relationship means having no fun. What’s really no fun is going through more than half your life looking for the right person.

Finding that person while you’re young means you can do all the things a single person does, but with the benefits of having that special best friend and companion in your life. And instead of spending time dating and looking for the right person, you can focus on your life goals – together.

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Amy Duggar Married – Says Duggar Name Stress Is Gone

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Amy Duggar married fiancé Dillon King this past weekend, and she is happy to proudly call herself Amy King. Yes she’s happy to take her married name, but for her there’s more to it.

With the new name comes a new start and the opportunity to get away from the stigma and drama wrapped up in the Duggar name these days following the questionable actions of her cousin Josh Duggar.

She told ET, “It’s a relief. It feels like the stress is gone. I don’t have to be perfect anymore. I don’t have to worry about wearing long skirts. And I got to marry my best friend!”

The country-chic wedding at Horton Farms was attended by hundreds of friends and family including her aunt and uncle, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their kids minus their son Josh, but his wife Anna Duggar did attend.

Josh is said to still be in treatment where he’s been since he admitted in August that he had been unfaithful to his wife and had become addicted to pornography on the Internet.

While Amy is relieved to have a new name, her new husband, Dillon, isn’t afraid to give his opinion on the situation regarding Josh.

He says, “You don’t just surf the Internet and decide to randomly open an Ashley Madison account. Josh consciously made the decision to cheat. Anna should leave him. People talk about the biblical aspect of all this — read Matthew. It talks about how adultery is the one reason to divorce. Josh did it, and I’m going to guess he did it multiple times.”

What does Amy think about that? She thinks “Anna should take some time out to think about how she feels without everyone around.”

A source close to the family told ET “Everything with Josh was like a death in the family. They’re hoping Amy’s wedding day can be an escape – a much needed day of happiness.”

I think they accomplished that, but the underlying Josh Duggar situation was certainly present. How could it not be? It affects everyone. It’s even reflected in Amy’s Instagram profile which reads, “I won’t be a Duggar much longer! Just a normal girl with a not so normal life! Christ follower, lover of storms, anything vintage and a total free spirit.”

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