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Thanksgiving Nail Art

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The holidays are a fun time of year. When it comes to Christmas there’s a ton of clothing, decorations, and nail art to choose from, but when it comes to Thanksgiving, we are left to our imagination a little more.

In our home, one thing we do is put up a Thanksgiving Tree which takes up a wall in the kitchen. We try to get it up in October so we have at least a month to add leaves for all the things we are thankful for. When it comes to clothes, I pretty much move on to fall colors, sweaters and such.

But when it comes to my nails I wanted something special for Thanksgiving this year, and I found exactly was I was looking for. Turkey feather fingernails.

The technique used to get a marbled effect includes the use of water (something I hadn’t seen before), so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you out there looking for a fun idea for Thanksgiving nail art.

How to Create Turkey Feather Nail Art

To start, you’ll need to choose colors. For a more traditional look pick colors like red, orange, and yellow.

You’ll also need a white base coat, and a small container that holds about 3 ounces of filtered, room-temperature water. The cup/bowl should have a small mouth or opening.

Nail Polish Bulls Eye Feathers
Add polish colors a drop at a time in the center of the cup/bowl to create a bulls-eye. Then take an orange stick and draw a line from the outer edge to the center of the bulls-eye.

Dip the point of the orange stick to stop the line. Wipe the excess from the stick and then start from the opposite outer rim and draw the stick through the bulls-eye and connect at the center to the first line.

This divides the bulls-eye into 2 halves. Divide one of the halves in two, and then into fourths. This creates the turkey feathers.

Dip your prepped nail into the water collecting the feathered (marbled nail polish onto your nail). Have a cleanup stick handy to clean up extra paint. For a visual of how this is done, watch the video.

Finish Touches

The rest of the turkey nail art is painted free hand. You’ll need brown, white and black nail polish and a dotting tool. If you don’t have a dotting tool you can try a toothpick.

Using brown or bronze, paint the tip of the nail creating a half-moon to serve as the turkey’s body. At the top of the half moon add polish to create the head. When that dries, add white and black to create the eyes and a touch of orange to create the beak.

Once it is thoroughly dry, add a topcoat to protect your nail art.

This may sound complicated, but it is easier than you think and creates professional looking nail art perfect for wearing on Thanksgiving Day.

Photo credits: Mucking Fusser

Heidi Klum Wows In Elaborate Jessica Rabbit Costume

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Halloween 2015 is now a thing of the past, along with all the decorating, candy eating, and the effort of finding or making the perfect costume is behind us for one more year.

But just like the day after Christmas is a great time to find deals, this is the time of year to get ideas for next year as this year’s celebrity costumes come to light.

This year many celebrities dressed as popular super-heroes. For instance, Kourtney Kardashin and her family dressed up as super heroes including the Flash, Spiderman, and Captain America. Beyonce went with an X-men’s theme and dressed as the sexy superhero Storm, but by next year superheroes costumes could be a thing of the past.

One celebrity costume that stood out from the rest in my book is Heidi Klum’s Jessica Rabbit.

If I were handing out awards, she’d get it for daring to sidestep what’s trendy and thinking outside the box. Granted, her Halloween costume as the “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” bombshell included larger-than-life prosthetics worthy of the hit TV reality show Faceoff so it isn’t something the average trick-or-treater is going to pull off, but it was a unique idea and well executed.

Heidi Klum Halloween 2008

Heidi Klum Halloween 2008

Each year, Heidi Klum throws a Halloween party. This year’s bash was held at Lavo in NYC on Halloween night. Like usual, it was a star-studded affair.

This year Jennifer Lopez and her beau Casper Smart dressed as sexy skeletons, Emily Ratajkowski wore a Marge Simpson costume, Ashanti wore blue body paint as a Smurf, and Gigi Hadid chose to be Sandy from Grease.

Over the years Klum has come up with some pretty elaborate costumes. One that sticks in my mind is her 2008 many-armed, blue-skinned Hindu goddess of destruction. That one garnered some discontent from the Hindu community, but aside from that I wondered how she’d maneuver getting into the car to get to the party.

Turns out that this year’s curvaceous Jessica Rabbit hips created a bit of a challenge when it came to getting into and out of the car, but Klum creatively navigated the situation and arrived to rave reviews of her costume.

Photo credits: ChoorV, Modelinia

Link Round-up: DIY Blanket, Upcycled Jars, Cleaning Tips, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a DIY pom-pom blanket, upcycled jars, cleaning tips, and more.

A Beautiful  Mess shared a pom-pom blanket DIY.

Krystal’s Kitsch shared a printable for a morning routine that’ll set you up for a productive day.

Cupcakes and Cashmere showed us how to make a monochromatic gray outfit more interesting with pops of burgundy.

One Good Thing by Jillee showed us how to clean a ceiling fan in two seconds.

link ru diy tray upcycled jars

Kenarry showed us how to make a DIY tray with upcycled jars.

I Love to Create showed us how to make a no-sew sequin pillow.

Alisa Burke taught us how to make a yarn wrapped statement necklace.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess and Kenarry

Kate Middleton’s Dons Sheer Open-Backed Dress for Movie Premiere

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Fans of James Bond lined up along the red carpet at the Spectre premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Many were awarded autographs by Daniel Craig — Bond himself, as well as stars including Monica Bellucci, Ralph Fiennes, Christoph Waltz and Naomie Harris.

Along with the celebrities, many had the opportunity to catch glimpses of royals including Prince William, Prince Harry, and of course the princess of fashion, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

I say that because Kate wowed in a floor length gown while many were dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt. The sheer, long-sleeve baby blue Jenny Packham gown flowed gracefully with each step.

And for those of you who don’t know the name, Jenny Packham, she has designed many dresses for Kate including that buttercup dress she wore after Princess Charlotte was born.

Kate Middleton
Kate accessorized her light blue gown with an elegant jeweled belt showcasing her tiny waistline. She wore her hair in an updo which highlighted her graceful neck as well as the diamond drop earrings she wore. She carried a small sparkling clutch and wore Jimmy Choo shoes to complete the look.

The dress stirred quite a buzz because it was “sheer.” I don’t know about you, but when I hear sheer, I think of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez in their sheer dresses that show almost everything with the exception of a few well-places appliques or lacy patterns to hide unmentionables.

Kate’s dress was nothing but elegant; for the most part the sheer overlay just added to the whimsical flow of the gown, and the only skin that really showed was her back…and I guess what stirred everyone up was that she was braless.

She looked great! Oh, and by the way, William looked handsome beside her, too, dressed in a black tuxedo.

Photo credits: World News

What Nail Colors Are Hot this Fall?

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Fall is here and with it new shades of nail colors are hitting the fashion scene. Gone are the sheer nudes we wore this spring, replaced with a whole palette of colors ranging from bright and sassy to dark and moody.


Among the fashion colors this fall, metallic options like Butter London Nail Lacquer, Jin Soon Nail Lacquer, Essie Nail Polish, and Nars Polish offer warm bronzes, cool chromes, gold and silver.

And this fall, fashion is breaking the rule that says gold doesn’t go with silver. In fact, at the recent European Arthur Premiere, Katy Perry mixed her metallics.

She wore a silver manicure, gold eye shadow on her lower lash line, and gold rings on her ring finger! If you’re ready to try this, to make it work, don’t overdo it on either color. To create a silver and gold smoky eye check out PopSugar’s how-to.

Nail polis

Olive green perfect for military style.

Dark and Moody Color Palette

If you’re looking for colors to complement your fall wardrobe, you’ll find plenty of dark moody colors like plum and ruby, or shades like olive green for a military-ish look or even dark navy.

Heads up though if your nails are short – a dark color can tend to make your nails look even shorter. The way to avoid this is to not cover the entire nail with polish. Don’t paint to the very side of your nails and it will give the illusion of an elongated nail.

Something Lighter

The fun thing about this fall’s nail colors is there’s variety. On the lighter side, OPI offers a host of soft shades, bright colors like That’s Berry Daring, Tal the Cows Come Home, Green-wich village and plenty more.

If this is the kind of color palette you’re thinking of wearing this fall, check out the website for ideas.

I love it that fashion isn’t trying to pigeon-hole color choices to one type this fall. After all, think about how boring it would be if all the leaves changed to be the same color palette.

No matter which look you go for, the one thing that sure this fall is that manicures walking the fall runways have paved the way for personal preference to rule!

Photo credits: picturemonsterniten’s channel, amazon

Kate Middleton Back to Work in Style

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The Duchess of Cambridge officially ended her maternity leave this past Thursday when she showed up at the Anna Freud Centre in London in her first solo engagement since Princess Charlotte was born in May.

She looked tanned, relaxed, and sported the new fringe (bangs) everyone’s been talking about. She wore the same hairstyle a couple of years ago, and it suits her well, giving her a youthful updated look.

Kate Middleton Fringe
Her reason for the visit to the Anna Freud Centre was to learn more about how the Centre is helping change mental health care for children and young people.

She looked stunning in her black and white $1,944 Ralph Lauren belted shirtdress, and a light breeze played with Kate’s trendy new fringe as she greeted Michael Samuel, chairman of the trustees of the Anna Freud Centre.

The shirtdress showed off her slender waistline and is described on the Ralph Lauren website as the “Silk Austin Shirtdress” with a “supremely flattering fit.” In my opinion, it looked even better on Kate that on the Ralph Lauren model.

The Anna Freud Centre was Kate’s choice, and sources suggest it’s an interesting one that will set the tone of her work in the coming months as she explores mental health issues in children and emphasizes the importance of early intervention and a coordinated effort with family and in-school mental health services.

In his speech to her and other assembled guests, Michael Samuel, chairman of Trustees, said, “Your continued support on this very important issue will be an invaluable ingredient towards making the real and urgent progress which is necessary in this area.”

According to aides, the Duchess was looking forward to getting back to a limited program of engagements after enjoying the summer break with her two children Prince George (2 years), and Princess Charlotte (four months).

Photo credits: Andrew New A1

Link Round-up: Chocolate Chip Pizza, DIY Burlap Wreath, Halloween, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a recipe for chocolate chip pizza, a DIY for a burlap wreath, a cute alternative to a traditional jacket, and more.

A Beautiful Mess shared a recipe for chocolate chip pizza.

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link ru burlap wreath

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Creative Khadija shared a DIY glass painted bottle project.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess and Crafts by Amanda.

Link Round-up: Makeup Tips, Tex-Mex, Baked Onion Rings, and More

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Today’s link round-up has makeup tips, a Tex-Mex recipe, blue cornmeal baked onion rings, and more.

Strength and Sunshine taught us how to make blue cornmeal baked onion rings.

Create Craft Love shared a Halloween treat printable.

I Love to Create showed us how to make a no-sew superhero cape.

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Cupcakes and Cashmere offered tips for wearing tough trends.

Makeup and Beauty Blog shared five lip colors to wear with brown smoky eyes.

I Should Be Mopping the Floor showed us how to make Tex-Mex huevos en papas.

Photo credit: Strength and Sunshine and A Beautiful Mess

Difference Between Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding and Engagement Rings

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Back in 2012 when actress Jennifer Aniston (46) became engaged to her now husband Justin Theroux (44), words used to describe her diamond engagement ring included adjectives like “ginormous,” “anything but discreet,” “huge” and “massive.”

You get the picture. It is an 8-carat radiant-cut diamond that can’t be missed.

I don’t expect stars to wear a simple diamond solitaire with a gold band, but when diamond engagement rings get as big as Aniston’s they look more like a prize out of a gumball machine.

I admit, that’s my opinion, and perhaps because of the types of roles she plays I wasn’t expecting it, because it just didn’t seem to fit her personality. After all, she seems to more the practical type, and that ring is anything but practical.

I was actually relieved to see she’s ditched wearing her engagement ring post-wedding, and that her wedding ring isn’t as ostentatious.

Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring

Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring

Aniston and her husband’s wedding rings were designed by a close friend and I think it shows. The designer, Mrs. Tobey Maguire, also designed Courtney Cox’s (Friends costar) engagement ring as well as jewelry for Beyonce, Blake Lively, and other stars.

In fact, Aniston has worn necklaces designed by her including a gold and diamond wishbone pendant necklace she wore on the big screen in in The Break-Up and He’s Just Not That Into You.

Aniston and her husband pulled off a surprise, private wedding back on Aug. 6, and we didn’t get a chance to see her wedding ring until she made her first public appearance following her honeymoon to Bora Bora. So when she walked the red carpet at the L.A. premiere of her new movie, She’s Funny That Way, I think her diamond encrusted wedding band got more attention than anything else she was wearing.

It’s a thick band that sparkles but still petite enough to look feminine. It’s glitzy with a touch of practicality. I like it.

Photo credits: wochit Movies, Diamancia Israel