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Link Round-up: Breakfast Smoothie, DIY Head Wrap, Denim Answers, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a breakfast smoothie, a DIY head wrap, answers for all your denim questions, and more.

Chocolate Covered Katie taught us how to make homemade cookies and cream frosting.

Mind Body Green shared Dr. Joel Kahn’s favorite breakfast smoothie.

A Beautiful Mess shared the how-to for making your own double-sided head wrap.

link ru subway art printable

Kenarry shared a subway art printable.

Living Well Spending Less shared five ways to say no.

Create Craft Love showed us how to make cute tin can pumpkins.

Cupcakes and Cashmere has all the answers to your denim questions.

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Link Roundup: Beauty Product Review, DIY Yarn Necklace, Being a People Pleaser, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a beauty product review, an easy DIY ruffle yarn necklace, thoughts on being a people pleaser, and more.

My Own Home Blog showed us how to make a glass jar container for homemade laundry detergent.

Mind Body Green shared confessions of a chronic people pleaser.

Makeup and Beauty Blog shared her thoughts on the pore minimizing version of the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer.

link ru yarn necklace

Muslin and Merlot showed us how to make an easy ruffled yarn necklace for $5.

Living Well Spending Less shared how to get magazines for free.

Create Craft Love taught us how to make a Halloween ribbon wreath.

Cupcakes and Cashmere shared her top five beauty buys of the month.

Photo credit: My Own Home Blog and Muslin and Merlot

Online Clothing Rental Can Expand Your Closet

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There’s a new trend in women’s fashion that has the potential to change the way we dress ourselves for the first time in decades — clothing rental. This isn’t the clothing rental that you may be thinking of. This isn’t renting prom clothes or wedding outfits.

Imagine that you could change the contents of your closet as easily as you used to get new movies from Netflix. If you had a big, important meeting coming up you could choose a dynamic designer suit to build your confidence and create a more powerful and professional look.

It’s possible because several companies have begun to provide women with clothes that they can change almost as easily as running to Red Box and grabbing the next movie.

Rent the Runway

Join this Rent the Runway for free and you can rent $2,000.00 designer gowns for $80.00 and  up. They have a variety of clothing to handle every need from career to cocktail party. You can also rent handbags, accessories, and jewelry.

This site is best for formal, wedding, and cocktail type attire. You won’t find a great career suit here but if you have a formal dinner to attend star with this site. You reserve the outfit for a specific date and number of days.

Le Tote

Le Tote has more everyday and work type clothes from skirts to sweaters. The way you get the clothing is a little different. You get a box with several outfits in it guaranteed to be worth at least $1,000.00. Wear them and when you are done send them back and get more — all for one monthly fee.

Other Fashion Rentals

No doubt there are more sites that do this. Is renting clothing something you would do?

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Link Round-up: Craft Stick Monsters, Shelving, New Hairstyles for Girls, Knitting, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a school supply catch-all, Halloween Rice Krispies cake, a DIY shelf, hairstyles, and more.

Crafts by Amanda showed us how to make cute craft stick monsters.

Life with the Crust Cut Off showed us how to make a Halloween Rice Krispies cake.

Carlsbad Cravings taught us how to make chocolate drizzled frozen fruit skewers.

link ru peg rail and shelf

A Beautiful Mess showed us how to make a modern peg rail and shelf.

The Life of a Craft Crazed Mom gave us a tutorial on how to create a school supply catch-all.

Petit Elefant inspired us to go beyond the typical little girls’ hairstyles and try something new.

Make and Takes shared a review of a beginners’ knitting kit.

Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda and A Beautiful Mess

It’s a Bag with Benefits

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Popinjay is a designer handbag company that gets the inspiration for its exotic looks from the gorgeous tiles, screens, and designs of the Middle East. The bags are made of high quality leathers and hand embroidered silks and the quality alone makes them well worth the price.

However, when you buy a bag from Popinay you get more than the gorgeous designer purses. You get the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to a company whose mission is to produce fair wage jobs for women. In fact, the women who embroider the intricate designs were once poverty stricken Pakistani women who are now able to support their families.

The founder, Saba Gul, is a graduate of MIT and left an engineering job with a comfortable income to start the company. She wanted to create an alternative for Pakistani girls who have to leave school to help provide for their families.

Generally they make just pennies. Without Popinjay the girls make about $2.00 a day, certainly not enough to live on. The women now make $2.50 to $3.00 an hour — a much higher wage than they’ve made in the past.

In fact they make as much working part time as their husbands do for a whole day. Not only has it improved their families’ living conditions, they have time to take care of their children.

The bags are truly beautiful works of art and sell for $245.00 and up. I love the idea of helping women and I love the look of the handbags themselves, but paying that much for a purse, no matter how good of a cause it is, is just not in my budget right now.

Do you try to support companies like this when you can afford to?

Source: CNN Money

Image: Popinjay

Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress Included Colorful Drawings

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Leave it to Angelina to come up with something completely different yet simple for her wedding dress.

From the front, the dress was ivory antique satin with a scoop neck, fitted bodice and a full sweeping skirt. It was a classic…from the front, but on the back and veil, the classic gown designed by Luigi Massi turned into a masterpiece with dozens of her children’s colorful drawing sewn into the gown and veil. The immortalized pieces of art included flowers, animals, and people.

“Luigi is like family to me and I couldn’t imagine anyone else making this dress. He knows and cares for the children and it was great fun putting it together.” — Jolie via People magazine

People also offers the scoop on the rest of the family what they wore and the roles they played. The couple’s six children acted as “wedding planners” for their famous parents. Sons Maddox (13) and Pax (10) walked mom down the aisle, Zahara (9) and Vivienne (6) served as flower girls, and Shiloh (8) and Knox (6) carried the rings.

But they did more than those typical type roles, they actually wrote the vows, and Pax who enjoys baking made the wedding cake!

Angelina Wedding Dress

Jolie accessorized her look with minimal jewelry with a simple pair of earrings and one ring on her right hand and Brad wore a suit already hanging in his closet and had to borrow a tie from his son because he forgot to pack one.

I love the family approach to this wedding and how they kept it simple.

So many times I think of all the money and resources put into a wedding that could be better used to help couples get a home or pay off debt so they have a clean slate to start life together. But how many people do you think would allow a child to make their wedding cake?

It’s one more example that shows that it’s the people who are special and make memories. All the trappings, for the most part, are soon forgotten.

Photo credits: Facebook, Facebook

Kelly Osbourne Launches Stories Clothing Line

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Kelly Osbourne is launching a brand new clothing line called Stories with Chapter 1 available in late September. The contemporary line includes 13 looks designed for all women with sizes ranging from 0 to 24 (US sizing).

Prices will run between $55 and $170 and will be available exclusively through HSN for the first month. One month after the launch, the brand will also be available on Bluefly, which delivers to several markets around the world. Osbourne’s goal isn’t to become number one but to provide quality fashion for all sizes at fair prices.

“My collection is titled Chapter One. We’ll go onto Chapter Two as we develop. My mission is not to be the number-one fashion designer in the world. I’m not trying to change or come up with anything that people haven’t already done. I’m just trying to make fashion fair and make good quality basics available to all women.” – Kelly Osbourne to Women’s Wear Daily

Osbourne has dreamed of starting her own fashion line for a decade. During that time she has grown as a TV personality, and now the 29 year old has joined with the Australian brand Jupi to make her dream come true.

According to WWD, the designs available in Chapter 1 include 13 ready-to-wear designs. Singers Taylor Swift and Ciara have already ordered four items including a cap-sleeve sheath dress, a polka-dot jumpsuit, a Union Jack-inspired drop-waist dress, and a rose adorned polyester chiffon blouse.

I like the “Stories” branding with the release of collections as chapters. It’s a creative idea that actually relates to the product. Osbourne says, “I believe that every time you wear something, you have a story of where you wore it, whether it be good or bad.” She’s got a point, but let’s face it, it’s another chapter in this TV personality’s career, too.

Photo credit: The Heart of Truth

Link Round-up: Party Beverages, Crayon Wreath, a Frittata, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a crayon wreath, a frittata, kids’ party beverages, and more.

The Tiptoe Fairy showed us how to grill an entire meal from beginning to end to avoid heating up the kitchen too much for the summer temperatures.

Create Craft Love shared a how-to for making a mini crayon wreath.

Allure shared textured hair styling mistakes.

link ru desk caddy

Pink When showed us how to make a cute DIY cardboard roll desk caddy.

A Beautiful Mess shared a summer frittata recipe.

Spaceships and Laser Beams gave us some ideas for kids’ party beverages.

A Pair and a Spare pointed out that you can turn a bikini into a “bra-kini” for less annoying tan lines.

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Link Round-up: Good Food, Fun Games, and More

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Today’s link round-up has tons of good food, games for kids, and more.

The Tip Toe Fairy shared some fun, imaginative games for kids to play.

Mind Body Green shared an article about why looking at a pretty photo of herself makes one woman angry.

Everyday Southwest shared a zucchini salsa verde for huevos rancheros recipe.

link ru owl apron

Pink When showed us how to make an adorable owl apron for a little girl.

Kleinworth & Co. showed us how to make dirty Diet Coke pops.

I Love My Disorganized Life shared a spicy buffalo chicken dip recipe.

Lovely Etc showed us how she created her giant subway art.

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