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What Nail Colors Are Hot this Fall?

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Fall is here and with it new shades of nail colors are hitting the fashion scene. Gone are the sheer nudes we wore this spring, replaced with a whole palette of colors ranging from bright and sassy to dark and moody.


Among the fashion colors this fall, metallic options like Butter London Nail Lacquer, Jin Soon Nail Lacquer, Essie Nail Polish, and Nars Polish offer warm bronzes, cool chromes, gold and silver.

And this fall, fashion is breaking the rule that says gold doesn’t go with silver. In fact, at the recent European Arthur Premiere, Katy Perry mixed her metallics.

She wore a silver manicure, gold eye shadow on her lower lash line, and gold rings on her ring finger! If you’re ready to try this, to make it work, don’t overdo it on either color. To create a silver and gold smoky eye check out PopSugar’s how-to.

Nail polis

Olive green perfect for military style.

Dark and Moody Color Palette

If you’re looking for colors to complement your fall wardrobe, you’ll find plenty of dark moody colors like plum and ruby, or shades like olive green for a military-ish look or even dark navy.

Heads up though if your nails are short – a dark color can tend to make your nails look even shorter. The way to avoid this is to not cover the entire nail with polish. Don’t paint to the very side of your nails and it will give the illusion of an elongated nail.

Something Lighter

The fun thing about this fall’s nail colors is there’s variety. On the lighter side, OPI offers a host of soft shades, bright colors like That’s Berry Daring, Tal the Cows Come Home, Green-wich village and plenty more.

If this is the kind of color palette you’re thinking of wearing this fall, check out the website for ideas.

I love it that fashion isn’t trying to pigeon-hole color choices to one type this fall. After all, think about how boring it would be if all the leaves changed to be the same color palette.

No matter which look you go for, the one thing that sure this fall is that manicures walking the fall runways have paved the way for personal preference to rule!

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Kate Middleton Back to Work in Style

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The Duchess of Cambridge officially ended her maternity leave this past Thursday when she showed up at the Anna Freud Centre in London in her first solo engagement since Princess Charlotte was born in May.

She looked tanned, relaxed, and sported the new fringe (bangs) everyone’s been talking about. She wore the same hairstyle a couple of years ago, and it suits her well, giving her a youthful updated look.

Kate Middleton Fringe
Her reason for the visit to the Anna Freud Centre was to learn more about how the Centre is helping change mental health care for children and young people.

She looked stunning in her black and white $1,944 Ralph Lauren belted shirtdress, and a light breeze played with Kate’s trendy new fringe as she greeted Michael Samuel, chairman of the trustees of the Anna Freud Centre.

The shirtdress showed off her slender waistline and is described on the Ralph Lauren website as the “Silk Austin Shirtdress” with a “supremely flattering fit.” In my opinion, it looked even better on Kate that on the Ralph Lauren model.

The Anna Freud Centre was Kate’s choice, and sources suggest it’s an interesting one that will set the tone of her work in the coming months as she explores mental health issues in children and emphasizes the importance of early intervention and a coordinated effort with family and in-school mental health services.

In his speech to her and other assembled guests, Michael Samuel, chairman of Trustees, said, “Your continued support on this very important issue will be an invaluable ingredient towards making the real and urgent progress which is necessary in this area.”

According to aides, the Duchess was looking forward to getting back to a limited program of engagements after enjoying the summer break with her two children Prince George (2 years), and Princess Charlotte (four months).

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Link Round-up: Chocolate Chip Pizza, DIY Burlap Wreath, Halloween, and More

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Link Round-up: Makeup Tips, Tex-Mex, Baked Onion Rings, and More

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Difference Between Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding and Engagement Rings

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Back in 2012 when actress Jennifer Aniston (46) became engaged to her now husband Justin Theroux (44), words used to describe her diamond engagement ring included adjectives like “ginormous,” “anything but discreet,” “huge” and “massive.”

You get the picture. It is an 8-carat radiant-cut diamond that can’t be missed.

I don’t expect stars to wear a simple diamond solitaire with a gold band, but when diamond engagement rings get as big as Aniston’s they look more like a prize out of a gumball machine.

I admit, that’s my opinion, and perhaps because of the types of roles she plays I wasn’t expecting it, because it just didn’t seem to fit her personality. After all, she seems to more the practical type, and that ring is anything but practical.

I was actually relieved to see she’s ditched wearing her engagement ring post-wedding, and that her wedding ring isn’t as ostentatious.

Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring

Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring

Aniston and her husband’s wedding rings were designed by a close friend and I think it shows. The designer, Mrs. Tobey Maguire, also designed Courtney Cox’s (Friends costar) engagement ring as well as jewelry for Beyonce, Blake Lively, and other stars.

In fact, Aniston has worn necklaces designed by her including a gold and diamond wishbone pendant necklace she wore on the big screen in in The Break-Up and He’s Just Not That Into You.

Aniston and her husband pulled off a surprise, private wedding back on Aug. 6, and we didn’t get a chance to see her wedding ring until she made her first public appearance following her honeymoon to Bora Bora. So when she walked the red carpet at the L.A. premiere of her new movie, She’s Funny That Way, I think her diamond encrusted wedding band got more attention than anything else she was wearing.

It’s a thick band that sparkles but still petite enough to look feminine. It’s glitzy with a touch of practicality. I like it.

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Bold Thicker Brows Make You Look Younger

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In the 90s we plucked and shaped, and sometimes even over plucked our brows. Some of those habits are hard to let go of, but if you haven’t noticed, a new trend is here.

The bold brow is in. I’m not talking about wild and unruly, but definitely bolder and thicker. The beauty industry has a ton of new products including pencils, brow brushes, powders, gels and waxes designed to help make your well-groomed eyebrows the focus.

Think Gwen Stefani and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Now before you scrunch up your nose and say anything negative about wearing thicker brows you might like to know that thick eyebrows make a face look younger because a more natural brow actually frames your face better. And with the new products available you can tame those stray hairs and fill in the sparse areas to complete the new trendy fuller natural look.

Along with Gwen Stefani, some other celebrities with fuller brows include actress and singer Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and even Jennifer Lopez has embraced a bolder brow. So if these red carpet regulars can pull it off and look great, so can you.

To get this look, line up a pencil with the side of your nose where your nostril begins. The tip of the pencil will show you where your starting point should be.

Then tip the pencil until it rests over the center of your pupil. This is the arch. The peak of the arch should be where the pencil crosses the brow. Lastly bring the pencil down to the corner of your eye at a 45-degree angle from the side of your nose to mark where the arch should end.

When choosing your color, it should be no more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. For best results select a powder palette that includes both light and dark hues and use the lighter powder first to fill in thin patches, and then add touches of the darker color as needed.

If you’ve over tweezed for years, it will take some getting used to, but your perfect brow shape (for you) is how they grow in naturally. Then groom them to remove a few stay hairs.

For guidance, take a look at celebrities who have a face shape similar to yours for complimentary options.

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Thin Swedish Model Told Her Hips Are Too Big

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According to the fashion industry’s standards, I’ve never been modelesque, and I’m fine with that. But there are still times when their “standards” really bother me, like now.

If you haven’t seen her yet, there is a young 19-year-old Swedish model by the name of Agnes Hedengard who has been told by agents and casting directors that her hips are too big.

When you see a picture of her, though, you know that is not the case. She’s thin but has shape, and she isn’t taking rejection lying down.

Hedengard has taken her case to social media via video, and it’s going viral. To give you an idea of her fitness level, her BMI (body mass index) is 17.5, which is considered underweight by the healthcare industry. That means her numbers and her appearance defy what the fashion industry is telling her.

I know that not everyone who wants to be a model gets to be one, but to be rejected because your hips are too big when they aren’t just seems absurd and continues to send a wrong message.

And while Hedengard may be young, I like her spunk. I like that she’s countering that message saying that a large part of the fashion industry is forcing absurd and sometimes impossible standards on models.

The problem is that Hendengard is being turned down based on her measurement’s which don’t fall in line with the cookie-cutter model norm.

In her video she says, “I have been in contact with big agencies and clients that really want to work with me, but as soon as they get a hold of my measurements, it’s a whole other story.”

Hendengard wants to be a model badly enough that she even tried starving herself to fall within the industry norm. But she is smart enough to know that’s not the answer.

However, it doesn’t make it any easier when agencies tell her she needs to get in shape to get work. This response has left her in a bind economically and emotionally, but she is determined.

Now her video has brought her case to the masses and it is garnering a lot of support because it shows clearly what the industry is calling “too big” and showcases the fact that the industry is still promoting an unhealthy body image.

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Melissa McCarthy Launches New Clothing Line

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Back in June, funny lady and actress Melissa McCarthy showed up at the premiere of her latest film, Paul Feig’s comedy Spy. The talk surrounding the star dealt with speculation about her weight loss.

The 44-year-old actress hasn’t revealed how much weight she has dropped¸but she’s done it sensibly over the last year. However these days, instead of talking about her weight loss she’s been talking about her new clothing line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7 which will be available in sizes four to 28.

In a comment to Refinery 29 she said, “If you’re going to make women’s clothing, make women’s clothing.”

Her point is that women come in all sizes and with seventy percent of women in the United States size 14 and above, which is technically plus size, she feels like many women are forced to shop in a “segregated plus section.”

With the introduction of her new line, she is denouncing the way the fashion industry talks about plus-size and saying that she finds it strange that they take the biggest category of people and tell them “You’re not really worthy.”

McCarthy’s new clothing line has just launched. For now it is available on HSN but she is working with a couple of “very big retailers” who have agreed to help her put her plus-size women’s clothing where it belongs…with the rest of the women’s clothing.

I can see where she is coming from, but I’m not sure that retailers created a plus size section to segregate anyone. I think it’s more of a way to organize things so people can find what they are looking for.

We have the Juniors, Misses, Women’s Plus, and Maternity. Can you imagine if they put all of that in the same department? It’s already hard enough to find what I’m looking for!

I’m thrilled McCarthy has a new clothing line for everyone; I’m just not sure we need to try and display it all in one place. What do you think?

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Link Round-up: Peach Ice Tea Butter, Snacks, Watermelon Centerpiece, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a DIY necklace, s’mores Rice Krispies treats, fig favorites, and more.

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