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Thin Swedish Model Told Her Hips Are Too Big

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According to the fashion industry’s standards, I’ve never been modelesque, and I’m fine with that. But there are still times when their “standards” really bother me, like now.

If you haven’t seen her yet, there is a young 19-year-old Swedish model by the name of Agnes Hedengard who has been told by agents and casting directors that her hips are too big.

When you see a picture of her, though, you know that is not the case. She’s thin but has shape, and she isn’t taking rejection lying down.

Hedengard has taken her case to social media via video, and it’s going viral. To give you an idea of her fitness level, her BMI (body mass index) is 17.5, which is considered underweight by the healthcare industry. That means her numbers and her appearance defy what the fashion industry is telling her.

I know that not everyone who wants to be a model gets to be one, but to be rejected because your hips are too big when they aren’t just seems absurd and continues to send a wrong message.

And while Hedengard may be young, I like her spunk. I like that she’s countering that message saying that a large part of the fashion industry is forcing absurd and sometimes impossible standards on models.

The problem is that Hendengard is being turned down based on her measurement’s which don’t fall in line with the cookie-cutter model norm.

In her video she says, “I have been in contact with big agencies and clients that really want to work with me, but as soon as they get a hold of my measurements, it’s a whole other story.”

Hendengard wants to be a model badly enough that she even tried starving herself to fall within the industry norm. But she is smart enough to know that’s not the answer.

However, it doesn’t make it any easier when agencies tell her she needs to get in shape to get work. This response has left her in a bind economically and emotionally, but she is determined.

Now her video has brought her case to the masses and it is garnering a lot of support because it shows clearly what the industry is calling “too big” and showcases the fact that the industry is still promoting an unhealthy body image.

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Melissa McCarthy Launches New Clothing Line

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Back in June, funny lady and actress Melissa McCarthy showed up at the premiere of her latest film, Paul Feig’s comedy Spy. The talk surrounding the star dealt with speculation about her weight loss.

The 44-year-old actress hasn’t revealed how much weight she has dropped¸but she’s done it sensibly over the last year. However these days, instead of talking about her weight loss she’s been talking about her new clothing line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7 which will be available in sizes four to 28.

In a comment to Refinery 29 she said, “If you’re going to make women’s clothing, make women’s clothing.”

Her point is that women come in all sizes and with seventy percent of women in the United States size 14 and above, which is technically plus size, she feels like many women are forced to shop in a “segregated plus section.”

With the introduction of her new line, she is denouncing the way the fashion industry talks about plus-size and saying that she finds it strange that they take the biggest category of people and tell them “You’re not really worthy.”

McCarthy’s new clothing line has just launched. For now it is available on HSN but she is working with a couple of “very big retailers” who have agreed to help her put her plus-size women’s clothing where it belongs…with the rest of the women’s clothing.

I can see where she is coming from, but I’m not sure that retailers created a plus size section to segregate anyone. I think it’s more of a way to organize things so people can find what they are looking for.

We have the Juniors, Misses, Women’s Plus, and Maternity. Can you imagine if they put all of that in the same department? It’s already hard enough to find what I’m looking for!

I’m thrilled McCarthy has a new clothing line for everyone; I’m just not sure we need to try and display it all in one place. What do you think?

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Link Round-up: Peach Ice Tea Butter, Snacks, Watermelon Centerpiece, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a DIY necklace, s’mores Rice Krispies treats, fig favorites, and more.

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Photo credit: An Aiming High Wife and A Beautiful Mess

18-Year-Old Downs Syndrome Model Walks at New York Fashion Week

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High fashion catwalks have been dominated for years by tall, thin models as they display luxury collections to celebrity audiences. However, some in the industry have gradually realized that diversity is attractive.

For instance, plus size models have made their way into the industry, with plus-size Tess Holliday becoming the largest model to land a major modeling contract. In fact, last year Evans created the first London plus-size catwalk.

But beyond color, beyond size, a fresh face has entered the modeling world in a whirlwind of popularity when her Facebook photos went viral. This model pushes barriers breached by only one other, actress Jamie Brewer who has Down syndrome.

This fall, 18-year-old Madeline Stuart will follow in Bewer’s footsteps and become the second woman with Down syndrome to sashay the catwalk at the biannual New York Fashion Week where she’ll model clothing for FTL MODA’s Winter/Spring show.

The brand will also feature models in wheelchairs, amputees, and others with physical disabilities as they join forces with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to show that “fashion is free from confines.”

Stuart’s Facebook page describes it best. She says, “I am a model, I hope through modelling I can change societies view of people with Disabilities, exposure is creating awareness, acceptance and inclusion.”

It was Facebook that first brought the 18-year-old Australian model into the spotlight after her stunning photos went viral. Since then, her and her mom, Rosanne Stuart, have been handling international modeling request including the opportunity to walk in the New York Fashion Week with MODA. She has also been working with EverMaya, a handbag company, and will be the face of a new line of handbags which has just launched. The bags are named after her.

Her mother, Rosanne Stuart, told Cosmopolitan that she isn’t surprised by her daughter’s success. “The world wants to be inclusive. It just hasn’t had anyone on such a platform that they were able to do it easily.”

I’m thrilled to see Madeline fulfill her dreams. Who knows what her impact will be on not only modeling, but the world!

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Link Round-up: Jewelry How-to, Camp Food, Makeup, and More

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Link Round-up: Potato Salad, Woven Necklace, Fairy Gardens, and More

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Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda and A Beautiful Mess

Lady Gaga’s Fiance Pays $295,000 for Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo Boots

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Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo boots. Have you heard of them? Well if you happened to see the 2010 VMA awards – the one where Lady Gaga wore a few different costumes including a meat dress, then you’ve at least seen these boots.

I remember seeing Lady Gaga wearing a gown that looked like it was out of Medieval times, and on her feet were boots that looked more like torture devices than footwear. Picture your foot in a ballet slipper on tippy toe – add a 12-inch heel and you get the idea.

At the time I thought it quite bizarre and one of her attention-getting gimmicks. However, now I learn that people actually pay big money for these boots.

Usually these boots are worn by models who are obligated to wear them down the runway, a feat I can’t imagine. But Lady Gaga is among the few who have had the courage to actually try to wear the boots in “real life.”

Since Lady Gaga wore those boots back in 2010, the original designer passed away, so they’ve become a rare commodity and Lady Gaga is now in possession of three pairs.

The British design house recently placed the three pairs of claw heels up for action from July 14 to 23 at Christie’s New York and all three sold to one person. Both Christie’s and Alexander McQueen announced the sale on their Instagram accounts, but at the time they did not reveal the buyer.

Lady Gaga shared the news herself on Instagram along with a photo of herself dressed in a nude-color onesie as she is zipping one of the pairs of 12-inch claw heels which were given to her by fiancé Taylor Kinney.

She posted, “When a gift comes to you from Heaven photo by Taylor Kinney best fiancé ever.”

Turns out he paid $295,000 for the three pairs, which exceeded the expected price which was $10,000 to $15,000 each. You think he overbid? I guess he wanted to make sure he won!

But they are rare. Turns out there were only 21 pairs of the shoes made for McQueen’s Spring 2010 show, so the iconic armadillo boots really are a collector’s item.

Either way, Lady Gaga has three pairs of Alexander McQueen boots and the profits from the bidding are being donated to UNICEF’s relief efforts in Nepal to help with all the needs following the earthquake there. It turns out that while she wore the shoes in the Bad Romance video and at the 2010 VMA, she hadn’t owned a pair until now.

Lady Gaga was seen wearing the emerald green pair of boots out in New York City and onstage at Madison Square Garden when she performed with U2. I wonder if they are insured.

Photo credits: Fully Uncensored

Jennifer Lopez’s Version of the Little Black Dress

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Jennifer Lopez turned 46 this past week, and she showed up for her party in the Hamptons looking as hot as ever.

She was accompanied by her on-again-off-again-on-again boyfriend, Casper Smart, as she sported a new shorter hairdo that adds to her youthful appearance. But people weren’t paying much attention to her hair; it was her dress that had everyone talking again.

J. Lo is famous for wearing sheer dresses and this little black dress was another to add to her collection. This transparent black number was designed by a little-known L.A.-based designer by the name of Bao Tranchi who has also been worn by Demi Lavato, Serena Gomez, Rita Ora, and Sereyah McNeil in Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart.

This dress incorporated cutouts, sheer fabric, and strategically placed panels that let her flaunt her hard body and left very little to the imagination. I mean you can see that the hours she puts in with her personal trainer are really paying off, but I wonder how many hours that is!

Let’s face it, not every 46-year-old can pull off a look like this, even if they have a personal trainer. She looks like she’s 20! Even her face. But that’s leads to a different sort of speculation.

So this hot birthday dress that everyone is still talking about was extremely low-cut and pretty much a sheer body stocking with strategically placed panels. But is it really the dress that’s so hot?

I’m telling you right now, that if I stopped to put that dress on and walked anywhere in public that people would not be so wowed. I applaud her hard work.

How did she celebrate the big 46? According to an Us Weekly source, “She was dancing all night, and she looked amazing.” And when J. Lo became a little overwhelmed by guests jockeying for a snapshot, Smart was said to step in and kindly ask her fans to back off so she could enjoy her fiesta.

Happy 46th J. Lo!

Photo credits: The Incredible World

Is the Word ‘Trophy’ Offensive to Women?

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Have you seen all the controversy over a T-shirt being sold at Target? There’s all kinds of activity on the store’s website with some of the customers claiming the shirt which bears the word ‘Trophy’ is offensive.

What do you think?

I’m not a trophy wife, but if someone wants to wear it and claim that title that’s up to them. I’m afraid we are growing into a culture that could lead to us wearing uniforms if we keep censoring what words or pictures can be depicted on our shirts.

The Target shirts are basic black shirts with the word ‘trophy’ written in white letters across the front. While some women act like the retailer is treating women and girls as objects, there are others of us out here who understand that if that’s the case no one will buy the shirt.

It might also be seen as somewhat of a joke by others who would wear it in fun. Perhaps that’s part of the problem. Are we losing our sense of humor along with our sense of freedom to buy and wear what we like?

The shirt has been on sale since June, but it wasn’t until it became a topic on Social Media that it has become an issue. Now people are using words like “sexist.”

Plenty of women have voiced their dissatisfaction, but turning it into a political issue is unnecessary. Just don’t buy the shirt. When things don’t sell, they go away. They are marketing the shirt toward women, so if the majority of women don’t like it, it will not sell.

Target issued a statement that says the shirt is part of a collection for brides and went on to say, “It is never our intention to offend anyone, and we always appreciate receiving feedback from our guests. The shirt is part of a collection of engagement and wedding shirts that are available in our women’s and plus size departments. The collection also included shirts that say ‘Team Bride,’ ‘Mrs.,’ and ‘Bride.’ These shirts are intended as a fun wink and we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our guests.”

So now we have the war going on. Why? Could it be a war between those with a sense of humor and those without?

While that could be, those who take life so seriously now feel it is their duty to come against the trophy shirt. Now there’s even a petition started on demanding that Target stop selling the $12.99 shirt. It has already received more than 700 signatures.

Is it me, or does it seem like the world has gone crazy. No I wouldn’t buy the shirt, but I can only think that if all this energy was used in doing something really useful instead of wrangling over words some find offensive and some don’t, that we could actually accomplish something that matters.

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