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Link Round-up: Homemade Snacks, Stress Survival Tips, and More

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Today’s link round-up features homemade snacks, stress survival tips, and more.

Design Décor showed us how to make homemade granola bars.

Create Craft Love showed us how to make a gold leaf mason jar vase.

Mommypotamus gave us some stress survival tips.

link ru cocktails

A Beautiful Mess shared 25 recipes for fresh squeezed cocktails you’ll love to share when you’re entertaining outdoors this summer.

Henry Happened shared four healing bath ideas for summer.

The Ribbon Retreat showed us how to make easy resin jewelry your daughter might love, too.

Positively Splendid shared a recipe for honey bun mini loaves.

Photo credit: Design Décor and A Beautiful Mess

Would You Wear a Crop Top Wedding Dress?

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With Kim Kardashian finally ready to get married, the talk of wedding dresses has accelerated with people speculating what type of dress she might wear. Current trends include “fashion forward” crop top wedding dresses, what is called naked lace, dresses with embellished backs and more.

2014 Spring Summer Wedding Dress Styles

Before you say, “No way,” be aware that crop top wedding dresses were on display recently at the bridal market in New York City as part of the spring/summer 2014 collections. Other styles included capes, column beadwork, naked lace, which is lace work over a nude underlay, and sexier than normal looks including plunging necklines and embellished backs.

Other non-traditional ideas include color. While pink is the color currently being embraced by brides, it isn’t really new. In medieval times it was a popular color and especially considered suitable for a May wedding. However some superstitious folk thought the color to be unlucky. There was even a saying, “marry in pink and your fortunes will sink.”

It turns out that Kim Kardashian is planning a May 24 wedding. I wonder if she is superstitious.

Colored wedding dresses in general are not new, but they are making a comeback as seen the the series finale of the “Private Practice” when Addison wore a light gray-blue wedding gown. In ages past, the different colored dresses meant something, but just like now, meanings changed with popularity and trends.

For instance, bright yellow was a popular color for a wedding dress in the 1700s, but before it became a trend, it was thought to be an “unholy” color to wear in church.

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only big name planning to tie the knot in the near future. We have Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Angelina Jolie looking at taking the plunge, too. All these women are trend setters, so it will be interesting to see whether they choose traditional, fashion forward, or something in the middle for their big day.

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Link Round-up: Allergy Help, Recipes, Home Decor, and More

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Today’s link round-up has allergy help, recipes, home décor tips, and more.

Chocolate Covered Katie gave us a recipe for oatmeal cookie dough dip.

Mommpotamus shared a recipe for Risotto alla Milanese.

Henry Happened told us what to sip for allergy relief.

link ru entryway
A Beautiful Mess shared some tips for styling an entryway.

The Ribbon Retreat taught us how to make a pony-o cheer bow streamer.

Positively Splendid shared a recipe for red pepper artichoke tapenade.

Tater Tots and Jello gave us a recipe for cheesy hashbrown casserole.

Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie and A Beautiful Mess

Does It Really Matter What You Wear to Work?

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When I was working in a real job, as opposed to working for myself, we had dress codes. This was back in the 1970s and I am pretty sure there was a dress code for everything back then.

If you were going to the grocery store, movies, or for a hair appointment, there were proper looks to maintain. Last week I was in court and I swear to you, there were at least four people in pajama pants and slippers.

They were obviously there for fashion infraction.

Anyway, I was reading an article on CNN about dressing for work. One of the items I found interesting was the copy of a memo from a law school which informed them what they should not wear on the job. One of the quotes was, ”I really don’t need to mention that cleavage and stiletto heels are not appropriate office wear (outside of ridiculous lawyer TV shows), do I?”

Louboutins. If you can afford them you don’t even have to worry about what you wear to work, you’re doing just fine.

Men are generally not told what they should or should not wear to work and it is often seen as one of those sexist things. I don’t think it is.  I haven’t ever seen a male lawyer in Louboutins. They all pretty much wear conservative attire.

Therein lies the difference. Women have a much larger variety of work clothes and career looks to choose from. A men’s suit is a men’s suit is a men’s suit, but women’s suits can mean a mini-skirt to peplum jacket with a bustier underneath.

I do think it matters what you wear to work. Presenting a professional appearance, looking well dressed for your career, and wearing appropriate clothing is something that tells others who you are before you say a word, whether you are male or female.


photo credit: COD Newsroom via photopin cc

Link Round-up: Citrus Scrub, Bunny Quesadilla, and Warm Weather

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Today’s link round-up is all about enjoying the spring and warm weather that’s right around the corner.

Mommypotamus taught us how to make a citrus body scrub.

How About Cookie made a fun, fruity little oatmeal breakfast that looks like an owl.

Cincy Shopper taught us how to make your own version of Starbucks’ passion tea lemonade.

link ru easter quesadilla

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons made an adorable Easter Bunny quesadilla dinner.

A Beautiful Mess whipped up the perfect summertime concoction: toasted coconut margaritas.

Crafts Unleashed showed us how to make a spring burlap wreath.

Create Craft Love inspired us with some DIY polka dot shoes.

Photo credit: Mommypotamus and Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Corset Diet Is Really Not a Diet

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What is being called the corset diet is all the rage. Women are squeezing into these tight fitting under garments in hopes of getting a smaller waistline.

This extreme slimming trend has nothing to do with diet, other than the fact that you may eat less when your insides are all squished and compressed. It reminds me of scenes from 100 years ago when women held on to the bedpost while someone tightened the corset for an unrealistic hourglass figure.

I’ve never had a small waistline for my size. It’s one of those elusive, “I wish I had…” kind of things. So when I saw there was a diet that can take 3-6 inches off your waist I was interested, until I saw that it really wasn’t a diet after all. It’s really corset training, and it’s even done under the care of a doctor!

Women who are tired of trying and failing to get a smaller waist through dieting and exercise are turning to “corset training.” One woman I saw interviewed actually said her goal is to have a “tiny waistline like a Barbie doll.” She already had a 26″ waist but was going for 23″ and her doctor said that it is a realistic goal. Makes me wonder what she’s paying for his help.

Wearing a corset is a way to “train” your waist to be smaller without exercise or diet. It compresses the bottom ribs up and in which makes the space between your ribs and hips look smaller. It makes me think of when I take off my wedding ring and how my finger is thinner beneath it because I wear it all the time.

I just can’t imagine wearing a corset all the time, though. However, I bet it could make you uncomfortable enough to eat less so maybe in a way it could be diet.

Photo credits: din_bastet

Link Round-up: DIY Beauty Tips, Easter Treats, Energy Bites, and More

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Today’s link round-up has DIY foundation and gel manicures, an Easter treat, energy bites, and more.

Mommypotamus taught us how to make foundation powder.

How About Cookie talks about the tools you need to create bento boxes.

A Beautiful Mess taught us how to do your own gel manicure at home.

link ru reeses sunflower pops

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons showed us how to make adorable Reese’s peanut butter cup sunflower pops.

I Should Be Mopping the Floor whipped up some peanut butter and oatmeal energy bites.

Melly Sews showed us how to put together a dry erase placemat to keep the kids entertained.

Honestly WTF taught us how to create a jeweled paracord bracelet.

Photo credit: Mommypotamus and Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Just Me and 500 of My Closest Friends

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I have noticed over the past couple of years that it is increasingly difficult for me to read offline. I got around it for a long time by getting those magnifying reading glasses that they have at the store, but eventually I had to admit that it was time for an eye appointment. After all, it had been 40 plus years since my last one.

I was surprised when the optometrist said that my eyes were basically in good shape and I just needed a light prescription for reading. Of course, I read and write constantly so this meant that I would be wearing glasses more than I wouldn’t be. I wanted some that looked incredible. Something that would make me look intelligent yet sexy and would highlight what I consider to be my best feature — my eyes.

How hard can that be?

My husband and I ended up in a store surrounded by hundreds of colors and styles of glasses in all sorts of prices from very plain and inexpensive to dear-God-I-could-buy-a-car-with-that. Invariably I picked up the latter.

Honestly I had a really hard time deciding. It’s part of my ADD or OCD or just weird personality that I can’t make a decision. I stress over it. My husband watched as I switched from frame to frame and his answer was always the same, “You look gorgeous. Get those.”

Silly man.

Finally, I did what any one of you would do. I got on Facebook and started taking pictures.

“What about these?” I typed under a picture of me with big Harry Potter frames.

Too big for you face. No! Those are cute. The answers were as varied as the people on my friends list.

It took about an hour, maybe even a little more, but my Facebook friends and I worked through nearly every pair of glasses on the wall. Round ones, square ones, wire frames, tortie frames, retro 1950′s cat’s eye glasses — you name it and I tried them on and snapped a picture. I really felt bad for anyone who wasn’t shopping with me that day because their feed must have been inundated with crazy pictures of me.

Of course, everyone had a different idea about what was good and I eventually narrowed it down to three pair with the help of my trusty iPhone and 500 of my closest friends. From there it was relatively easy to choose the frames I (and 500 of my closest friends) liked best. They were on the pricey side, slightly rectangular, wine colored frames from Dolce & Gabbana.

I love them.

I have thought a lot about how iPhones have changed our lives. I mean, my husband can go to the store to pick something up and if he isn’t sure it’s right he can send me a picture of it and get immediate feedback. I can take 500 people with great fashion sense shopping with me whenever I need to and get up to the minute advice from fashion experts. Have to choose a new hair color? No problem, just hop online and pose your question.

I think being able to ask advice from so many friends has made shopping much easier and a lot more fun. What do you think?

photo credit: tiarescott via photopin cc

Link Round-up: Samoas, a Workout, Fashion Inspiration, and More

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Today’s round-up has a healthy version of Samoas, a workout, fashion inspiration, and more.

A Beautiful Mess gave us an idea for celebrating spring—a sign with flowers.

Blogilates gave us the craziest ab-flattening waist-whittling workout ever.

Alisa Burke gave us fashion inspiration by styling one dress three ways.

link ru samoas

Chocolate Covered Katie showed us how to make healthy Samoa Girl Scout cookies.

Drawings Under the Table taught us how to make whipped body butter.

Infarrantly Creative showed us a genius measurement conversion chart.

Almost Makes Perfect showed us how to make a DIY copper wood paper towel holder.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess and Chocolate Covered Katie