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Nick Cannon Covers Mariah Tattoo with New Ink

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Since Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s separation became public, Nick Cannon has found himself in the spotlight.

Everyone wants details, and in a recent interview Cannon admits that he understands that, but finds the way some people judge how you deal with personal life is a little harsh, but that along with that he says he knows it’s what he has signed up for.

Nick Cannon tattoo

Nick Cannons new ink in process

Personally, he deals with it better than most. The separation is not easy, and he admits he’s not the type to ignore people or to say nothing. So that makes him a prime target for reporters digging for the juicy details.

On top of that, he admits it’s hard listening to people dissect his personal life.

I love him as the host of America’s Got Talent…his sense of humor, his interaction with both contestants and judges, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking. But this past season of AGT I could see he was a little troubled, though he covered it well.

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, he put it this way. “I’m not Kanye. I’m not going to be wrestling at the airport. And I’m also not somebody who’s gonna keep silent.”

When Extra asked him how he’d dealing with all of it he said, “I’m just trying to be the best person I can be.” I love that answer. It shows he cares how things are handled and wants to do things the right way for all involved, but at the same time, he’s moving on.

His Mariah tattoo is gone. He used to have a large tat of her name across his back which was actually a wedding present for her. Now that tat is being transformed into a new piece of body art – a crucifixion tattoo.

It’s still in the process, and he was a little upset when paparazzi caught him with his shirt off before it is done. It’s going to take over 40 hours in the chair, plus he’s getting a sleeve done. We’ll have to wait and see what he walks away with.

His kids are currently on tour with Mommy, and Nick says that it is all good. They are in constant contact, and he wishes Mariah all the best.

When the media doesn’t have details, they like to make up stories based on the little they know. Breakups are hard enough. I wish both Nick and Mariah all the best as they try to move forward.

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Joan Lunden Hopes to Empower Others with Cancer

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At 64 years of age, former Good Morning America host, Joan Lunden, has undergone chemotherapy and a lumpectomy since her diagnosis with triple negative breast cancer three months ago.

The mother of seven went public about this aggressive form of cancer while speaking with cancer survivor Robin Roberts and told People magazine, “I was handed an opportunity to learn everything that I can about this and try to help others.”

Lunden received some valuable advice from Roberts who shared that waiting for your hair to fall out is excruciating. So Lunden decided not to wait.

Instead she owned it and took matters into her own hands one week after her first chemo treatment. She voluntarily shaved offer her beautiful blond hair and when she did she realized how much it affected her.

“I’m almost reluctant to say it because it sounds superficial. But when you lose your hair, it just affects the way that you look at yourself in the mirror. You feel less feminine, pretty or desirable, and it’s not an easy thing to go through.” – Joan Lunden

When she had the opportunity to make the cover of People, she had a decision to make. To wear her wig or pose without it. She decided going without the wig might be a way to help others and show women that losing your hair  ”isn’t the end of the world.” She found the experience empowering in a big way.

Joan Lunden Tweens
Lunden hopes to be a voice for the quarter of a million women diagnosed with breast cancer every year. She said, “I wanted to show that your health is more important than your hair.” She will continue her fight against cancer as a special correspondent for the Today show next week as they kick off their Breast Cancer Awareness month coverage.

Lunden believes many women don’t get breast exams because they are afraid of losing their hair. During her own experience, she says, “Your hair grows back after you stop chemo…and then you have your life.”

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Link Round-up: Life Purpose, Fall Treats, Parties, and More

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Today’s link round-up has information about living one’s purpose, fall treats, party ideas, and more.

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons showed us how to make fall owl Rice Krispie treat pops.

Mind Body Green shared five things people living their purpose do differently.

Cupcakes and Cashmere shared five common skincare mistakes—and tells you how to fix them.

link ru cocktails

A Beautiful Mess shared two easy party cocktail recipes.

Create Craft Love showed us how to make a Gothic Halloween table setting.

DIY Inspired shared some Little Mermaid party ideas.

Jolly Mom shared a recipe for Frosted Flakes chocolate chip marshmallow cookies.

I Love to Create taught us how to make Halloween burlap pillows.

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Magician Wins America’s Got Talent First Time Ever

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I enjoy watching talent shows, and of them America’s Got Talent is my favorite. First of all the judges, Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel are so different from one another and yet work well as a panel.

In fact, I’m surprised to admit, Howard Stern is probably the most astute of the judges and has an eye for talent and the ability to offer constructive criticism that’s actually helps contestants if they are smart enough to listen to him.

Another reason I like the show is that it offers a diverse spectrum of talent. Yes, they have their share of singers and musicians, but all ages are represented. Beyond singing or playing an instrument this year we were thrilled by hand balancers, magicians, comedians, acrobatic acts, and dancing combined with technology with exciting and entertaining effects.

AGT 2014 talent brought to the America’s Got Talent stage was the best ever. Of the top six acts, I thought four of them could be the winners, it was that crazy good. And this year the level of magic brought to the show was astounding.

Acts sent home during the semi-finals in other years could have been the winner, but with the level of talent this year it wasn’t meant to be. Within those semi-finals there were three magic acts and they were all good but of them, only illusionist Mat Franco moved into the top six finalists.

The self-taught illusionist from Rhode Island had dreamed of this since childhood and said, “It feels amazing! It feels great, fulfilling, emotional, all at once in a way that I can’t describe.”

Other finalists included singer Miguel Dakota, 12-year-old soul singer Quintavious Johnson, the jazz quartet Sons Of Serendip, and the daredevil acrobatic group AcroArmy, and then it was narrowed to just Mat Franco and singer Emily West.

Both were worthy of a win, but a magician had never won…until now. Congratulations to Mat Franco. If I make it to Los Vegas I’ll plan to see his show.

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DWTS Celebrity Contestants Announced for Season 19

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Dancing With the Stars Season 19 is due to air starting Sept. 15. The 13 new celebrity contestants have been announced.

With all the changes that have taken place on the show, I confess I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d watch, but now that they’ve announced the contestants, I admit, I’ll watch at least the first show or two to see how it goes.

While I’m always reminded of how many “celebrities” I don’t know by name, once they tie the stars to their past roles I do recognize most of them.

For instance, Alfonso Ribeiro played Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Once I put the name with the actor, I couldn’t help but remember the “Carlton dance” when he danced to Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual.

In fact, they brought that up as they talked to the stars on Good Morning America and even mentioned the possibility of incorporating it into one of his routines. For me that’s a hook. I’ll tune in. He’ll be paired up with Whitney Carlson.

Others I recognized include Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame who will be teamed with Mark Ballas, and NASCAR’S two-time Daytona winner Mike Waltrip who will be dancing with Emma Slater.

I didn’t recognize Lea Thompson’s name right off, but then they said she starred in Back to the Future. Once I Googled her, I knew she played Marty’s mom. Her partner is Artem Chigvintsev.

Others I didn’t know at all, include Tommy Chong, a comedian, Travis Smiley, a talk show host, and Betsey Johnson a fashion designer. And lastly was Antonio Sabato, Jr. from General Hospital. I didn’t recognize him at all, though he is really good looking! You see I gave up the soaps decades ago because for me they were too time consuming.

The last two contestants were Pretty Little Liars actress Janel Parrish, and beauty guru Bethany Mota.

I never know all the celebs when DWTS starts a new season, but by the end of the season most of them are famous in my eyes. I admit I was reluctant to watch with the changes that have taken place, but Alfonso Ribeiro and Sadie Robertson will have me tuning in.

Do you plan to watch this season?

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Link Round-up: Keep Your Laptop Safe, Fridge Scrabble, Snacks, and More

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Today’s link round-up has tips for keeping your laptop safe, a way to play Scrabble on the fridge, snacks, and more.

Aunt Peaches showed us a cute seating card display ideas—it uses paintchips.

What the Fork Food Blog showed us how to make homemade peach ice cream.

Southern Girl Ramblings taught us how to make pumpkin cheesecake bars.

link ru fudge balls

Chocolate Covered Katie shared a recipe for secretly healthy chocolate fudge balls.

A Simple Pantry showed us how to make spicy cilantro lime popcorn.

About a Mom shared some tips for keeping your laptop safe.

I Love to Create Blog showed us how to set up an ongoing Scrabble game on the fridge.

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Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Calling It Quits

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Last week the Hollywood gossip mill claimed that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had been living apart for months and that their marriage was heading toward divorce. The fact that they are living apart is a fact. That they are divorcing is another fact. The why behind that is where the rumors swirl.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Mariah allegedly suspected him of cheating and even hired security guards “to make sure he stayed away from other women during club appearances.” If that is true, that’s no way to make sure your husband stays faithful because it is forced. Some rumors even bring Kim Kardashian into the mix as the reason for the break up.

I admit I’m a Nick Cannon fan. I think he is one of the best talent show hosts out there, if not the best. He brings his comedic talent to the stage and makes the perfect connection between contestants, judges, and those of us watching America’s Got Talent from home.

When I learned he was married to Mariah Carey, I was a bit surprised because their personalities are so opposite, but then opposites attract, right?

According to recent reports, Nick is the one who is deciding to call it quits and believes the decision is best for his family because in his view Mariah’s mental state isn’t healthy for his family. He fears the environment generated around his soon-to-be-ex is toxic for his kids.

The way he describes it is as a chaotic living situation. He claims Mariah’s people’s primary concern is making money. Considering she’s made a living as a diva with a great voice, I could see how “her people” might think the biological clock is ticking on her career as she approaches 50.

Nick says his goal in leaving the marriage is to create a safe haven for his kids that is separate from the chaotic home environment with Mariah. He believes the kids have already shown signs of emotional upset with the current situation and he wants to change that.

As with any divorce, there are two sides to the story and they are the only ones who really know the whole story. Mariah is 44, Nick is 33, and their twins are 3.

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Kelly Osbourne Launches Stories Clothing Line

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Kelly Osbourne is launching a brand new clothing line called Stories with Chapter 1 available in late September. The contemporary line includes 13 looks designed for all women with sizes ranging from 0 to 24 (US sizing).

Prices will run between $55 and $170 and will be available exclusively through HSN for the first month. One month after the launch, the brand will also be available on Bluefly, which delivers to several markets around the world. Osbourne’s goal isn’t to become number one but to provide quality fashion for all sizes at fair prices.

“My collection is titled Chapter One. We’ll go onto Chapter Two as we develop. My mission is not to be the number-one fashion designer in the world. I’m not trying to change or come up with anything that people haven’t already done. I’m just trying to make fashion fair and make good quality basics available to all women.” – Kelly Osbourne to Women’s Wear Daily

Osbourne has dreamed of starting her own fashion line for a decade. During that time she has grown as a TV personality, and now the 29 year old has joined with the Australian brand Jupi to make her dream come true.

According to WWD, the designs available in Chapter 1 include 13 ready-to-wear designs. Singers Taylor Swift and Ciara have already ordered four items including a cap-sleeve sheath dress, a polka-dot jumpsuit, a Union Jack-inspired drop-waist dress, and a rose adorned polyester chiffon blouse.

I like the “Stories” branding with the release of collections as chapters. It’s a creative idea that actually relates to the product. Osbourne says, “I believe that every time you wear something, you have a story of where you wore it, whether it be good or bad.” She’s got a point, but let’s face it, it’s another chapter in this TV personality’s career, too.

Photo credit: The Heart of Truth

Zoe Saldana Shows Off Baby Bump in Ice Bucket Challenge Video

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I first fell in love with Zoe Saldana as Uhura in the movie Star Trek and the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. She also stars as Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy as the lethal green-skinned superhero with a heart of Gold.

Buzz about Saldana being pregnant started surfacing last July, but I don’t pay much attention to rumors like that. Think of Jennifer Aniston and how many times rumors have circulated she has a baby on the way. I’d rather wait until the person is ready to actually share their news with the world.

The rumors about Saldana expecting weren’t confined to tabloids. Other media outlets like E!News and The Hollywood Reporter said their sources confirmed the rumors to be true. But until this week, Saldana neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. She just didn’t go there.

However that all changed when she showed off her baby bump in an video for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge posted on Aug. 19.

If you haven’t heard of the challenge I’d be surprised because it is all over the Internet. As of this writing donations to the ALS Association have exceeded $31 million. The money will be used to help provide care services to assist people with ALS and their families and to help discover a treatment and eventually a cure.

In the video, Saldana says, “I am accepting James Gunn’s challenge to take on the ice bucket challenge in support of finding a cure for ALS. Obviously I can’t do it myself….” The 36-year-old star gives viewers a side profile that highlights her baby bump and continues, “So I nominate my husband to take on the challenge.”

She then introduces her husband Marco Perego who is the lucky guy that gets to dumps a tub of ice water over his head and body. It is for a good cause though and Saldana does remind viewers to donate.

Photo credits: Cynthia Cruz