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Angelina Jolie Misses “Unbroken” Premier Due to Chicken Pox

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I remember having chicken pox when I was a kid. It was like the curse of a thousand mosquito bites. Today with the chicken pox vaccine, I can’t remember the last time I knew someone who had the nasty itchy blisters.

Chicken pox is not only inconvenient but is also contagious. So when I heard Angelina Jolie had chicken pox, the first thing I thought was “at least it’s not shingles.” But shingles is what the chicken pox virus does to people 50 and up.  Angelina is only 39.

Having chicken pox means she was around someone contagious. and it happened at a time when she has a full schedule with the promotion of the movie “Unbroken” which she directed.

Even though her case of chicken pox is deemed mild, it has still sidelined her from public appearances lined up to promote the film, which is about former Olympian Louis Zamperini. The chicken pox timing isn’t good, but there’s never a good time to be sick or contagious for those of us who have a full schedule.

Universal Pictures made the announcement on Friday, Dec. 12, letting the public know Jolie would not be able to make the L.A. premiere, but said her kids and husband, Brad Pitt, will represent her for the event.

Jolie did appear in a YouTube post showing fans that she’s okay and that her chicken pox are mild. In it, she says, “I will be home itching and missing everyone. I can’t believe it, because this film means so much to me… But such is life. There it is.”

Her case of chickenpox came just days following the Sony cyber-attack that revealed she was badmouthed by top Hollywood executives in private emails which were made public. Plus her film was ignored by the Screen Actors Guild and the Golden Globe awards.

All this is a perfect example of how even rich, famous people have their ups and downs. I wish her all the best with the film. It’s one I plan to see.

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Len Goodman Leaving DWTS After Next Season

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All good things must come to an end, and for Dancing With the Stars, Len Goodman’s announcement that he’s leaving the show after next season is sad news.

Even though I knew logically that it would happen, eventually, I still hate to hear he’s leaving. I think his personality and honest expertise really add to the judges’ panel.

He made the announcement over the weekend. He has also announced he won’t be judging the January/February 2015 tour of UK’s Strictly Come Dancing on which DWTS is based.

However, he’s not planning on leaving the British hit. He told British reporters, “Next year, I’m not going to do the flying backwards and forwards [from England to the United States]. I’m not going to do the American show.”

Len Goodman is 70 years old, and is the most senior member of the Dancing with the Stars judging panel. His wife and son live in England. Plus his mother is hospitalized over there, so he has good reason to make the change. In his words, he said, “I just need a bit of time off to get on with a normal life.”

At this point ABC hasn’t commented on his leaving, but some speculate that ABC probably saw this coming and that’s why they added Julianne Hough as a fourth judge this past season. We may never know if that’s the case, but they have put pieces in place to fill the void when Goodman leaves.

Truthfully, I can’t imagine making the intercontinental trek for ten years. His announcement comes on the heels of pro dancer Cheryl Burke announcing she was leaving the show.

It makes one wonder about the future of the show. I can’t help but think of what happened to American Idol when Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell left. I guess only time will tell what’s in the stars for the future of DWTS. For Goodman, “Dancing with the Stars, next year is their 10th year … so I think that’s a nice place to stop.”

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Susan Boyle Has First Boyfriend at 53

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Back in 2009 the world meet 47-year-old Susan Boyle on Britian’s Got Talent. Simon Cowell asked her “What’s the dream?” and she responded, “I’m trying to be a professional singer.”

There was a bit of the Cowell rolling of the eyes but all that changed by the time she sang the first phrase of “I Dreamed a Dream.” Cowell and the other judges registered surprise and delight after just the first phrase. That year she went on to win the contest and achieve her dream.

Cowell had asked her why it hadn’t worked out before then and she admitted she hadn’t had the chance. She didn’t go into the fact that in 1997 she had put her dreams on hold to care for her ailing mother. It wasn’t just her singing dream that was put on hold, but dreams of life in general.

As she approached 50, she’d never even had a boyfriend. But now that is no longer the case. Susan is now seeing an American doctor, according to Britain’s The Sun newspaper and with that news, I can’t help but think of that first song she sang on Britian’s Got Talent. One of the verses says,

Still I dream he’d come to me

And we would live the years together

But there are dreams that cannot be

And there are storms we cannot weather

She reached her dream of becoming a professional singer and is known globally. But she’d never known a romantic relationship, and even eluded to the fact that she had never been kissed.

Now at 53, she has entered into the first stages of her first romantic relationship and I am happy to see it. The two met recently while she was on a six-week promotional tour here in the U.S.

Boyle has chosen not to reveal the doctor’s name because it wouldn’t be fair to him, but she did say he is a doctor from Connecticut, and that he was a “perfect gentleman.” They enjoyed a romantic lunch together, and the two have plans for him to visit her at her home in Scotland.

Not that this guy might be THE guy, but you never know. It’s always nice to see dreams come true, especially to someone who sacrificed so much.

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Link Round-up: Paper Bag Pirate Puppet, Stencils, Pie Parfait Shots, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a paper bag pirate puppet, stencils for cakes and beverages, pie parfait shots, and more.

Homemade Interest taught us how to make easy pie parfait shots.

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Crafts by Amanda showed us how to make a paper bag pirate puppet.

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The DIY Dreamer taught us how to make a beaded wrap bracelet with the kids.

Photo credit: Homemade Interest and Crafts by Amanda

Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Winner

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Another season of Dancing With the Stars is history, and I think it was one of the best seasons ever. I mean that in the sense that all four of the final couples were good enough to win.

It wasn’t a slam dunk and I was actually rooting for either Sadie Robertson and partner Mark Ballas or Alfonzo Ribeiro and his dancing partner Witney Carson. It’s like I couldn’t decide which I hoped would win because they had both worked hard enough and done well enough to earn it.

Alfonzo had struggled with a groin injury since he performed the “Carlton” dance, and then in subsequent weeks he suffered back problems because he was compensating for his groin. They talked about it, but when he performed, it’s like he mentally ignored the pain and let the adrenaline take over.

Just watching him dance I would never have known he was hurt. He became a true underdog with rumors circulating that he may have to drop out of the contest because of his injuries.

Then there was Sadie Robertson. She had little dancing background, but you’d never know it when you watched her perform.

For her, there was the issue of her parents having a say in costuming and dance moves that overshadowed things at the beginning, but that bit of controversy dissipated as she proved herself a worthy competitor.

The season 19 finale brought it all to a head. It was narrowed down to two couples. Alfonzo and Witney, and Sadie and Mark.

Tom Bergeron announced, “The wait is over! The Season 19 Champions are…Alfonzo and Witney!” Confetti rained from overhead, and everyone applauded including Sadie and Mark. Alfonzo had tears in his eyes, and the whole ballroom exploded in celebration.

It was a season finale that will be hard to beat. And Alfonzo is not stopping. He announced he’s joining the DWTS Tour, a 90 minute live performance. Dance on Alfonzo and congratulations!

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Chris Hemsworth Named World’s Sexiest Man

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I’m not one who usually follows things like who People magazine decides is the world’s sexiest man. Often when I hear their choice, I scratch my head and wonder how they came up with their pick.

However, this year it is Chris Hemsworth. If you don’t know who that is, think Thor, that muscular, hammer-wielding super hero who doesn’t need to wear a muscle suit to look like he has muscles.

In real life, Hemsworth is good looking with long hair, short hair, a beard, clean shaven, and with or without his accent. But you know what’s really attractive about this Australian? It’s his personality. At least that’s the way I saw it when Jimmy Kimmel made the big reveal.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth as shirtless Thor.

Hemsworth joined Kimmel via Skype with the bag over his head to hide his identity, while Jimmy Kimmel cracked jokes about how he didn’t make the cover again this year.

Before he revealed Hemsworth’s identity, the studio audience had a chance to ask questions and guess who it might be. They used one of those gadgets which change a person’s voice to protect their identity.

Even though his face was hidden, the white tee he wore didn’t hide his muscular build. That was about the only visual clue the audience had before a few people were allowed to ask some yes and no questions.

The first question was whether or not he was in a band. Since Adam Levine was in the running, perhaps she thought it was him, but really the lack of tattoos would have ruled him out.

The next question was whether he felt like “just driving a Lincoln” which would have pointed to actor Matthew McConaughey who does the Lincoln commercials. Another woman asked if he and been the world’s sexiest man before. The first question with a yes answer was to whether or not he was an actor.

When asked if he was single, and he said no there was an audible sound of disappointment from the audience. Once they found out he was not born in the USA, the next question was whether or not he had ever played a super hero in a movie.

The next question was whether or not he had a famous sibling…which he does. His brother Liam is also an actor. This was followed by, “Does that hero use a hammer.”

I started to wonder if they were asking more questions because they didn’t know his real name. I mean, I’m terrible about actor names until they’ve been around a long time. Even as I watched and knew it was “the guy who plays Thor” I confess, I didn’t know his name, but a woman from Alabama did.

He slipped off the sack hiding his identity, and the audience cheered. He accepted his trophy and approached it all with a sense of humor. When asked if there was anyone he wanted to thank for this honor he said, “My parents I guess, for putting this together.” What a great line!

Hemsworth said the award gave him bragging rights around the house for a couple weeks with his model wife, Elsa Pataky (38). Together they have three children, daughter India 2, and 8-month-old twin sons Sasha and Tristan.

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Link Round-up: DIY Ornaments, Glittery Napkins, Activities for Preschoolers, and More

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Today’s link round-up has DIY ornaments, glittery Thanksgiving napkins, fall activities for preschoolers, and more.

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Crafts ‘n Coffee showed us how to make a felted snowball ornament.

Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda and A Beautiful Mess

Fresh Prince Cast Shows Support on DWTS

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“Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Alfonso Ribeiro has been holding his own this season on “Dancing With the Stars” despite injuring himself when performing his famous Carlton dance.

While I had hoped he’d go back to his Fresh Prince roots and perform the dance, I’ve been worried about him trying to compete and re-injuring or aggravating the injury. But he’s pushed through it and been amazing, and fans have been encouraging him along the way.

This past Monday, it turns out that his fictional Banks family showed up to show their support this past week, too.  His fictional sisters and co-stars Karyn Parsons and Tatyana Ali were there. We knew them as Hilary and Ashley Banks. They were joined by Joseph Marcell who played the Banks’ British butler, Geoffrey.

Ribeiro, who is now 43, gained his stardom on the 90s sitcom as the character, Carlton. It was fun to see him reunited with members of the “Banks” family on DWTS after all these years.  He told Us Weekly that it was “really cool” to have his lifelong friends watch him perform and offer their support.

“Joe’s [in] all the way from England. Just having [all of] them here was wonderful. They’re family to me. They’ll always be family.” – Alfonso Ribeiro via Us Weekly

Riberiro had told Us in a previous interview about how the cast of Fresh Prince had remained close after the show ended in 1996 and it showed on DWTS. It turns out that, Alfanso’s wife, Angela Unkrich, is even friends with Tatyana and Karyn.

Some people might think this was all a ploy to get more votes for Riberiro, but I think the support was genuine. The cast has remained close, and for years fans have hoped for a “reboot” of the show to bring the stars back into our living rooms each week.

However, E! News recently reported the revival of the 90′s favorite won’t be happening because of the death of James Avery last year. Guess we’ll have to settle for mini reunions like this one as well as Will Smith’s impromptu “Fresh Prince” performances.

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Big Bang Theory Star Dies at 62

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The Big Bang Theory fans received bad news this week when Carol Ann Susi passed away. If you don’t recognize her name, you might recognize her voice, for that’s what she was to the show. The brash Brooklyn voice of Mrs. Wolowitz, Howard’s mother.

CBS along with executive producers of the show released a joint statement saying, “The Big Bang Theory family has lost a beloved member today with the passing of Carol Ann Susi, who hilariously and memorably voiced the role of Mrs. Wolowitz.” The actress was only 62 years old when she passed following a brief fight against an aggressive form of cancer.

The statement went on to say, “Unseen by viewers, the Mrs. Wolowitz character became a bit of a mystery throughout the show’s eight seasons. What was not a mystery, however, was Carol Ann’s immense talent and comedic timing, which were on display during each unforgettable appearance.”

Even though I didn’t see her on the show, the news leaves a hole. It makes me think about how much stars can bring to a program even if they aren’t seen. It’s also sad that it took her death to make me take notice of who she is/was.

Her representative released a tribute to the actress that tells that she was passionate about Doctor Who, cooking and the Magic Castle, and drew fervent circles of followers. They referred to her as a “spunky Italian gal from Brooklyn.”

They also went on to say that she was fiercely loyal to her friends, and was as a “culinary genius.” She even won blue ribbons for competitive cooking competitions at the Los Angeles County Fair.

She had moved to LA in the 70s seeking a career in entertainment. While she didn’t become what you might think of as a “big name,” she appeared on Cheers, Doogie Howser, M.D., Mad About You, Just Shoot Me, Seinfeld, and Six Feet Under. That’s pretty big in my book.

In her most recent role, she played the role of Ms. Mancuso in a short film titled A Life, Taken which is yet to be released.

Hearing of her passing is sad news. Farewell Carol Ann, you will be missed.

She is survived by her brother, Michael.

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