Christmas Toy Ideas for 2017 – Dolls

Christmas Toy Ideas for 2017 – Dolls

Every year there are new hot toys for kids of all ages to sort through. With Christmas approaching, it is important to know what to look out for early on to be sure you don’t miss out on this year’s hottest toys. Below, we will be going over some of the top Christmas toys of 2017. As a mom, I love Christmas and always look for the hottest toys like these amazing dolls!

Top Christmas Toys:

1. Paw Patrol Sea Patrol

Paw Patrol continues to be one of the hottest shows that kids are watching. Therefore, you simply cannot go wrong when you opt to purchase a toy based on the Paw Patrol series. This is especially true when it’s apart of their brand new sea patrol collection.

2. Lego Star Wars BB8

With Star Wars coming out this year, you simply cannot go wrong with a Star Wars themed lego toy. Just about any Star Wars fan would appreciate this toy.

3. Fingerlings

Fingerlings have taken over the market and they are sure to be one of this year’s hottest toys. These toys make noises and they stay connected to you as long as you want them too. This is a great gift idea for any kid.

4. Nerf Nitro

You can never go wrong with a Nerf product. If your kid is a fan of playing with cars and Nerf toys, this might be what they are looking for this Christmas.

5. Amazon Kindle

It is never too early to start your kids off with books. The Amazon Kindle is a tablet but has the ability to load plenty of books on it which can be a great gift idea for your young one. Amazon is having excellent deals on their Kindles and even have low budget options that are excellent values.

6. Furreal Roarin’ Tyler The Tiger

This is another very popular toy that is expected to only get increasingly difficult to find as the season approaches.

7. Fisher Price Dance and Move Beat Bow Wow

This was one of the hottest toys of last year and it is expected to be just as hot this year. The robot dances and moves along with the music.

Overall, there are a lot of different toys that you are going to want to know about when it comes time for shopping season. By knowing the hottest toys beforehand, you should be able to get a leg up on the market and avoid missing out on the hottest toys for your kid(s).

Additional News about Christmas toys:

Do You Belong to an Online Community?

Do You Belong to an Online Community?

Other than your general Facebook and Twitter activity along with reading blogs and occasionally commenting, do you belong to an online community? I’m a member of a few, where there are message boards, photo sharing, etc.

Some have a specific topic while others have started on a single topic but morphed into close-knit almost-families that discuss anything and everything over the years.

Online communities are my way of staying connected, sharing ideas, coming up with new ones, and learning more than I ever would if left to my own devices in my own small suburb. It sucks the energy out of me to go out and try to meet new friends with similar interests, but online? It’s a Web search, a little lurking to see if you fit in, a couple of posts to test the waters, and boom—you’re in.

Having an online community doesn’t require scheduling for support or sharing ideas. I don’t have to say, “Oh, my husband has plans with his friends that night, so I can’t meet you for coffee. I don’t have a babysitter.”

I put my daughter to bed, make myself a hot beverage, and catch up. It’s easy. Convenient. It’s social interaction without all the social anxiety and timing conflicts, and you can get feedback from all types of women at once.

These social networks can give women, moms especially, so much that they might otherwise miss while trying to keep up with the demands of everyday life.

The flip side of that is that you get to feel like you’re giving something back, too—advice for a new mom, dating wisdom to the college girl, a shoulder to cry on when a woman has nowhere to vent about her husband’s affair because she doesn’t want the people in both of their lives to know yet

An online community is like an invisible safety net, where we can bat around ideas–frivolous or serious–without much complication.

Finding a good group of women and multiple perspectives can keep you sane and provide the adult conversation you crave. At the same time, you may find more purpose in life through the strong friendships that develop in the process.

There are no distractions, just words that could make you shift your perspective, feel comforted in a rough patch, or feel capable again when you help someone else. It’s a way to share a passion with other people who understand your hobby, support each other if you want to give up (fitness and writing communities are especially good for this).

Do you belong to an online community? How does the interaction with those friends affect your life? What does the community give to you and what do you give back?