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Kate Middleton Dispels Pregnancy Rumors

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Royal watchers were licking their chops at rumors that Kate Middleton was pregnant for the second time. The source of the rumor happened to be Prince William himself. He and Kate are enjoying a visit to New Zealand along with 8-month-old Prince George, and people are eating up every tidbit of news and interaction including one short statement that clearly hinted baby number two may be on the way.

As the royal couple continued their tour this past week, they paid a visit to a war memorial. One British well-wisher who had been commissioned by New Zealand’s government to make a wool shawl for the baby prince took the opportunity to present the gift to Prince William. He thanked her and said that she might need to “make another soon.”

The rumors started flying immediately. The woman who had made the shawl spoke to reporters and said it was “like he was dropping a hint, letting me in on a secret.”

Royal Couple
When I heard it, my brain raced with all kinds of thoughts. “Prince George is only 8 months old…just when she’s got her figure back…well she is 32 years old, probably wants doesn’t want to test the old biological clock….” If those kinds of thoughts went through my mind, I know others thought the same. It’s hard to imagine living life under such an intense spotlight!

The rumors were further strengthened because, just the day before, Kate happened to choose water instead of wine to make a toast at the unveiling of Queen Elizabeth II’s official portrait at the Government House. Once the hint was dropped, many assumed her avoidance of alcohol to be confirmation that Kate was in fact pregnant.

As fast as William’s remarks sparked the rumor, the Duchess was quick to dispel them. The royal mom attended a winetasting event at Amisfield Vineyard on the following Sunday and let everyone know indirectly but clearly that she is not pregnant. She told the winemakers that she was “really enjoying being able to drink again after having baby George.”

During the event, Kate sipped a glass of white wine, but took sips from Prince William’s glass of red, too. I think they continue to walk the perfect line as royals willing to show a little of who they really are. They will be leaving New Zealand and heading for Australia next, and some say there’s a visit to the zoo in baby George’s near future. I’m sure royal fever is sure to follow.

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Animal Planet’s “River Monsters” Most Watched

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Every once in a while, a TV show does better than expected and takes everyone by surprise. This season’s premiere of Animal Planet’s “River Monster” is one of those surprises. Statistics show that last Sunday’s show turned out to be the most watched premiere in the network’s history.

If you’ve never watched the show, it centers around extreme angler, Jeremy Wade, and the deadly fish he catches. I mean, he pulls things out of the water fitting of a horror movie that makes you never want to go back into the water. Yet, for some reason, we sit and watch to see the next monster.

On the 6th, the show reeled in 1.7 million viewers during the two-hour premiere of the show’s sixth season.

Along with being one of the largest audiences ever to watch an Animal Planet season premiere, “River Monsters” also ranked as the most watched premiere in network history within the key demographics: 975,000 in the adults 18 to 49 category and 639,000 in the males 18 to 49 demographic.

Along with the viewers who watched the show itself, “River Monsters” also introduced its first live aftershow with Jeremy Wade at ll:00 p.m. ET. The aftershow drew one million total viewers and cited an 85 percent increase in Twitter activity over the season five premiere.

The show investigated stories of a creature rumored to swallow men whole; a fresh-water monster said to be the largest such predator in the world. He also searched for a fish rumored to have killed up to 200 passengers on a sinking river boat.

Along with “River Monsters”, 58-year-old Jeremy Wade is also a British television presenter and author of books on angling. He’s an adventurer whose been fishing since he was 7 or 8 years old and it translates in his on-screen personality.

He’s exciting to watch and entertaining at the same time. Last season he even let an eel-like lamprey suck blood from his neck! The record-breaking viewership shows he’s doing something right!

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Mork and Mindy Together Again After 30 Years

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I confess, I was a “Mork and Mindy” fan. Hard to believe that sitcom was on from 1978-82. It was the show that made Robin William’s career take off as he played a wacky alien from Ork. He lived on earth with a sassy girl, Mindy, played by actress Pam Dawber.

Now after 30 years, the two are teaming up again on Williams’ new CBS comedy, “The Crazy Ones” next Thursday, April 10, at 9:30 when Dawber guest stars as Lily, Simon (Williams) new love interest. It will be fun to see the two of them work together again in another comedy.

Dawber admits that they worked well together on “Mork and Mindy” but she wasn’t always thrilled to play the straight man to Williams’ outrageous funny-man presence. Next to him, she felt “boring.” That goes to show you the difference in perception. People like me in the audience thought she was great and I loved her hair!

And let’s face it, without her “straight-man” part, Mork’s humor wouldn’t have worked like it did. Little by little, their working relationship grew to form a chemistry on film that made the show a hit and Dawber relaxed a little. So it will be fun to see the two of them work together again after all these years. Rumor has it that they had a lot of fun together in the “Crazy Ones” episode.

In real life, Dawber is married to “NCIS” star Mark Harmon. They married in 1987 and have two sons together. In 1989, Dawber started in “My Sister Sam” on  CBS, but after just two seasons, “Sam” co-star Rebecca Schaeffer was murdered by a demented fan. Dawber decided to take a step back from Hollywood and concentrate on family. Now she’s ready to return to the small screen with the “Crazy Ones.”

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Prehistoric Martha Stewart Was Here

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We’ve all learned about prehistoric cave paintings in school. We’ve all looked at the faded paintings on the walls, or pictures of them, and felt awe and wonder at an image that was thousands or millions (or whatever) of years old and yet reached out to us through the eons. I can remember feeling that way a couple of years ago when visiting Mayan ruins and they weren’t nearly as old.

We marvel at the intricacies of the work and accept without question when we are told that men painted these images, possibly to ensure a good hunt.

Only apparently it wasn’t men.

No one really ever knew for sure who or why. Like much of ancient history, there are a lot of assumptions made. Recently, researchers started to look at the hand prints that are around the paintings, the signatures of the artists in a way. They dipped their hands in paint and left their mark on the walls.

Oddly enough, they now say that the prints were made by women, based on the size of the hands and the length of the fingers. The findings were published in American Antiquity. Of the 32 stencils, some 40,000 years old, 24 are believed to be female.

Of course. Duh.What guy is going to stencil a cave wall without his wife coercing him?

I  think it was more along the lines of the wife wanting to make the cave look a little cozier. She probably had been hanging out on some prehistoric version of Pinterest and checking out Martha Stewartstone’s stenciled spears. Halfway through, they got into an argument about placement and started a paint war.

The rest is history.

Seriously though, this sort of turns what has been believed about those cave paintings around. Did these women paint the walls to encourage a good hunt  or were they just trying to make their house a home?

What do you think?

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Jessica Simpson Slips Back into Her Daisy Dukes

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Jessica Simpson played Daisy Duke in the 2005 Dukes of Hazard. That scene in the bar with those legs is etched into the memory of tons of guys as well as girls who could only wish they looked like that. To say she was famous for her figure is an understatement.

When you think about it, that’s a hard thing to live up to, because when you’re weight changes the public can be rather unforgiving.

I’ll never forget seeing her on TV at a football game in which her then boyfriend, Tony Romo of the Cowboys, was playing. Somehow Simpson became the scapegoat for the worst game of his life. Fans were ugly and some started talking about her weight. She wasn’t “fat” but she wasn’t Daisy Duke.

Can you imagine trying to live up to that image?

Life moved on for her and when she became pregnant with her daughter Maxwell her weight skyrocketed. When she stepped on the scales at her first Weight Watcher’s meeting she couldn’t believe how much she had gained.

Just about the time she started to drop some of that weight, she found out she was pregnant with her son. She stayed more active during her second pregnancy and only gained half the weight she had gained with her first pregnancy.

Since the birth of her son, we’ve all seen a slimming Jessica on the Weight Watcher’s commercials. She’s reached her goal weight, and I for one am happy for her. She is a real person, but in her case she is still compared to her Daisy Duke role of a decade ago.

No matter who you are, there’s a difference in how you look at 23 versus 33! And having kids does make changes to your figure. However, with all that, she was caught out and about in a pair of Daisy Dukes last weekend, and her legs look great! Way to go Jessica!

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Dear Gwyneth, Please DO Shut Up

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So, Gwyneth Paltrow has decided to consciously uncouple with her husband. This seems much more reasonable to me than if she was doing it unconsciously. After all, what kind of woman uncouples unconsciously? I’m sure you see the problem, right?

Uncoupling is so much nicer and less messy than an old fashioned divorce, too. Uncoupling is merely a disconnect. Trains uncouple, chemicals uncouple, and it’s not painful. Divorce is a tearing and it’s usually painful for everyone involved. So, you see? Uncoupling is much more mature. But, it’s not her uncoupling I want her to shut up about.

Gwyneth has been a little weird over the years. Here in Texas we call it “touched”. That term is usually followed with a murmured, bless her heart. For some reason known only to God, she decided to publicly announce that being an actress and a mom was much more difficult than just having an office job and being a mom.

Let’s let that sink in for a moment, shall we?

Sure, actresses have to spend long hours on movie sets. One article I read estimated that most actresses put in 14 hour days at work. That’s harsh until you consider that they get a couple of million per movie and usually do just a movie or two a year. Also, they have housekeepers, nannies, and personal chefs, so the time that they spend at home is down time.

How is that more difficult than getting off work at five, picking the kids up at day care, grabbing frozen corn dogs out of the freezer, and getting two loads of laundry done while you are giving the kids a bath and making notes for the presentation you’re doing in the morning?

No doubt she works hard but the idea that she works harder than a woman in an office or anywhere else is ridiculous. Thoughts?

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Did You Hear About Michael Jackson’s 31-Year-Old Son?

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DNA testing has proven 31-year-old singer B Howard to be Michael Jackson’s son with a “99.99999 percent” probability. However, the discovery, which was announced by FilmOn founder Alki David in early March, has raised questions regarding the authenticity of the so-called proof.

It turns out that the test results were said to come from a lab in Ireland called the “DNA Lab.” So far, no such lab has been located. Plus the graphic used in the logo for this lab seems eerily similar to the design featured in Terminator Salvation.

While this all sounds quite bizarre, B Howard announced that he did not authorize the testing of his DNA to be compared to Michael Jackson’s.

“To my fans, family, and friends, despite recent allegations, I did not authorize the testing of my DNA to be compared to that of the late Michael Jackson nor did I contact TMZ regarding the publication of the story.” B Howard via Yahoo Finance

According to Howard, he had agreed to be part of a documentary with FilmOn TV and was asked to give a sample of his DNA. He did so willingly, but he never agreed or expected it to be matched with Michael Jackson’s DNA. He went on to say, “To this day, I have never claimed to be Michael Jackson’s son nor do I have any intention of pursuing the family’s estate.”

If you’ve never heard B Howard sing, it’s worth looking him up on YouTube. His voice is reminiscent of Jackson’s for sure, which makes the story plausible. Plus, he’s as good looking as Jackson was before he started to ruin his looks with cosmetic surgery.

It is suggested that Howard is the love child resulting in an affair beween Jackson and R & B singer Miki Howard who had several hits in the 80s and 90s and who also appeared with Michael’s sister Janet in the 1993 movie Poetic Justice.

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12 Years a Slave Wins Oscar But Don’t Forget the Book

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I watched some of the 2014 Academy Award, but admit I skipped a good portion of it. I like to catch the biggies, like best picture, actor, etc. I wondered if Gravity might capture the coveted Best Picture title, but in the end 12 Years a Slave won the most coveted Oscar.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but plan to. However, I have read the book and I highly recommend it. It offers the real words and thoughts of Solomon Northrup, a black man born free in the North. He marries, has a family, but is torn from that life when he is kidnapped by slave traders, beaten severely for claiming to be free and transported against his will to the South where he is forced to work on a number of plantations plantations.

For the 12 years he’s enslaved, his only bedding is one horse blanket. He’s not allowed to read or write. His memoir was a bestseller during his time in the mid-1800s, but across the years it fell out of the public eye. Now the movie has resurrected the story, and the film has won several awards in the UK as well as the Oscar for best film.

This story is a jewel preserved from the past and now I’ve also found a second titled “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” written by Linda Brent. It was published back in 1861. In this case, it is a story of a girl born and reared in slavery. It was the only life she knew until she was 27.

She wrote the book to help people of the Free States to understand the reality of slavery. It is another eye-opener.

These books offer history in the form of personal voices with stories and insights that won’t make it to the pages of academic books and may not even make into a movie based on the story. The accounts shared cannot leave a person unchanged. Take time to read them.

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Paul McCartney Hair Color Woes

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I started seeing my first gray hairs at age 28 and ten years later I decided enough was enough. My grandparents went gray early and I wasn’t ready to embrace those genes. At first I colored my own hair, but the color faded and within a month between the faded color and roots that needed to be touched up I turned to a professional.

I liked the extra pampering and the color choice when I went to the salon, but it got quite expensive and I eventually went back to box color.

It started out dark…looked unnatural and made me look older than if I hadn’t colored my hair. The end result was I finally stopped coloring my hair and went natural. Yes, I’m more white-headed than I’d prefer in my ideal world, but I don’t miss trying to make my hair something it isn’t.

When I saw Paul McCartney on the Grammys, I couldn’t help but think about how his hair color choice made him look older than he needed to look. Here he was performing with Ringo Starr for the first time in years, and I couldn’t help but think about how Ringo now looked younger than Paul, when in reality Ringo is older.

I guess I wasn’t alone. The salon that use to do his hair, Guy Thomas Salon, has made it clear that they are no longer responsible for his color or cut. The star had started going to the salon back in 2004, but they parted ways in 2012 amid rumors that the music giant didn’t tip and didn’t want to pay extra for them to come to his home.

According to the Daily News, he thought it was too expensive and he’s gone back to coloring his own hair.

Who would ever think I’d have something in common with someone as famous as Paul McCartney! It’s just my opinion, but I think he looks better with shorter hair and a lighter color, though maybe he was counting on his color lightening up and it didn’t.

Unlike him, if I had the money to do it right, I’d probably still be coloring my hair professionally.

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