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Exercise Not Enough to Fight Obesity

Posted on May 27, 2015 by 1 Comment

I can’t lose weight if I don’t exercise and eat right. If I eat what I want and exercise, I’m lucky to maintain my weight. If I diet and don’t exercise, weight comes off so slowly that I get discouraged.

For example, there was a period a couple of years ago where I walked for an hour a day at least 5 days a week, but I ate what I wanted. I didn’t lose a single pound.

Now, a recent study by a team of British cardiologists explains why this is so. Researchers who published their findings in the May issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine have said it’s time to “bust the myth” that regular exercise is the way to fight obesity.

What the study shows is that regular exercise reduces the risk of developing a number health issues including: heart disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers, but it doesn’t “promote” weight loss.

The study concludes that obesity has “rocketed” over the past 30 years while there has been little change in the level of physical activity during that time. Findings conclude that “this places the blame for our expanding waist lines directly on the type and amount of calories consumed.”

In other words, poor diet leads to overweight and more. According to the study, poor diet generates more disease than physical inactivity, alcohol, and smoking combined!

Many of us (up to 40 percent) with normal body mass index have metabolic abnormalities that are typically associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and dyslipidaemia.

I think back to my own experience. When I eat healthy, I do lose, just slower than I want, even if I don’t exercise. I’m currently just a little overweight, and went and had some bloodwork done. Cholesterol is high. That’s diet.

As much as we want to eat what we want, when we want, that’s the thing that’s making us sick. Exercise is good for us but we need to eat for health if we really want to fight obesity.

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Human Barbie Spring Photos Show Six-Pack Abs

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Model Valeria Lukyanova, known as the “Human Barbie” due to her Barbie-like proportions and porcelain face, has just posted new photos of herself via Facebook.

While the photos show off her uber-tiny proportions, they also show something new. A set of six pack abs!

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova shows off six pack.

Her latest set of photos have stirred the pot of controversy one more time, and once again haters and body critics have responded. Some suggest she appeared even more distorted than usual in the photos.

She’s wearing a pair of skimpy faded shorts and a navy blue bustier that looks to be at least a size too small. But the thing most of the commenters seem to be focusing on is the six pack. That physical feature raised questions about whether the muscles are real or Photoshoped in.

After receiving all kinds of negative feedback from the latest photo updates, Lukyanova posted a long message in her native Russian via Facebook saying, “It is a pity that most people choose the path of degradation. If they see a man who has succeeded with something better than they are, they are ready to literally tear. Especially often I see it on the Internet.”

So she really thinks her Barbie doll look is better than looking real and she has said that the inspiration behind her new look is attributed to the Queen of the Amazon. In that same post she also admitted, “I am certainly still far from ideal, very far. But I strive for athleticism.”

I’m not a fan of what this girl has done to make herself look more Barbieish. How long will she strive for this persona? And how will she feel when she gets older?  Will she ever reach the look she wants?

Like I said, I don’t agree with what she has done, but it is her body. I don’t like the message she sends others with her distorted view of physical beauty, and I hope eventually she learns than inner beauty is what is really attractive.

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Do People Really Care what Hillary Clinton Is Wearing?

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People have picked on Hillary Clinton’s sense of style since the first time her husband was running for the White House. Back then it was mostly her hairstyle and she changed it.

To this day, I am fascinated as she changes hairstyles when she’s running for office because her hair is much like mine. Same cowlicks and limp fine texture. And while I don’t think it is really important to her, she knows it matters to some of those voters she hopes to draw to the polls.

I try to tell myself that I don’t care what she is wearing or how she styles her hair, but I often look at her style choices and say to myself, “That’s not a good choice for you.” In my opinion, she looks great in bright spring colors and a hairstyle with bangs. But with her cowlick, I can tell you from personal experience, bangs aren’t easy to maintain.

While I’d like to think none of us would vote or not vote based on how someone looks or dresses, but a recent poll conducted by the Barbara Lee Family Foundation which published non-partisan research on female candidates says “You have to be seen not only as qualified, but also likeable. That link doesn’t exist for men.”

For women, they connect charm with appearance, so if you wanted to be likeable then I guess how you look does matter…if you are a woman.

Unfortunately for Clinton, we have decades of history with her in the limelight and her style hasn’t ever been easy to ignore and it has been highly scrutinized from people on both sides of the aisle.

So what does she need to wear to “look” powerful and presidential and yet exude that down-to-earth feel? Her biggest criticism has been that she is not likeable. Maybe finding the right wardrobe could help, but it’s important that she stays true to herself.

I remember seeing Mitt Romney in jeans with his hair perfect and a button down shirt and feeling like he was trying to hard to “look casual and down to earth.” She doesn’t need that. She needs to be real.

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Link Round-up: Small but Effective Home Makeovers, a Patriotic Wreath, DIY Jewelry, and More

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Link Round-up: Loneliness, a Silhouette Idea, DIY Lightweight Cement Side Tables, and More

Posted on May 19, 2015 by 1 Comment

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Is Knuckle Cracking Bad for You?

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The sound of knuckle cracking makes me cringe. It’s right up there with people who gnaw on their fingernails. So why do those sounds bug me so much? I think it’s because of what I was taught as a kid.

Knuckle cracking, I was told, is bad for your knuckles – make them big – gives you arthritis. As for biting your nails, it was about all the germs found under the human fingernail. While the germ thing is right, the tales surrounding knuckle cracking are still debated upon scientists.

In a recent study, researchers actually settled the issue of what happens inside our knuckles when we pop them. It is caused by the rapid formation of a gas-filled cavity within a slippery lubricant found between our finger bones. This substance is called synovial fluid.

For this study, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) was used and revealed knuckle-cracking happens in less than 310 milliseconds. Researchers also noted that immediately before the familiar popping noise a white flash occurred, apparently from water rushing together.

Popping Knuckles

Richard Thompson, University of Alberta biomedical engineering professions said, “Rapid imaging with MRI was ideal for these studies because it allowed clear visualization of the bones and fluids surrounding them, and critically, the formation of the air cavity.”

That tells me why the sound happens, but it didn’t address whether or not it is harmful. While past studies have disagreed on the topic, there is one man who has proven it doesn’t cause arthritis like I was told.

This man cracked his knuckles on only one hand for 60 years. And after 60 years, he has no more arthritis in one hand than in the other. As a one man study, he has made his point. So I guess the only harm it does is in annoying people around you.

Some people like the sound of knuckle cracking and others don’t. Which side are you on?

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Link Round-up: Recipes, Detox for Bladder Health, Connect with Your Partner, and More

Posted on May 14, 2015 by 1 Comment

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2015 Met Gala: See-Through Gowns, Headdresses and More

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This year’s theme at the Met Gala in NYC was “China: Through the Looking Glass.” The Costume Institute Benefit Gala brought out the celebs in their finest as they paraded along the red carpet amid a bombardment of camera flashes.

Now the Internet is abuzz with talk about Beyoncé’s sheer Givenchy dress versus Kim K’s sheer white feathered Roberto Cavalli frock and debating which is sheerer. Then there’s the pic of Kim K walking beside J Lo in her own sheer Donatella Versace and comparing whose booty is more curvaceous.

Beyonce Met Gala 2015
When Rihanna showed up on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art she pulled a huge, fur-trimmed imperial mustard yellow cape decorated with scrolls of flora behind her. It was part of her complete outfit including a headdress. In all her outfit took 50,000 hours to make.

I hate to say it but it looked like she was trying to play Viking princess as she dragged the heavy train behind her. I think it was the weight of the fabric combined with that fur trim. At least her dress was designed by a Chinese couturier Guo Pei in keeping with the theme.

When Lady Gaga showed up, I didn’t even recognize her exaggerated black brows and jet black hair pulled back and topped with a beaded peacock headdress. She wore a Balenciaga ensemble comprised of a lattice fence cloak worn over a black jumpsuit featuring a subtle braless neckline and fitted, sequined trousers paired with platform wedges. The quirky ensemble was designed by Alexander Wang for Balenciaga.

With all the risqué fashion walking the red carpet getting a lot of buzz, Amal Clooney’s stunning John Galliano for Maison Margiela gown stirred some buzz of its own for other reasons.

Amal, 37, is a British-Lebanese activist and she chose disgraced designer John Galliano who got himself into hot water with an anti-Semitic rant about four years ago. While the dress looked great, not everyone on social media was happy with her choice of designers.

Photo credits: Jess And Mel TV, Jess And Mel TV

No Poo Movement for Healthier Hair

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Have you heard of the “no poo movement”? It’s the idea of using shampoo less frequently or not at all.

I hadn’t heard of it, until I came across an article by a woman who hadn’t seen a friend for some time and the friend’s hair had been transformed from dry and wavy to silky and shiny. She attributed the change to the fact that she had stopped using shampoo.

It sounded kind of gross to the woman who wrote the article, and I agreed totally. But the change in her friend’s hair tempted her to try it.

And I admit, my dry wavy hair made me wonder, but in the back of my mind I was also wondering if it could work or even if this was some kind of joke to get people to walk around with greasy hair.

The woman writing the article was headed on a three week vacation to Thailand and figured it was the perfect time to try it out. No one noticed her oily hair at the beach.

The bottom line is that for this woman it took like six weeks for her hair to get healthy; but it did get healthy and shiny and it was no longer greasy.

The story had me off researching what exactly the no poo movement entailed. Many experts say shampooing every day is unnecessary. I already knew that. Some even suggest it is harmful to our hair. I can agree with that, too, depending on several varying factors, but not shampooing at all seems a little extreme doesn’t it?

It boils down to another personal choice, but I think a better approach is to shampoo less. According to Procter & Gamble, people in the United States shampoo 4-5 times each week, on average. That’s twice as often as people in Italy and Spain.

However, the type of hair you have does make a difference. Dry or damaged hair will benefit from less washings and thick, curly or wavy hair tends to feel better without regular washings compared to straight thin hair.

And if you do decide to shampoo, remember shampoo is for the scalp. Shampoo the roots of your hair and rinse for best results.

Even if you do join the no poo movement, you will still be washing your hair. You’ll just do it without using shampoo. Some people just use water, and others use alternatives like baking soda or apple cider vinegar (which also helps with itchy scalp).

Do you shampoo? If not, what do you use on your hair?

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