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Link Round-up: Contouring, Black Bean Dip, Birthday Party Tips, and More

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Today’s link round-up has tips for contouring your eyes, a black bean dip recipe, tips for birthday parties and more.

The Tiptoe Fairy shared a fun game that encourages emotional intelligence.

Mind Body Green shared 10 feng shui tips to help you sleep better.

Create Craft Love showed us how to throw a splash party.

Bella Sugar showed us how to beautifully contour your eyes.

link ru black bean dip

A Beautiful Mess shared a recipe for creamy black bean dip.

A Pair and a Spare DIY showed us how to make throw cushions.

Spaceships and Laser Beams showed us how to throw a cute dino dig themed birthday party.

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Link Round-up: Party Beverages, Crayon Wreath, a Frittata, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a crayon wreath, a frittata, kids’ party beverages, and more.

The Tiptoe Fairy showed us how to grill an entire meal from beginning to end to avoid heating up the kitchen too much for the summer temperatures.

Create Craft Love shared a how-to for making a mini crayon wreath.

Allure shared textured hair styling mistakes.

link ru desk caddy

Pink When showed us how to make a cute DIY cardboard roll desk caddy.

A Beautiful Mess shared a summer frittata recipe.

Spaceships and Laser Beams gave us some ideas for kids’ party beverages.

A Pair and a Spare pointed out that you can turn a bikini into a “bra-kini” for less annoying tan lines.

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There’s Always Lipstick

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You learn to do three things well when you grow up in the south — at least if you’re a girl. You learn to bake biscuits, walk gracefully in high heels, and wear lipstick no matter what. I promise you, my house could be on fire and I would be shooing the family out the fire escape while I fumbled around my nightstand for my emergency lipstick.

Yeah, you keep an emergency lipstick in your nightstand so that if some one breaks in the house in the middle of the night they won’t catch you without lipstick on. If they happen to kill you then at least your lips will be done.

Over the years I have scoffed at the whole idea of lipstick being the cure-all for all of the world’s problems but recently I have come full circle and embraced the wisdom of it.

No matter how I feel in the morning, if I get up and put some lipstick on the world looks much better. At least my part of it does. Once I have the lipstick on I am ready to handle just about anything. It probably sounds very un-feminist and old fashioned but I really think that we have lost something in our casual freedom that we have now. Just slipping on a pair of jeans and a tank isn’t quite the same.

Spending a few minutes putting on lipstick is a way of reminding myself that I am a woman, that I am mature and responsible, and that I can look the world in the eye. It tells others that I am prepared for anything and that builds my confidence.

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Link Round-up: Good Food, Fun Games, and More

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Today’s link round-up has tons of good food, games for kids, and more.

The Tip Toe Fairy shared some fun, imaginative games for kids to play.

Mind Body Green shared an article about why looking at a pretty photo of herself makes one woman angry.

Everyday Southwest shared a zucchini salsa verde for huevos rancheros recipe.

link ru owl apron

Pink When showed us how to make an adorable owl apron for a little girl.

Kleinworth & Co. showed us how to make dirty Diet Coke pops.

I Love My Disorganized Life shared a spicy buffalo chicken dip recipe.

Lovely Etc showed us how she created her giant subway art.

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Buttermilk Banana Facial Mask

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Buttermilk is good for you inside and out because of all of the pro-biotics. I love using it in baked goods but when it comes to drinking it?

Not so much. I can’t get past the weird flavor and texture, you know?

However, when you make a facial mask out of this stuff you are creating magic. Buttermilk is full of lactic acid, an ingredients in many beauty products. It is good for softening, brightening, exfoliating, and tightening the skin. It will even fade age spots and freckles!

Banana moisturizes and softens your skin, while the egg in this concoction tightens it. You’ll feel like you spent the day at the spa and you’ll look like you spent a fortune on treatments.

Buttermilk Banana Facial Mask


  • 1 medium banana, very ripe
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 tablespoons buttermilk


  1. Mash all the ingredients together and carefully spread on your face, avoiding the eye area.
  2. Lay down and relax for thirty minutes.
  3. Carefully rinse the mixture off of your face using lukewarm water.
  4. Follow with a few splashes of cool water.
  5. Pat dry with a soft towel.

This is an especially good treatment for middle aged skin. You know, it starts to get a few dry lines, is dull looking, and you get those weird discolorations? Use this mask once a week and in a few weeks you’ll see fewer lines, brighter skin, and your face will feel really soft.

Don’t try to keep leftover mask because it will get a disgusting color and texture to it — trust me, you won’t want to put that on your face!

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Clear Up Psoriasis Naturally

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I originally purchased Country Comfort Herbal Savvy Goldenseal Myrrh to use in combination with black drawing salve to get rid of some spots on my skin. From my years in Florida, I have plenty of them. To my surprise, it was a godsend this past winter as my elbows suffer seasonal bouts with psoriasis.

Until now, I’ve used a prescription ointment to clear it up, but the label on this salve intrigued me. It says it “makes an effective ointment for psoriasis, eczema, hemorrhoids, burns, infections, cuts, wounds, scrapes, dry skin, etc.”

Herbal Savvy
For me climate affects my psoriasis, and this past winter’s cold dry weather brought on symptoms early. I went to grab my Clobetasol Propionate ointment but stopped myself. For anyone out there who has experienced psoriasis, you know how it can start with a little itch and turn into a flare up that overtakes your elbow or other part of the body. I also get it on my scalp.

I prefer natural alternatives for everything and figured it couldn’t hurt to try the Country Comfort Herbal Savvy Goldenseal Myrrh. Within three days, the breakout was just about cleared up. That’s about the same as the results I experienced with the prescription ointment.

I continued putting it on for a few more days and the psoriasis totally disappeared for more than a month. If my elbows even feel like they are getting itchy I apply the salve and remain symptom clear even at the time of year when weather usually makes my symptoms worse.

The salve has a mild aroma and soaks into the skin well so it doesn’t stay greasy. I’ve used it to sooth my sore nose when I had a cold and the following morning the redness and soreness were gone. It’s worked to heal a minor grease burn, too.

I’d say this is a product to add to your first aid kit, and if you have psoriasis it’s one to keep on hand in your medicine cabinet.

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Link Round-up: Books for Boys, Depression, Contouring, and More

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Today’s link round-up talks about depression, a sexy secret weapon, book for boys, contouring your face with makeup, and more.

Chocolate Covered Katie shared a recipe for Nutella brownie batter dip.

Mind Body Green shared five major myths about depression.

A Beautiful Mess gave us some tips for contouring with concealers.

link ru books for boys

Written Reality provided a list of 10 of the best middle grade books for boys.

Cupcakes and Cashmere shared her sexy secret weapon. Do you have one?

Hawthorne and Main shared a DIY for a two-tone picture frame.

Little Red Brick House gave us a DIY on a sunburst mirror.

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Proper Position Important when Exercising

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Long ago I worked in a weight loss spa for women. I helped people lose weight and led exercise classes. I enjoyed seeing people get fit, but often had to correct a person’s stance or posture when performing an exercise.

Today with people exercising at home on their own, it is important that you perform moves correctly or you can be setting yourself up for injury. I’m currently streaming Jillian Michael’s fitness circuits to complement my three mile walks and have been reminded of some of the moves often performed incorrectly.

  • Lunges: Exercise videos and even the Wii Fit remind us that when performing lunges, the torso needs to stay in alignment and the front knee should be kept at a right angle. That means for proper form, your knee should not move beyond the toes of your forward foot. To help keep your balance, feet should be a shoulder width apart.
  • Stiff-legged dead lift: Spinal alignment is important in many exercises and in the stiff-legged dead lift it is important to keep the back arched or slightly concave by keeping the chest up and out and shoulder blades retracted to reduce stress on the spine. The lower back should be straight. Just tilt the pelvis slightly to get the proper form.
  • Crunches: Proper form for crunches also involves the spine. You want to engage the abs without compromising the spine (including the neck). Focus on a spot on the ceiling and lift your shoulders from the floor leading with your chin. Don’t pull on your head causing stress on the neck, but lift toward the ceiling, not toward you knees. Lift until your shoulder blades clear the floor and then gently lower back to your starting position. If your neck is sore following this exercise, you’ve done it incorrectly.

Exercise form has changed over the years. I’ve moved from doing crunches and dead lifts for my back to doing what they call the Windshield Wiper. It’s easier to maintain proper form and helps shrink the belly and waist as well as strengthen the lower back.

Just lie on your back with your arms out to the side. Bring your knees up in a bent leg position keeping knees together. Shoulders should stay planted on the floor with arms outstretched. Move your knees to the right and lower to the floor (as close as you can get). Return to the center and then move knees to the other side. This exercise also helps promote flexibility.

Bad form doesn’t just compromise the effectiveness of your exercise. These common mistakes can lead to injury and pain. One last mistake worth mentioning is bouncing as you stretch. That’s the way we did it years ago and have since learned that’s not good for us. Instead, a stretch should be a static movement.

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Link Round-up: Quick Dinner, Beachy Waves, a Movie Review, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a quick dinner recipe, tips for creating beachy waves with a flat iron, a movie review, and more.

Chocolate Covered Katie showed us a new way to make instant cereal.

A Cedar Spoon shared a 30-minute garden pasta skillet recipe.

Mom Endeavors reviewed Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue.

link ru matching magnets

Muslin and Merlot shared some tips for making all you refrigerator magnets match (even the freebies companies like to hand out).

The Country Chic Cottage showed us how to make a vacation memory box.

Thrifty Jinxy shared an easy buttercream frosting recipe.

A Beautiful Mess taught us how to create beachy waves with a flat iron.

Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie and Muslin and Merlot