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Are Those Fruits and Veggies Making You Fat?

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Eating fruits and vegetables is part of a healthy diet, right? We’ve been told this for years, and it is true. They are chock full of phytonutrients that are good for us.

However, a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that if we eat more fruits and vegetables without reducing the number of calories we’re taking in from other foods, then we may gain weight or be unable to shed those unwanted pounds.

While this makes logical sense, it also shines a light on how many of us think we can eat as much of a food as we want when it is deemed healthy.

For this study, researchers took a closer look at data on more than 1,200 people based on earlier research on weight loss and increased fruit and vegetable intake.

According to the study’s author, Kathryn Kaiser, an instructor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health, “Across the board, all studies we reviewed showed a near-zero effect on weight loss.”

The bottom line is that while fruits and vegetables offer many benefits, we need to remember they also provide calories. If we aren’t careful, a fruit smoothie may taste great, but can easily provide as many calories as a milk shake. So even though the smoothie is a healthier option, it is not necessarily a good choice for weight loss unless we plan to cut that amount of calories elsewhere in our diet for the day.

Fruits and vegetables do include fiber and macronutrients which are beneficial for health. So we can’t blame them for stagnant weight loss. The real problem is the amount of food we eat, so it goes back to portion control. We know we shouldn’t overeat, but I think the real problem is that we don’t recognize what that means.

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Boost Your Metabolism in 12 Minutes a Day

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When I stepped on the scale and it was stuck after I’d done all the right things, it got to be a bit discouraging. I was even walking hilly terrain for an hour 5 days a week, and in six months my weight just bounced back and forth a pound or two.

I had heard about how we lose muscle mass as we age, and that’s why weight loss and maintenance can be more of a challenge with each decade. I needed to get back to building muscle, plus work on flexibility, and aerobic exercise.

It started to feel like I would have to exercise 8 hours a day, but then I remembered the Royal Canadian Air Force Exercises I use to do 20 years ago. One of the reasons I liked them was that they worked my entire body and only took 12 minutes.

The plan includes 10 exercises and a couple more optional exercises and features charts that offer 12 levels that include stretching, toning, and modified pushups which I count as my weight-bearing exercise. It finishes up with some aerobic running in place and then a couple of stretching exercises as you cool down.

When you can do a level in 12 minutes or less you can move up to the next level the following day. The difficulty and number of exercises increased with your fitness level, and you know when it is time to move to the next level when you can meet the 12 minute challenge. It’s not complicated, and at first it is very easy.

Last month I decided to add this routine back into my day. After all, if you can’t find 12 minutes there is something wrong. Of course, I couldn’t find my copy of the book, and it is now out of print, but the exercise plan is now online.

I’ve been back at it for 2 weeks, and already feel a difference in my energy level. I took my measurements and weighed in so I can really track my progress. As I build and tone muscle, it will boost my metabolism and that should make a difference in my weight. I’m continuing to walk at least 30 minutes 5 days a week, too.

If you’re looking for an exercise routine that works and you don’t have much time, check it out. Of course, be sure to talk with your doctor before you get started.

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Link Round-up: Halloween Projects, Fall Inspiration, and More

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Today’s link round-up has easy fall and Halloween-inspired projects and more.

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Photo credit: About Family Crafts and Uncommon Designs Online

Link Round-up: Pumpkin Pudding Cake, Caramel Apple Pudding Cups, a Bronzer, and More

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Link Round-up: Makeup, Burlap Wreaths, an October Outfit, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a makeup review, burlap wreath projects, a cute outfit idea for October, and more.

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Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda and Kenarry

Joan Lunden Hopes to Empower Others with Cancer

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At 64 years of age, former Good Morning America host, Joan Lunden, has undergone chemotherapy and a lumpectomy since her diagnosis with triple negative breast cancer three months ago.

The mother of seven went public about this aggressive form of cancer while speaking with cancer survivor Robin Roberts and told People magazine, “I was handed an opportunity to learn everything that I can about this and try to help others.”

Lunden received some valuable advice from Roberts who shared that waiting for your hair to fall out is excruciating. So Lunden decided not to wait.

Instead she owned it and took matters into her own hands one week after her first chemo treatment. She voluntarily shaved offer her beautiful blond hair and when she did she realized how much it affected her.

“I’m almost reluctant to say it because it sounds superficial. But when you lose your hair, it just affects the way that you look at yourself in the mirror. You feel less feminine, pretty or desirable, and it’s not an easy thing to go through.” – Joan Lunden

When she had the opportunity to make the cover of People, she had a decision to make. To wear her wig or pose without it. She decided going without the wig might be a way to help others and show women that losing your hair  ”isn’t the end of the world.” She found the experience empowering in a big way.

Joan Lunden Tweens
Lunden hopes to be a voice for the quarter of a million women diagnosed with breast cancer every year. She said, “I wanted to show that your health is more important than your hair.” She will continue her fight against cancer as a special correspondent for the Today show next week as they kick off their Breast Cancer Awareness month coverage.

Lunden believes many women don’t get breast exams because they are afraid of losing their hair. During her own experience, she says, “Your hair grows back after you stop chemo…and then you have your life.”

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Link Round-up: Jean Repair, Hair Tutorials, Creamy Coconut Hummus, and More

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Link Roundup: Beauty Product Review, DIY Yarn Necklace, Being a People Pleaser, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a beauty product review, an easy DIY ruffle yarn necklace, thoughts on being a people pleaser, and more.

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Mind Body Green shared confessions of a chronic people pleaser.

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Link Round-up: A Gallery Wall, a New Hairstyle, Chocolate Pumpkin Bread, and More

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Today’s link round-up features one mom’s new gallery wall for inspiration, a hairstyle you may want to try, chocolate pumpkin bread, and more.

Crafts by Amanda showed us how to make mason jar football centerpieces.

The Life of a Crazed Mom showed us her new gallery wall, and it looks amazing!

Glamour shared a new hairstyle you may want to try as a twist on the typical braid.

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Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda and A Beautiful Mess