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Bold Thicker Brows Make You Look Younger

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In the 90s we plucked and shaped, and sometimes even over plucked our brows. Some of those habits are hard to let go of, but if you haven’t noticed, a new trend is here.

The bold brow is in. I’m not talking about wild and unruly, but definitely bolder and thicker. The beauty industry has a ton of new products including pencils, brow brushes, powders, gels and waxes designed to help make your well-groomed eyebrows the focus.

Think Gwen Stefani and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Now before you scrunch up your nose and say anything negative about wearing thicker brows you might like to know that thick eyebrows make a face look younger because a more natural brow actually frames your face better. And with the new products available you can tame those stray hairs and fill in the sparse areas to complete the new trendy fuller natural look.

Along with Gwen Stefani, some other celebrities with fuller brows include actress and singer Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and even Jennifer Lopez has embraced a bolder brow. So if these red carpet regulars can pull it off and look great, so can you.

To get this look, line up a pencil with the side of your nose where your nostril begins. The tip of the pencil will show you where your starting point should be.

Then tip the pencil until it rests over the center of your pupil. This is the arch. The peak of the arch should be where the pencil crosses the brow. Lastly bring the pencil down to the corner of your eye at a 45-degree angle from the side of your nose to mark where the arch should end.

When choosing your color, it should be no more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. For best results select a powder palette that includes both light and dark hues and use the lighter powder first to fill in thin patches, and then add touches of the darker color as needed.

If you’ve over tweezed for years, it will take some getting used to, but your perfect brow shape (for you) is how they grow in naturally. Then groom them to remove a few stay hairs.

For guidance, take a look at celebrities who have a face shape similar to yours for complimentary options.

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Link Round-up, Rose Water Mist, Sandwiches on Sticks, Breakfast Baked Beans, and More

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Today’s link round-up has DIYs for tulle poms and rose water face mist, plus lipsticks that’ll make  you ready for fall, recipes, and more.

A Beautiful Mess showed us how to make our own rose water face mist.

Spaceships and Laser Beams showed us how to put together sandwiches on sticks for school lunches.

Cupcakes and Cashmere taught us how to put together the modern cheese plate.

Foodie with Family shared a recipe for slow cooker breakfast baked beans.

link ru tulle ball

Muslin and Merlot taught us how to make tulle poms.

Makeup and Beauty Blog showed us five magenta lipsticks that will make us ready for fall.

Tone It Up shared a recipe for chocolate banana bread muffins.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess and Muslin and Merlot

Thin Swedish Model Told Her Hips Are Too Big

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According to the fashion industry’s standards, I’ve never been modelesque, and I’m fine with that. But there are still times when their “standards” really bother me, like now.

If you haven’t seen her yet, there is a young 19-year-old Swedish model by the name of Agnes Hedengard who has been told by agents and casting directors that her hips are too big.

When you see a picture of her, though, you know that is not the case. She’s thin but has shape, and she isn’t taking rejection lying down.

Hedengard has taken her case to social media via video, and it’s going viral. To give you an idea of her fitness level, her BMI (body mass index) is 17.5, which is considered underweight by the healthcare industry. That means her numbers and her appearance defy what the fashion industry is telling her.

I know that not everyone who wants to be a model gets to be one, but to be rejected because your hips are too big when they aren’t just seems absurd and continues to send a wrong message.

And while Hedengard may be young, I like her spunk. I like that she’s countering that message saying that a large part of the fashion industry is forcing absurd and sometimes impossible standards on models.

The problem is that Hendengard is being turned down based on her measurement’s which don’t fall in line with the cookie-cutter model norm.

In her video she says, “I have been in contact with big agencies and clients that really want to work with me, but as soon as they get a hold of my measurements, it’s a whole other story.”

Hendengard wants to be a model badly enough that she even tried starving herself to fall within the industry norm. But she is smart enough to know that’s not the answer.

However, it doesn’t make it any easier when agencies tell her she needs to get in shape to get work. This response has left her in a bind economically and emotionally, but she is determined.

Now her video has brought her case to the masses and it is garnering a lot of support because it shows clearly what the industry is calling “too big” and showcases the fact that the industry is still promoting an unhealthy body image.

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How to Get Thicker Hair

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Is it me or have you noticed more and more women with thinning hair and not just thinning hair but balding enough to see the scalp. That’s where I was headed, but thankfully I found something that worked for me.

In my true frugal fashion, I did my research and went to Walmart to read labels. I ended up choosing the Equate brand of Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women which had the active ingredient I was looking for: Minoxidil 2% W/V.

I chose the 2 oz. bottle to see what I thought before committing to something longer term. It comes equipped with a dropper, which I used to apply the liquid twice a day.

The first month, I couldn’t really tell if it was doing anything or not. By the second month, I thought it might be, but dismissed it as wishful thinking because I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

However, by the end of the third month I could see a definite difference. When I parted my hair, it looked like a normal part, not a wide swath showing my scalp.

The benefits of this product, for me were that it was affordable and it worked. At my Walmart, it only cost $10 per month. However, on the down side, by the third month my scalp was irritated and I started to grow facial hair.

I thought the itching might just be because my hair was growing back, but the itchiness grew worse. I finally stopped using the product and my scalp cleared up and the facial hair went away.

Now I worry as I can see my hair falling out. Normal hair loss is about 100 hairs a day, and I’m not sure if that’s what I’m seeing or not. I don’t know if my hair will go back to the way it was, but if it looks like it is headed in that direction I plan to use it again and to work around the side effects by taking a break from application. Maybe two months on, one month off kind of schedule.

In the meantime, there are a few natural ways that are said work to help make thin hair thicker.

I’m currently using apple cider vinegar. I keep it in a applicator bottle in the shower and use it after I shampoo. I treat it like a leave in condition and don’t rinse it out, until I’m out of the shower for about 15 minutes. Then I rinse my head with cold water.

The verdict is still out on whether or not my hair will be thicker, but it is shiner and smoother looking and my scalp feels great!

Other natural approaches said to help include egg white therapy and coconut oil scalp massages. I’m going with the vinegar because it is easy. I’d love to hear from the rest of you out there who are fighting the battle of thinning hair. Have you found something that works?

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Looks Don’t Always Matter According to Science

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What attracts you to someone? Is it their eyes? Physique? Their sense of humor? While many of us think physical attributes are a big part of the draw, it turns out that a new study finds that looks don’t play the important role we might think they do.

This study looked at 167 couples who had been together from 3 months to 38 years. Researchers evaluated each participant’s attractiveness using scientific rating scales and compared the results with their significant others’.

Results showed couples who hooked up right after they met matched in attractiveness, while couples who took their time and were happy to be “friends” who went on casual dates before making the move to a more serious relationship were more mismatched in terms of looks.

The study revealed that our perception of attractiveness actually changes once we get to know someone.

“Having more time to get acquainted may allow other factors, such as another person’s compatibility as a relationship partner, to make that person appealing in ways that outshine more easily observable characteristics such as physical attractiveness.” — Lucy Hunt, a researcher at the University of Texas.

I know this is a new study, but I’m not sure this isn’t something we’ve known all along. I mean think back to Jack Black in the 2001 movie Shallow Hal, in which a shallow man falls in love with a 300 pound woman because of her “inner beauty”. If you haven’t seen it, it’s one to look up on Netflix!

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and the longer we know someone, the more attractive (or unattractive) they can become, because when you spend time with someone you get to know them from the inside out.

The idiom we’ve used for centuries to describe this phenomenon is: “You kind of grew on me.” It dates back to the 1700s.

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18-Year-Old Downs Syndrome Model Walks at New York Fashion Week

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High fashion catwalks have been dominated for years by tall, thin models as they display luxury collections to celebrity audiences. However, some in the industry have gradually realized that diversity is attractive.

For instance, plus size models have made their way into the industry, with plus-size Tess Holliday becoming the largest model to land a major modeling contract. In fact, last year Evans created the first London plus-size catwalk.

But beyond color, beyond size, a fresh face has entered the modeling world in a whirlwind of popularity when her Facebook photos went viral. This model pushes barriers breached by only one other, actress Jamie Brewer who has Down syndrome.

This fall, 18-year-old Madeline Stuart will follow in Bewer’s footsteps and become the second woman with Down syndrome to sashay the catwalk at the biannual New York Fashion Week where she’ll model clothing for FTL MODA’s Winter/Spring show.

The brand will also feature models in wheelchairs, amputees, and others with physical disabilities as they join forces with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to show that “fashion is free from confines.”

Stuart’s Facebook page describes it best. She says, “I am a model, I hope through modelling I can change societies view of people with Disabilities, exposure is creating awareness, acceptance and inclusion.”

It was Facebook that first brought the 18-year-old Australian model into the spotlight after her stunning photos went viral. Since then, her and her mom, Rosanne Stuart, have been handling international modeling request including the opportunity to walk in the New York Fashion Week with MODA. She has also been working with EverMaya, a handbag company, and will be the face of a new line of handbags which has just launched. The bags are named after her.

Her mother, Rosanne Stuart, told Cosmopolitan that she isn’t surprised by her daughter’s success. “The world wants to be inclusive. It just hasn’t had anyone on such a platform that they were able to do it easily.”

I’m thrilled to see Madeline fulfill her dreams. Who knows what her impact will be on not only modeling, but the world!

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What Does It Mean to Age Well?

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As I sipped my coffee this morning I came across a slideshow of ‘celebrities who haven’t aged well.’ The first slide was Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. He’s 71 and his years of drug and alcohol use are etched on his face.

The slides included others who have fallen prey to drugs and/or alcohol, and Janice Dickason and Melanie Griffith who have their own addiction to cosmetic surgery, but then came a slide of Bridget Bardot.

If you don’t know the name, she used to be considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and what some called a “sex kitten” in the 60s.

The reason I even mention this is that Bardot is now 80. She hasn’t turned to plastic surgery, but has allowed herself to age naturally. She still fixes her hair, wears some makeup and for 80 I’d say she looks good.

But the same slideshow that condemned Dickason and Griffith for going under the knife too much said that Bardot’s “looks today are nothing short of awful borderline creepy. If they ever needed an old woman to play the role of an ugly witch in a Disney movie she would probably be the one to cast.”

I hate to tell them, but when you age 50 years you aren’t going to look like you did when you were 30. And in my opinion, we don’t need to try.

What does it mean to age well?  In my book, that means you can still get around, live independently and do things with your friends. Why does it have to be focused on how we look?

Not everyone has a goal to look 30 years younger than they are when they’re 80. And that’s okay. After all, who wants a grandma who is trying to look 30 years younger than she is and dressing in skinny jeans and a crop top?

Now that would be borderline creepy.

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Rag Curls a No Heat Styling Option

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If you have dry hair, regular use of a curling iron can really fry it. A better alternative is to curl dry hair without heat. This is also a better option for children with fine hair to keep it healthy.

The downside is that it takes longer than styling with a curling wand because you have to allow the hair to dry, but I find the curls hold for longer and often last for days.

Rag curls are created with strips of cloth usually between 6-8 inches in length for shorter hair and about a foot for longer hair. However, if you are styling very long hair, you’ll want to use longer strips maybe even two feet long. Exactly how long will depend on the type of curl you are trying to create.

There are different types of rag curls, and the ones you choose will depend on a couple of things. 1) What type of curl do you want? 2) How much time do you have?

Rag curls

Quick and easy rag curls.

If you don’t have much time, a basic, quick-and-easy rag curl is set much like you’d use for a roller set. Start at the top of the head separating hair into sections, place the rag under the hair and start to wrap.

Be careful to wrap the tip of the hair carefully or it will look either straight or crimped at the end of your curl. Once you roll it up to the top of the head, tie the two ends.

Continue working from the top of the head and down, sectioning off hair for each curl.

For very long hair, it takes more work for spiral curls that last, but with practice you can cut the time to probably 45 minutes. While rag curls are set in damp hair, if your hair takes a long time to dry, be sure it is not too wet or it will most likely still be damp in the morning and your curls won’t hold.

After you remove the rags, don’t comb or brush your hair. Instead, separate ringlets with you fingers until you get the look you want. This is a great way to get curls that last without the use of heat or chemicals.

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Link Round-up: Sweets, Basil and Brie, Dolly Parton, and More

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Today’s link round-up has sweets, a basil and brie appetizer recipe, makeup tips, and more.

Chocolate Covered Katie showed us how to make raw cupcakes from six ingredients.

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Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie and A Beautiful Mess