Video: Four Beyoncé Style Hacks for a Flawless Look

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Sharing her outfits and musings on the regular, Beyoncé is a style blogger in her own right—and you know she’s at the top of our blogroll.

Video: Easy Ways to Boost Hair Volume

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Struggling with flat hair? Here’s how to make your blow dryer do all the work for you.

Video: How to Camouflage Under-Eye Bags

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Hard to believe, but concealer isn’t how you should be covering up under-eye bags. See how you should be disguising those tired looking puffs here!

Video: Every Outfit Kate Middleton Wore on Her NYC Tour

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Check out every stunning outfit Kate Middleton wore during her NYC visit.

Video: How to Make Your Leather Look New Again

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You don’t have to go to the cobbler when your leather shoes and boots need a pick me up. Instead, use these 2 at-home ingredients to make your shoes shine like new again!

Video: Shalom Harlow: Made for Haute Couture

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She was part of the anti-supermodels-waiflike beauties who seemed more tangible than the out-of-reach superstars like Naomi, Linda, and Christy. Shalom Harlow represented an elegant and graceful idea of beauty with a face and body that was made for haute couture. Tim Blanks looks back on the career of the Canadian native and her rise to the top.

Video: The Year in Fashion: 2014

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Take a look back at the highlights of 2014′s Year in Fashion!

Video: Sweater Weather Make-Up

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Award-winning make-up artist Ramy shows us great fall and winter makeup choices to look fabulous.

Video: Building the Perfect Brow: A Model’s Two-Second Trick

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Model Lily Donaldson and makeup artist Alice Lane reveal why the secret for full, healthy brows is a brown mascara.