Video: How to Design the Perfect Patio

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Great tips and inspiration on designing the perfect patio space.

Video: DIY Mother’s Day Cards Ideas

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Can’t find the perfect card for your mom this Mother’s Day? Why not give one of these ideas a try!

Video: How To Make Your Own Mascara

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We are making our own mascara today, and we’ll admit we were a bit skeptical about it but we go for it. See what we think.

Video: The Best Hot Dress Trends for Prom

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Prom season is here and if you’re heading to the big dance there are a few trending dress fashions you’ll want to check out. Krystin Goodwin (@Krystingoodwin) highlights the latest looks for prom!

Video: What to Wear to Brunch

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A weekend just isn’t a weekend without one good brunch. Whether your brunch is a dressy event, or a pretty casual one, we’re got you covered in a super chic way. See what you should wear to sip mimosas in here!

Video: Khloé Kardashian Swears by This $8 Hair Care Product

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While promoting her new Kardashian Beauty hair care line, Khloé Kardashian revealed the secret behind her perfectly blonde hair…and it only costs $8! Find out what Khloé’s fave product is here, and bonus: see why the sisters’ new hair care collection is SO unique!

Video: Mom of Three Says Viral Bikini Photo Is Something To Be Proud Of

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Rachel Hollis recently became a viral sensation when she posted a photo in a bikini that showed off her stretch marks. Rachel told INSIDE EDITION, “I saw my stretch marks right away, but I thought I have never seen anyone post that before!” She was shocked when she had over 400,000 likes and comments from women all over the world applauding her confidence. Rachel says she’s worked hard to lose her baby weight and she just ran her first marathon and sees her stretch marks as a badge of honor.

Video: 7 Foods for Beautiful Skin

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Load your grocery cart with these items to score a gorgeous glow.

Video: 12 Unexpected Ways to Make the Most of Any Space in Your House

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These small space decorating ideas, storage solutions, and smart finds will help you maximize each square foot, regardless of the size of your house.