Video: 5 Ways to Transition from Short to Long Hair

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Celebrity hairstylist Nicole Mangrum shares five ways to help your hair grow faster and transition out of a shorter cut.

Video: Best Colors to Enhance Brown Eyes

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Marianna Hewitt shows all you brown-eyed girls out there how to make your eyes pop and stand out from the crowd.

Video: Makeup Tips for a Fresh Fall Look

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Fall is in sight, and with a few budget friendly beauty buys, you can transform your look for the season. Krystin Goodwin has a few makeup tips and products to help you pull off a fresh fall look!

Video: How to Conceal Dark Circles under Eyes

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Angel Merino, aka Mac Daddyy, is talking with Jessica, who wants to conceal dark circles under her eyes. Watch as Mac Daddyy hides those circles and makes her eyes pop!

Video: Transforming Your Look with a Pop of Color

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Carly wants to update her all black wardrobe, but she is afraid to utilize color. Style experts Theodore Leaf and Jessica Harlow show her simple and effective ways to introduce color into her wardrobe and makeup so that she can stand out with minimal effort.

Video: Real Women’s Style Tips

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Meet the 10 winners featured in the September 2014 issue of Redbook Magazine as they discuss their personal styles.

Video: Three Fresh Ways to Wear Stripes

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As soon as summer comes (and, uh, it’s officially here), the word “nautical” gets thrown around as a descriptor for all things rope-tasseled and striped. But, striped clothing doesn’t always fit squarely into this category. Instead, the print — which is not only on-trend but forever-flattering — can go in a variety of wardrobes, from athletic wear to girly to, yes, even preppy.

Video: Five Summer Hairstyles for Natural Hair

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Celebrity hairstylist Josue Perez gives five styles to rock from now until the end of summer.

Video: Three Braided Hairstyles that Look Amazing on Everyone

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How to create 3 braided hairstyles: braided top knot, fishtail braids, and a French braided roll.