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Video: Love Checkers? You’ll Love This Life-Sized Checkerboard

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Family Game Night just got a serious upgrade with a life-sized checkerboard you can make at home.

Video: ‘Old Fashioned’ Birthing Option Becomes New Trend

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More parents opt for an alternative location to bring their baby into the world, but they’re still in the minority. A grassroots group is trying to raise awareness about the home birth option.

Video: Hacks to Have the Best Beach Day Ever

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Sandy legs, sunburns, and general beach day stress will be no more with these three hacks.

Video: Rock 5 Must-Have Summer Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are always a hard choice with hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, Chessie King shows you her top 5 must have summer sunglasses to help you narrow down the search!

Video: 5 New Breakfast Hacks To Speed Up Your Morning

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The best way to get your meal and get out the door fast

Video: 5 Must-Know Summer Skin Care Tips

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Taking care of your skin during the summer is no joke. Dr. Sara Greer, a dermatologist, shares the 5 must-know summer skin care tips.

Video: Swimming Pools Are Full Of Poop

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Swimming pools are gross. So gross they can even make you sick and send you to the hospital. Most of the time this happens, a little bacteria called Cryptosporidium is to blame. And it gets there through poop.

Video: Organizing Expert Marie Kondo Demonstrates Her Trick For Folding T-Shirts

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Organizing Expert Marie Kondo Demonstrates Her Trick For Folding T-shirts

Video: 5 Ways to Look Completely Put Together in That Casual Summer Outfit

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The biggest challenge to summer time dressing is looking put together in those casual, breezy outfits. But with these tips, you’ll be able to keep rocking your fave boyfriend jeans and still hit that midday meeting in style. Start dressing like a polished pro here!