Video: Advice For Young Mothers

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Arlene Alda joins Marlo Thomas to give advice to young mothers.

Video: You Can Waffle That: 3 Non-Traditional Waffle Iron Recipes

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‘The Kitchen’ gang comes up with fun ways to use a waffle iron.

Video: Does Stress Make You Forgetful?

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Do you lose more things when you’re stressed? Yale professor Rajita Sinha discusses the link between memory and stress with Tanya Rivero.

Video: How to Slim Down Now

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Dietician and celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Sass explains how you can put together meals that are slimming, balanced and delicious by thinking about meal planning the same way you would think about putting an outfit together.

Video: 11 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

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Celebrate Easter with the kids in your life with these creative projects.

Video: Homemade Easter Marshmallow Peeps

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Sarah Carey is joined by her friend and colleague Jen Aaronson from The Test Kitchen, watch them make adorably delicious Marshmallow Critters for Easter in this how to video.

Video: You’re Probably Using Too Much of Your Beauty Products

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Are you using the right amount of your beauty products? There’s a good chance you are using too much. Here’s everything you need to know about beauty portion control.

Video: No Mascara Makeup Tutorial

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A no mascara makeup look is perfect this spring, it’s bold and easy to style….. why not give it a go? Makeup look styled by professional makeup artist Olivia Newman-Young.

Video: Walgreens Debuts New Beauty Line Inspired by Alexander McQueen

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You’ll never believe how great this new beauty line is! Nonie Creme Colour Prevails products are all affordable, they’re dually functional, and they’re innovative–especially the ergonomic nail polish handles! See the entire line, get excited, and start shopping here!